poor, sick baby [wiaw]

Monday started out like any other Monday…

I woke up early to get an easy run done on our home treadmill.  [Begin rant:  I absolutely HATE that my gym doesn’t open until 5 AM on Mondays.  It’s 24 hours starting Monday at 5 AM until Friday at 10 PM.  Can’t they just make it 24/7 like my old gym.  End rant.]  I then showered and got ready for work, woke up MacKenna and got her dressed and fed, and made my way to work for the day.

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Pre-workout snack:  1/2 banana with peanut butter

Breakfast:  strawberry/pineapple green monster smoothie

My Monday was pretty normal.  Teach – eat – pump – teach. 


Lunch:  roasted veggies on quinoa with BBQ sauce + nutritional yeast (grapes on the side)

However, when I went back to my office at the end of the day, I saw that our babysitter had called about an hour earlier.  Never a good sign.  Her message was not something I wanted to hear:

MacKenna was not taking the bottle very well.

We chalked it up to her just being spoiled by me being home all last week and not giving her a bottle for almost 10 days.  While I thought about giving her a bottle while I was off, I wasn’t worried because MacKenna is an extremely easy going baby and will pretty much take anything you put in front of her, especially if she’s really hungry.  However, Stacy told me that she had only eaten about 5 ounces all day, a third of what she normally eats at the sitter’s.

I went and picked her up after work, let her breastfeed, and promised to let Matt give her a bottle at the end of the day.  We went for a little 2 mile jog in the stroller, but when we came home, I knew something was wrong.  Her poor little head was burning up.  I took her temperature and it read at 100.4 – anything higher than that is usually considered a fever in infants.

I closely monitored her the rest of the evening, although she wouldn’t let me put her down since she was so tired from having bawled her eyes out all day.  Thank goodness for leftovers that were easily heated up in the microwave and could be eaten with one hand.


Dinner:  leftover homemade veggie mac + cheese (via Meals and Miles’ recipe) topped with nutritional yeast

I took her temperature again after dinner and saw a number I definitely did not want to see:  101.1.  A fever for sure.  No wonder my poor little baby wasn’t eating very well.  I had a slight freak out, called my mom to ask her what she thought I should do since Matt had parent-teacher conferences, and decided that if she was still running a fever when Matt got home, we would take her to the pediatric afterhours urgent care center across the street.

Of course, she was still running a fever when he got home.  We attempted to give her a bottle and had some luck, but she definitely didn’t eat it as well as she normally does.  I was going back and forth on whether or not we should take her since I didn’t want to be *that* mom who was totally overreacting for a little cold.  But, after seeing how miserable she looked and knowing that the pediatrician had said if she got any worse to take her in, I knew we had to go.

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We got there at 8:45 PM, just 15 minutes before they closed for the night.  After sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes, we went back and talked to the nurse about her symptoms and waited another 15 minutes before seeing the nurse practitioner.  Her temperature was 100.5 and besides a little heat rash from her fever, everything (ears, nose, throat, lungs, etc.) checked out just fine.  They gave her some Tylenol and told us that if her fever persisted until Thursday that we would definitely need to take her back in.

My poor little girl slept just fine Monday night, no signs of fever in the morning, but just an hour into my workday on Tuesday, I got a call from the babysitter saying her temperature was 101.5.  So, we spent all yesterday hanging out on the couch, trying to comfort my sick baby.

MacKenna is such a happy baby and seeing her not feeling well breaks my heart.  She has cried more in the past 2 days than she has in her 5.5 months alive.  I have mad respect for my mommy friends who have dealt with colicky and refluxy babies.  I know MacKenna hasn’t cried near as much as those babies and it has still been extremely hard.

She’s been feeling a little better since, but has been extra snuggly, which is just fine by me.  I’ve enjoyed having her sleep on my chest all day because I know it makes her feel better.  I would take being sick 100 times over if it meant that she could feel better.  Let’s hope we can kick this thing so I get my sweet, happy baby back!


Do you have an after hours urgent care where you live?  What’s your go-to meal to eat one handed (even if you aren’t a parent – I know there are times when you still have to eat one handed)?   


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  • Poor sweet M!! I hope she feels better soon. Hang in there, momma!

    • Kristen

      Thanks Brittany, she is feeling much better!

  • Aww, I hope MacKenna feels better soon! What a scary situation, even if it turns out to just be a cold. Seeing a baby in pain is never easy. Hang in there, momma 🙂
    Megan recently posted..Best Body Bootcamp: Week 4

    • Kristen

      She’s much better, thanks! It was definitely hard seeing her miserable.

  • We have had too many illnesses in this household with the twins when I was working-so not fun! This time has been much better! With an older baby, we were told by our peds to go in if fever lasts into day three and most of the time, its when they begin to recover anyway (unless its RSV which just gets much worse the second week). Oh and the fever is almost always lower first thing in the morning and rises as the day progresses. So we’ve made the mistake of “no fever” and taking to daycare too. OK I know too much about infant sickness. Hope baby gets well soon and you don’t learn as much first hand like we did…
    Andrea recently posted..Running Research: Running and Nursing

    • Kristen

      Thanks Andrea! She’s feeling much better. I didn’t know that about fevers, but definitely good to know!

  • Jen

    Aww Kristen, I am so sorry M was sick! Yes, colic is hard BUT I know it’s just colic and I don’t really worry about him when he screams anymore. He had a fever back in Feb and that was totally different and AWFUL b/c I knew he was in pain and miserable. Broke my heart 🙁 I hope M is better now!
    Jen recently posted..Fitting in exercise as a new mom

    • Kristen

      True about the colic thing, but still. I can’t imagine her screaming for hours – I might just go crazy! 😉

  • ErikaMC

    Poor little lamb. We have a “first nurse” that you can call 24/7 but I don’t think we have an after hours clinic. I am always up for a good one-handed recipe – you should check out http://debbiekoenig.com/

    • Kristen

      Thanks for the link! I will definitely look into that! I have a lot of nights now where I’m on my own since the Hubs has track meets in the evenings a few days a week. Lots of dinners will be eaten with one hand!

  • Julie

    So sorry MacKenna is sick! Hope she is feeling better soon and gets back to being her cutie pie self!

    • Kristen

      She’s feeling much better, thanks! Still trying to get her appetite back, but she’s definitely better!

  • love your lunch. i’m looking for new ways to use nutritional yeast!

    • Kristen

      I’m obsessed with it right now! I have been putting it on pretty much everything. I really don’t think you can go wrong!

    • adorable! you know, lots of people are going to tell you and alex to just “enjoy being meirrad for a while” before having kids. but i say you guys should go ahead and enjoy yourselves makin’ a baby if you’ve got the fever 😉