2014 recap: my year in running

Running and racing for me this year has definitely been a lot different than it was in 2013.  Obviously.  2013 was one of my best years by far in terms of training and PRs.  However, I knew 2014 was going to look much different as I went in to the year knowing that I would hopefully be spending part of the year pregnant with our second baby.

However, even though I didn’t set any new PRs (OK, one by default because it was a new racing distance) or really train and race nearly as much as I have in the past, I still feel like my year in running has been pretty good.  Of course, at this point – 10 days out from having a baby – I’m starting to feel much more uncomfortable and running is definitely about as hard as it can get.  But, running, even while pregnant, has been pretty successful for me in 2014.

One of the first things I did this year was change the way I was training.  In January, I read the book “You (Only Faster)”, as I was really looking to get a boost in my training, since that is something I always struggle with and I wanted to continue progressing as a runner, instead of staying stagnant.  This is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read and I really do feel like it had a huge impact on how I was training.  It pushed me harder, helped me recover better, and actually helped me break 20 minutes in the 5K for the third time – something I definitely did not expect to do this year.

My first race of the year was in early January at the Creve Coeur 6K, which was part of the Winter Park Race Series.  I had run this course several times before, as it is a pretty popular training loop, so I knew the course well, but went into the race not knowing what to expect as far as time goes.  But, I ended up as the 1st place female in my age group, setting an automatic PR at the 6K distance, running a 24:38 (6:36/mile).


I ended up taking February off from racing due to busyness and getting our first home ready to sell.  But, I hit it pretty hard in March, which I’m glad I did because I was pregnant by the end of the month!  I ran the Celebrate Fitness 5K at the beginning of the month, which is directed by Katie of Mom’s Little Running Buddy.  This was definitely my best race of the year, not only winning the race, but breaking 20 minutes in the 5K for the 3rd time ever!  Definitely one of the hardest races I’ve ever run before and I felt it afterward.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.06.25 PM

Toward the end of March, I ran the Undy 5000 in honor of my father-in-law who is currently going through treatments for colon cancer.  It definitely was not one of my best races (I was 1 week “pregnant” during this race, even though conception hadn’t even happened at that point), but I still won the race, even though I was definitely not exactly happy with my time.


The last 2 races of the year took place almost 6 months apart and I was pregnant for both of them.  Oh, and both of them just so happened to be in Branson, so of course, regardless of not really being able to “race”, were still worth running.  I ran the Dash to the Splash 5K, pushing MacKenna in the jogging stroller, which is not exactly an easy feat while pregnant.  No medals or PRs in this race, but I enjoyed getting to spend time with my Kenna Girl and letting my hubby get to actually compete and place in his age group in a race.


My last race of the year was just a few weeks ago and still probably one of my favorite races every year.  Matt and I were able to run the Run to the Lights 5K together, and even though I had to walk in several parts of the race due to the massive hills, I enjoyed every single second of the race, especially having my hubby by my side.


With only a little over a week left in my pregnancy, I’m still amazed at how great running has been this year for me.  Is it easy?  Of course not!  It really never is, especially while growing a child.  But, it definitely is my passion in life and it surely has kept me sane during a very hectic and stressful year.

1st Place Finishes:  3 (2 overall, 1 age group)
New PRs:  1
Total Races:  5
Total Mileage for the Year:  1,018

Next week will be my last week of running in 2014 and I have no idea when I will get to run again.  But, I’m determined to continue running and start training again once I get the all-clear from my doctor.  And believe me, I cannot wait to take Moose out in the stroller on his first run and, as crazy as it might sound, I really am looking forward to pushing both my kiddos in the double stroller once it warms up this spring!  I’m hoping 2015 lives up to be another great year of running and racing!

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wiaw: too close to care

OK, I’ll admit that I’m pretty much to the point in my pregnancy where I’m done caring what I’m eating.  Well, at least to a point.  I have eaten so much better this pregnancy than I did when I was pregnant with MacKenna.  With MacKenna, it was all about french fries and chocolate.  With Moose, I’ve actually kept up with some pretty good eating habits.

However, lately, I’ve gotten a lot more careless.  It doesn’t help that it’s gotten cold and all I want is carbs and comfort food.  I’ve probably had a little too much vegetarian stuffing and gravy than I care to admit.  My diet has been very beige in color, with a very high emphasis in carbs.  But, I think my mind is just so focused on being so close to the end that I just want to eat what I’m craving and not worry too much about the fact that I’m probably lacking a bunch of nutrients.  I’ve eaten well the majority of my pregnancy to make up for that, right?!

