baby bump #2: 16 weeks

Man, it feels like I just posted one of these.  Well, I was a little late with it last week since we were celebrating our 7 year anniversary, but I like posting these on Mondays since it’s when my new week of pregnancy starts!  Crazy – 16 weeks has flown by, that’s for sure!

For a comparison:  16 weeks pregnant with MacKenna


Pregnancy - 16 weeks

No big changes in the bump this week – because, you know, you were expecting me to be huge overnight, right?!  Sometimes, I’m surprised that more people aren’t asking me about my pregnancy because I do feel like I’m showing a lot.  But, other days, I’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and feel skinny.  Which is actually a good feeling sometimes – makes me a little more confident in my growing body.

I will admit though, I feel like I am much more confident in my changing body this time around.  I just feel better about myself and quite honestly, I feel like I’m enjoying this pregnancy much more, even with feeling worse in the beginning and losing a baby.  I’m so excited about this baby and already feel my heart growing a little more every day.

We have our 16 week checkup on Thursday this week, so I’m interested to see how we are progressing and FINALLY get to hear the baby’s heartbeat!  We’ve been spoiled with getting to see this little gummy bear (our nickname for this one) every other appointment but we haven’t actually gotten to hear the heartbeat yet.  Otherwise, it’ll be a pretty short, easy appointment.


I had the chiropractor work on my achilles tendons again as well as try to figure out why I’m getting daily headaches.  They’re not terrible headaches, but just nagging.  He said that I have a tight muscle in my neck that could be causing them, but it’s likely just because my body is changing so much.  I had them with MacKenna as well and they eventually went away, but they’re just annoying and make me feel horrible.


Kenna getting adjusted – it’s a family thing now.  These guys will never go out of business just because of us.  They are seriously awesome!

I’ve also been exhausted again this week.  I fell asleep on the floor in MacKenna’s room while we were playing, and ended up skipping a run and sleeping in a few days this week (one was a skipped run, the other I just slept in an extra hour).  I feel like I’m getting plenty of sleep and believe me, I am lazy the rest of the day.  It’s frustrating and I know it’s just going to get worse come August with school and volleyball.


**I had a CPR class on Saturday and planned on doing another run on Sunday, but again, exhausted and slept in instead, so I didn’t get a bump picture this week.  Oh well.**

This week was pretty good, except for being extra exhausted.  My ankles are so much better and didn’t bother me nearly as much, and I’m pumped that my paces have been pretty good and I’ve actually been negative splitting some runs!  I mean, that’s totally NOT my goal, but I feel better once I’m totally warmed up.  Still having to walk quite a bit, mostly on hills, but at this point, that’s OK with me.

I also finally got a full 5 days of CrossFit in, which I’m pumped about!  I am actually going to be starting a PiYo challenge with Madeline, so I’m super pumped to try something new that will challenge my body and is easily adaptable for pregnancy.  Can’t wait to share more with you!

Monday:  5.2 mile run (9:57/mile) + CrossFit
Tuesday:  2.25 mile warmup + CrossFit w/ 400 repeats + 1.5 mile cool down
Wednesday:  3.1 mile run (9:53/mile) + CrossFit
Thursday:  3.1 mile run w/ the jogging stroller (10:02/mile) + CrossFit
Friday:  4.1 mile run (9:33/mile) + CrossFit
Saturday:  2.9 mile run (9:36/mile)
Sunday:  off
Total:  23 miles

Baby Stuff

I am pretty positive I felt a few little pokes this week.  Mostly in the evening when I’m laying down doing nothing.  I’ve also had a few braxton hicks contractions this week – just tightening low in my stomach and a little uncomfortable.  But, without feeling consistent kicks yet, it’s giving me some reassurance that there is still a baby growing in there.

