#rnrchi training 2016: week 9

#rnrchi training 2016: week 9

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We spent last week relaxing as much as possible down in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I’ve been going to Gulf Shores since I was a kid, so it’s a trip I look forward to every summer.  Of course, things have definitely changed since having kiddos.  It’s definitely not as relaxing as it used to be – no more reading multiple books during the week because I have all the time in the world.  And I would say, no more laying out and tanning all day, but I still came home with a pretty good tan.  I just don’t get to spend all day at the beach anymore, thanks to nap times and kiddos getting bored and would rather play in the pool instead.


The bad part about vacation is trying to get my normal workouts in.  We are about 20 miles from town, and there’s really no great place to run.  I mean, I could run on the beach, but I actually skipped a beach run this time around since I’ve been working so hard on my speed and didn’t want to risk injury or extended soreness.  I also try to avoid running on the 2 lane highway our resort is on because it just freaks me out.  Lots of speeding cars and a not-so-big shoulder to run on.  So, I spent most of the week doing laps around the parking lots, which didn’t turn out to bad.

I also decided to not run nearly as much mileage as I had been.  I’ve been getting close to 30 miles per week lately, and I ran less than 15 last week.  Part of that is because I ended up skipping my long run when we got home on Sunday because it was storming – and I do not do lightning or 12 mile treadmill runs.  But, I did have some really great runs – and some KILLER workouts in preparation for my Time Crunched Training Bootcamp that is starting next week!  I have definitely been feeling it!  I also won’t be sharing those workouts since they are part of my program – so if you are looking for some quick, effective strength training workouts, there is still time to sign up!

Monday:  5K @ 80% 5K pace (3.12 miles @ 8:01/mile)

Tuesday:  2 x 1 mile time trial w/ HIIT workout for rest between sets (7:46, 7:10)

Wednesday:  40 minute controlled Fartlek (5.13 miles @ 7:48/mile)

Thursday:  Tabata Treadmill Hill Sprints (1.57 miles w/ 5-8% incline)

Friday:  5K @ 90% 5K pace (3.1 miles @ 7:37/mile)

Saturday:  OFF (12 hour drive home)

Sunday:  OFF (stupid rain)

Total:  14.9 miles

One of the workouts I did on the trip was I call a “controlled Fartlek”.  As a Type A control freak, I can’t just randomly pick up my pace throughout a run.  I need a little more structure than that.  So, I came up with my 5-4-3-2-1 Speed Workout, and I absolutely LOVED it!  Such a great workout, especially if you don’t have a track to run circles on!  My 5-4-3-2-1 Speed Workout is included with my 4 FREE speed workouts that will help you change up your training program and take your training to the next level.  You can sign up below to have it delivered directly to your inbox!

  • Sara

    Do you stay down Fort Morgan road? There is a great trail that starts/ends at the Peninsula Golf Course/subdivision and you can easily run 5 miles towards GS and back for up to 10-mile long run. There is also a gas station along the trail for bathroom break/water break.

    • We do – we stay at the Plantation, but we are pretty far down, so I would have to drive to actually get to the trail. But, I have been wanting to run on that trail for awhile now!