return to running: week 3

Week 3 called for my first official run without walking.  And I’m so thankful that it went better than I could have ever expected!  So, how did the rest of the week go?


Monday:  2.5 miles (pace unknown)

This workout called for a 1/2 mile run with a 1/4 mile walk interval completed 3 times.  Since it’s getting cold + dark out, I’m doing most of my runs on the treadmill at the gym now.  I increased my speed every few minutes on the run interval until I got to a speed I felt comfortable with, which just happened to be an 8-minute mile pace!  I still can’t hold that pace for very long, but I’m happy I can at least run at that pace again!

Tuesday:  30 minutes on the Arc Trainer

Ugh, I hate my gym!  Well, I don’t hate it – I just hate the fact that they only have 10 treadmills, total.  And when I go around 5 PM, that’s just not enough treadmills for all the people who want them, which of course included me.  So, the short period of time I get at the gym, I had to use the Arc Trainer.  I guess I should just be happy I was working out even though I would have much rather been running.

Wednesday:  2.5 miles (10:54/mile)

This workout was 3/4 mile run with 1/2 mile walk before another 3/4 mile run (with a 1/4 mile warmup and cooldown).  The first running interval, I kept the treadmill at 7.0 mph and the second interval at 7.2 mph.  I like that as an easier pace – I am still pushing myself but not to the point where I feel like I have to stop and walk.

Thursday:  2 miles no walking with the stroller (9:06/mile)

Loving my little running buddy!  Wish the weather would be nice enough so I could continue running with her outside!

Friday:  rest day

Saturday:  2 miles no walking (8:34/mile)

I commit the cardinal running sin of going out to fast constantly, and this run was no exception.  I started out way too fast, and by the time I got to my turn around, I was dying.  But, I’m definitely not upset with that pace whatsoever!

Sunday:  2.5 miles (10:42/mile)

This was the same workout as Wednesday.  I kept the pace at 7.2 mph for both run intervals and felt great!  I think I’ll keep the pace on the treadmill there until 7.5 mph feels more comfortable (that’s an 8-minute mile, my goal pace).

Total miles:  11.5 miles (8.5 miles running/3 miles walking)

I did do a few squats while holding MacKenna this week and man, did I feel it!  My muscles are so undertrained right now from doing seriously nothing for them (if you don’t count picking up a baby 10 billion times a day).  I am going to start doing Body Rock during MacKenna’s naps just to start getting back into shape and since I don’t really have the time at the gym right now.  I’m excited to get my muscles back into shape – and fully expect some wonderful soreness to go along with it!