#rnrchi training: taper time

It’s officially RACE WEEK!  Training hasn’t been the best this time around – juggling 2 kids, breastfeeding, summer heat, vacations, summer classes, and injuries has definitely impacted my training.  I didn’t do nearly the amount of speed work I planned for and weight training has pretty much been non-existant.  But, I consistently ran 5 days each week and got in all but 1 of my long runs.

This past week was by far my best week of training so far.  Maybe it was the lower mileage or the fact that I didn’t feel as much pressure to actually be training since I already had my longest run it and I knew my training wasn’t great so far.  But, I ended up getting in every single run as planned AND 4 days of strength training!  Was every run great?  Good Lord, no.  I wish.  But, I got it in, picked myself back up after those bad runs, and hoped for a better run every day.  I ended the week with 2 awesome runs (some cruise intervals and a long run) that really boosted my confidence and got me excited for both races this weekend (regardless of my lack of PRs that will be happening).


Monday:  A really horrible 4.82 mile easy run.  I got a terrible side stitch about halfway through my run and ended up having to walk a few times (about 2 minutes total).  I was really defeated after that run, but determined that my nutrition and hydration had been terrible over the weekend.  Average pace = 8:18/mile.  Completed Day 2 of #FromFlattoAllThat.

Tuesday:  4.9 miles easy in the rain – same route as Monday but felt slightly better.  Average pace = 8:10/mile.  Completed Day 1 of #FromFlattoAllThat.

Wednesday:  3 mile easy run in the rain.  And thankfully it felt easy – not side stitches, no pain.  Average pace = 7:58/mile.

Thursday:  Completed Day 3 of #FromFlattoAllThat and then went on a quick 1 mile time trial, just to get an idea of my progress.  Ran it in 6:57, which was 40 seconds faster than I ran it a month ago.  Progress!

Friday:  5 minute warmup, then 6 x 1000m w/ 200m recoveries for a total of 5.25 miles.  Average pace = 7:51/mile.  Completed Day 4 of #FromFlattoAllThat.

Saturday:  7.9 mile easy run with the last 2 miles at my current 10K pace (7:45/mile) – this run felt awesome and was exactly how I needed to finish the week!  Average pace = 8:05/mile.


Sunday:  OFF

Total:  26.9 miles

Race goals coming at you later this week!  Anyone else racing Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago this weekend?!  Have a great start to your week!

  • Kristen’s Mom

    As usual, I think you are absolutely AMAZING!

  • Caroline

    I’ll be running with Rock n Blog as well, and I’m so excited– and really hoping that it’s a cooler race morning!

  • I’m running on Sunday! Happy race week!