#rnrchi training: update + week 10

We are now 2 weeks away from Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago 5K and half marathon.  And I am officially in taper mode – thank goodness.  I will be the first to admit that my training wasn’t nearly what I had hoped it would be.  While I was able to get in every single run, most of them were not what I had planned and not the quality I had expected.

Since my last training update, I began dealing with some major hip/pelvis issues.  They began during my 10 mile run a few weeks ago.  At first, I thought it was just some lingering soreness and inflammation.  I had the chiropractor do some ART, which seemed to help, but didn’t really get rid of the problem.

It wasn’t until our vacation that I realized it was my sacroiliac (SI) joint – again.  A day of rest and less mileage made it feel better, but as soon as I walked on the sand, it was screaming at me.  As the day went on, it felt better, but would get worse every morning when I ran.  Again, the pain would subside by the end of the day.  I ended up taking last weekend off and completely skipping my 11 mile run for a shorter mileage week (17 miles total for the week).

I went to the chiropractor a week ago, let him know it was my SI joint again, and VOILA!  No pain!  For awhile there, I was thinking I was going to need to switch to the 10K instead of the half marathon, but I am happy to report that I have gone a week without ANY pain and will be doing the half marathon as planned!  I even had a really GREAT 12 mile run on Friday – probably my best long run so far this training cycle – and feel totally confident on running 13.1 in 2 weeks!


Monday:  5 mile easy run (8:00 pace) + core strengthening exercises

Tuesday:  5 min WU, 8 x 30s w/ 1 min recoveries, 5 min CD (8:10 pace)

Wednesday:  3 mile easy run (8:00 pace) + core strengthening exercises

Thursday:  Day 1 of “From Flat to All That”

Friday:  11.8 mile long run (8:16 pace)

Saturday:  4.8 mile easy run (8:12 pace) + 600m open water swim

Sunday:  OFF

Total:  27.6 miles

I’m looking forward to the next 2 weeks in preparation for RnR Chicago.  I’m planning on getting some last minute key 5K workouts in.  I am desperately missing speed training and will definitely be focusing on that starting next month!  Can’t wait to get back into competitive running shape!