I won’t lie, I still worry every day about this baby.  I’ve definitely come a long way from 8 weeks ago – not thinking nearly as much about twins or getting upset when I see twins – but I can’t help but still worry about this one.  I’ve thankfully stopped googling things, but it’s already planted fear in my mind about things the “could” happen with a “surviving” twin (I don’t like that term much).  I’m an overly anxious person (I’ve learned how to hide it well), so there is always some sort of fear in the back of my mind.  I’m anxious for our anatomy scan next month, but just like we felt with MacKenna, if anything is wrong with this child, we will still love him or her anyway.

And yes, still haven’t looked at the gender yet.  We’re enjoying the suspense more than we expected!

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summer bucket list: an update

Holy crap… when did we get halfway through summer?!  Actually, Matt + I are more than halfway through summer.  Gulp.  Matt goes back July 31st and I officially start August 11th, although fall sports (volleyball for me, cross country for him) start up August 4th.  Good bye to any time I once had.

Thankfully, we’ve been soaking up as much of summer as we can and have made sufficient progress on completing our bucket list.  So, I thought I’d give you a little bit of an update on how our summer has been going.  I’ve already talked about a few of our bucket list items, but there is plenty to catch you up on.

1. Feed the goats at Grant’s Farm - check!

2. Ride the train at the St. Louis Zoo – check!

We went to the zoo last week.  We’ve had amazing weather here in St. Louis – low humidity and highs in the mid-80s – so we took advantage of a late afternoon at the zoo to avoid the crowds and allow MacKenna to get her nap in.  We spent a half hour waiting in line for the train, which ended up being pretty dull.  But, we did get to see a ton of animals that we might not have seen had we not ridden it – since it was so late in the day, it was feeding time and a bunch of the animals were out, including a rare sight of a tiger – my personal favorite!  Plus, a visit to the carousel – MacKenna’s favorite!

zoo 2

Zoo 1


3. Go to the Museum of Transportation - we haven’t had a chance to go yet, but are planning on going with some of our friends next month.

4. Get a picture with Minnie Mouse (or any Disney character for that matter) at DisneyLand– check!

This was totally the best part of Disneyland!  Not only did we get to see Minnie twice, but we were able to get pictures with a bunch of other characters too!








5. Go to a waterpark – check!

After our race in Branson a few weeks ago, we had free passes to White Water, so we spent a few hours there with MacKenna.  It’s not quite the best place for her since she doesn’t do slides or fountains/waterfalls, but she does love the water.




We also went to the local “water park” a few days ago.  We were worried because it cost us $12 to get in and figured MacKenna would freak out and only last 10 minutes.  But, luckily, after forcing her down the slide with us a few times, she didn’t want to do anything else!  Hopefully this is the start of breaking her fear of slides.



6. Take a day trip to Springfield, Illinois – we will be needing to do this one pretty soon, before our schedules get too busy with school + sports!

7. Make pizza on the grill – check!

We’ve been keeping up our Friday night tradition of pizza + beer (root beer/soda for me) and have been including my parents too.  Since they have a nice grill, a few weeks ago, we (well, Matt) fired it up and grilled pizza for dinner.  It was absolutely delicious!  In fact, that’s dinner tonight too!


8. Potty train MacKenna – So, this isn’t going quite as we had planned.  I put her back in diapers full time last week because we are dealing with some “withholding” issues (aka – it hurts to poop so she tries to hold it in).  We are hoping to get in to the doctor today to see if we can get things “moving” again.  Until she is comfortable going Big Potty again, we will be in diapers.  Hopefully, she will be potty trained by her birthday and I will at least get 2 months without a child in diapers…

9. Transition MacKenna to a big girl bed – check!

I don’t have a picture of this yet, but we transitioned her crib to a toddler bed (with Magic Bumpers to keep her in) about 2 weeks ago and she is doing GREAT!  We haven’t had any issues with her getting up at naps or at night and she usually waits for us to come get her before she gets out of bed.  At least I’m winning at something with this child!

