#rnrchi training 2016: week 8

#rnrchi training 2016: week 8

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I really don’t know how single mamas or mamas with hubbies who travel often do it.  I do not think I am mentally strong enough to handle Matt being gone more than a few days once or twice a year.  Matt had a really awesome opportunity for the SECOND time this year to travel to Mount Vernon in Washington DC as part of their Teacher Institute.  He went this past fall, and got asked to come back to shadow as a facilitator, which means he will be going back next year!  I am so proud of him for not only receiving this scholarship in the fall, but for being knowledgeable (and outgoing) enough for them to actually hand-select him to come back.  If you know Matt personally, this would not surprise you in the slightest – he is very outgoing and extremely smart and can pretty much talk to anyone.

But, let’s face it, I’m happy to have him back home!  Two kids for 5 days, by myself, was not my idea of a party.  It wasn’t so bad back in the fall when he went, mostly because I was working so I wasn’t with the kids ALL DAY.  This time around, it took a lot of mental toughness – and a great tribe of family and friends – to survive.  Again, I am not cut out to be a single mom or have a hubby who travels.  Props to those of you who do this frequently, and with more than 2 kids!

Matt being gone meant that I had to get creative with my training.  I will admit that I am not a big stroller running fan – at least not the double stroller.  Luckily, it is fairly flat where we live, except for a nice little uphill on the way back home.  I managed to get in 3 stroller runs while Matt was gone – of course, it was NOT what my training plan called for, but sometimes you have to adapt, and that’s OK.  Any run will help my fitness, even if it is not the speed workouts that my training plan called for.  Thank goodness I coach myself!

Monday:  5 x 1000m w/ 2:30 rest (6.09 miles @ 7:24/mile)

50-40-30-20-10 reps:
Jump Rope

Tuesday:  10K @ 80% 10K pace (6.2 miles @ 7:31/mile)

Wednesday:  PiYo Strength Intervals

Thursday:  4 miles with the double stroller (4 miles @ 8:59/mile)

3 rounds:
Split Squat Jumps 10x each leg
Pushups 10x
Dips 10x
Wall Balls (w/ Miles instead of ball + not against a wall) 10x

Friday:  2 x 8 x hill sprints – WU/CD with double stroller (3.14 miles @ 9:04/mile)

Saturday:  60 minutes with single stroller – Miles only! (6.85 miles @ 8:46/mile)

Sunday:  OFF

Total:  26.28

I’d say that was a pretty good training week despite what I had anticipated!

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