#rnrchi training 2016: week 6

#rnrchi training 2016: week 6

So, remember how I said last week was one of my best weeks of training so far?  I lied, this week was my best week of training.  I’ve hit that sweet spot in training where all those adaptations are starting to take place.  My legs feel light + fast, my lungs feel good, and speed is coming easier.

I had some of my best runs this week, including a really great long run.  A long run that I thought was going to be miserable, due to 80% humidity at 6AM.  And the fact that I had run every day so far leading up to it, I was certainly surprised with how great my legs felt.  I’m honestly a little nervous to see what happens the next 4 weeks leading up to race day.  I have a feeling that it won’t feel so fabulous as the weeks go on.

The Concrete Runner - RNRCHI Training

Monday:  8 x 400 with 200 recoveries, 1.5 mile WU + CD (6.26 miles @ 7:58/mile)

Thrusters 100x, 20 lbs


Tuesday:  AMRAP in 6 minutes:
Squats 10x
Situps 15x
Run 100m
(7 rounds – total of 1.38 miles with WU + CD)

Wednesday:  5 x 1000 with 2:30 rest, 1.5 mile WU + CD (6.18 miles @ 7:19/mile – not including rest)


Thursday:  10 minute barefoot run (1.21 miles)

5 rounds:
Squats 8x
Box Jumps 10x
Burpees 12x

Friday:  2 x 8 x hill sprints with 1/2 mile rest between sets (3.21 miles @ 8:33/mile)

4 rounds:
Situps 10x
DB Swings 20x
Box Jumps 30x

Saturday:  70 minute run @ 80% 10K pace (8.95 miles @ 7:49/mile)

Sunday:  OFF

Total:  27.19 miles

In non-running related, but extra cute news that I just had to share, MacKenna had her first dance recital this past weekend.  And guess who bawled the entire 2 minutes she was on stage?  Yup, this mom.  She was so adorably cute and not nervous one bit.  She has such an outgoing and hilarious personality – I wish I had half the personality she has.  (There’s a reason I’m a writer and you don’t see many videos of me…)  But, I just had to share these adorable pictures from this weekend, but I mean, come on, she’s a doll!

Kenna - Dance Recital


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  • Tricia @ A Couple of Dashes

    So glad to hear you’ve hit the sweet spot in your training! I hope is stays amazing for you in the weeks leading up to the race!