Examples include…

Shakeology (made with a banana) and Oatmeal Squares Cereal


Vegetarian Polish Dill Pickle Soup (a cliche pregnancy meal, except that the hubby suggested it, not the pregnant gal) with a mini sleeve of Ritz crackers


Several handfuls of pretzels from my desk


Along with several handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds from my Secret Santa (those hit the spot for sure)


Mexican rice bowls with tortilla chips (at least I got some veggies here, right?!)


And, something I haven’t had in YEARS but one of my all-time favorite treats… Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes (by far the best snack cake in the entire world)


Carbs?  Yes.  Sweets?  Yes.  I wish I could admit that I was carb loading for a long labor, but we all know that’s not the case.  We’ll just say that I’m trying to enjoy the last few days of my pregnancy by eating what I want and not caring about what I’m lacking.  At least I’m getting my prenatals, right?!

Thanks for the linkup again Jen!

Peas and Crayons

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baby bump #2: 37 weeks

Full term!  I’m still in shock that we are having a baby in 14 days!  This pregnancy went by so fast.  And yes, I am counting down the days until Baby Day…


Baby Bump 2 - 37 weeks

Our checkup on Friday went great!  My fundal height was 35 cm, which is a little behind, but for the most part, right on since I’m 37 weeks today.  His little heart beat sounded amazing, as always, and everything else seemed pretty perfect!  We didn’t have her check for any progress, as I seriously doubt there is anything going on down there.  I’m still pretty comfortable (he moved down a little this week, so rib pain has not been as much of an issue) so I’m not too worried about going earlier than the 22nd.  But, I probably do need to figure out a plan, just in case.

I’ve been told a few times this week how big I am (a student told me I looked like I was having triplets), while others have told me that my pictures make me look bigger than I really am.  I feel big, but I also think that I am much smaller than the pictures.  I figured it’s time for another comparison photo as well…

Pregnancy - 37 weeks

Not much different, except that I look older and wear less makeup now…


I haven’t been quite as exhausted this past week.  I don’t know if it was having a few days off for Thanksgiving that helped me catch up on sleep (finally), but I actually didn’t feel that I had to fall asleep on the couch at 8 PM.  I still did take a nap pretty much every night on the couch, but it was more because I could, not because I really needed to.

The ice eating issue has also gotten worse.  I seriously have been craving it.  I actually broke one of our glasses last night while trying to eat a piece of ice.  How that happens, I don’t know.  But, I think I have a problem.  Or I just need to keep eating it out of my Tervis instead of out of a glass…


This was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had as far as workouts have gone.  I’m still amazed with how comfortable I have been (for the most part) with running.  I honestly think regular chiropractic visits and adjustments have made all the difference between this pregnancy and last.  I had no hip flexor pain this week and very little pubic symphysis pain, which made running much more comfortable.  There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll make it through these next 2 weeks running.  My mileage has definitely dropped off as pregnancy has progressed, but that’s to be expected.  I also did more CrossFit running workouts, that made running much more bearable.

Monday:  CrossFit WOD w/ 2 miles running + 20 minutes Elliptical
Tuesday:  CrossFit WOD w/ 3 miles running
Wednesday:  2 treadmill miles + CrossFit WOD
Thursday:  2 treadmill miles + CrossFit WOD w/ 1 mile running
Friday:  rest day
Saturday:  3 mile easy run
Sunday:  rest day
Total:  13 miles


Baby Stuff

Matt and I spent all day on Saturday painting Moose’s room, then spent Sunday touching up the paint, cleaning out the closet, and getting his nursery all set up!  Besides washing the sheets, his room is ready to go!  I even got his clothes washed this week and have his stuff ready to take to the hospital sitting out and ready to be packed.  (Yes, I am waiting until the weekend before to pack the hospital bags.  I at least have a list in my head, right?!)  I am absolutely in LOVE with his room and can’t wait to show you guys!  My plan is to do sort of a “holiday house tour” before he arrives, so you can finally see our new house, even though we still have nothing on the walls and won’t for a little while longer.  I even got Kenna’s room pretty much set up and put away, which made me feel sooooo much better.


I’m actually starting to feel prepared for Moose to get here.  We have somewhat of a plan for the hospital, how we are going to celebrate Christmas a few days later (even if I am out of the hospital by then), and how to make sure MacKenna feels loved amidst all the chaos of bringing a new baby home.  I bought her a change and feed doll this weekend, as well as a toddler Ergo, so that she can carry her baby around, just like I will (hopefully) be doing with Moose.  And we’ve officially decided that since I have yet to get Christmas cards printed (I’ve made them but need to get them printed, addressed, and sent), we might as well wait and send a card and birth announcement at the same time.  So, family + friends, you can expect your card from us a little bit later this year…

14 days!!!!!!!!!!!

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