10. Make popsicles with MacKenna – check!

Seven out of 10 ain’t bad!  Hopefully by the time September rolls around, we will have at least 2 of the remaining 3 completed!  (I’m not holding my breath with the potty training thing…)

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baby bump #2: 15 weeks

Another week down, another week closer to the end of the year!  Because that’s basically how I’m counting down now.  That, and I’m trying not to think about my summer coming to an end in a few short weeks… So, let’s just focus on happy baby thoughts, mmmm-K?!

Pregnancy - 15 weeks


I’m feeling like my bump isn’t nearly as huge as it has felt the past few weeks – as in, I don’t think it has grown any this week.  But, I am obviously bigger than I was last time around.  I finally weighed myself yesterday morning – I’m a bit heavier than where I would like to be, but it was also after breakfast and a HUGE anniversary dinner the night before, so yeah, I’ll probably be a bit heavier.  I’m not so concerned about my weight this time around, which is a freeing feeling.

In other bump related news, I am proud to say that I actually wore a bikini in public to the pool yesterday!  I’m self-conscious in a bikini in the first place, but when I don’t look obviously pregnant yet, it’s a little nerve wracking to actually put one on in front of other people.  But, I felt pretty good about myself and tried not to focus on all the flat tummies in bikinis (most were teenagers, but a few mamas with great bodies too).

Water Slide


Not much has changed in the past week.  I’m still tired frequently and had a bout of insomnia a few nights ago, but it seems like it was just a one time thing.  I felt a little nauseous yesterday after eating a very rich lunch (leftover pasta from our anniversary dinner, which was absolutely delicious), but a couple of crackers seemed to help.  I finally talked to the chiropractor about my daily headaches – he said that I had a tight muscle in my neck and he did some ART on it, which actually seems to have helped!  He said not to hesitate to come back in if they come back, but that it’s probably just due to all the changes in my body.

Cravings are still mostly the same:  cottage cheese, tomatoes, pickles, and crackers.  I’m still eating fairly healthy with a good amount of salads and normal dinners.  Homemade fish is still a no-no for me, but I’m hoping that eventually I can start to eat fish at home again.  Restaurants are fine though – I think because I can’t smell it for days after.


It was nice to get back to my regular running routine after vacation, but I’m now dealing with achilles/ankle pain in both ankles now.  I took a special trip to the chiropractor last week and this week to have him work out some of the soreness but it still bothers me from time to time.  What did help was walking to warmup before my long run on Saturday.  It was probably my best run all week and I actually ran my last mile at a 9-minute pace – with walking a hill!

Monday:  4 mile run + CrossFit w/ 1 mile run
Tuesday:  4 mile run + CrossFit w/ 1 mile run
Wednesday:  3 mile run + CrossFit
Thursday:  2.25 mile run + CrossFit w/ 1.25 mile run + 1.5 mile run
Friday:  3 mile run
Saturday:  6 mile run
Sunday:  Off
Total:  27 miles


Baby Stuff

I have to admit that I’ve already started worrying about all the changes that will be happening come January of next year.  Of course, these were things we discussed before deciding to have a second child, but thinking about all the time it takes and how the heck I am supposed to handle MacKenna with a newborn is freaking me out just a little bit.  (She is going through a very Mama-dependent phase right now that I’m hoping she will get over before the baby arrives.)

I read a post on Scary Mommy the other day about the differences between the first and second babies.  One of my biggest fears is #14 – Life Impact.  As much as it might have seemed like I handled motherhood well after MacKenna, it was quite the contrary.  I didn’t have postpartum depression, but there were many days that I would ask myself what I had done.  I missed my freedom and my independence – and no one can really tell you how much you feel like you lose your old identity when you have a child.  The thing is, you are creating a new identity for yourself but you just haven’t figured it all out yet.

I’ve gotten really comfortable with having one child.  I know I absolutely don’t have this parenting thing down (I think my mom was surprised at how not perfect my child was once we moved in with them), but I figure out more and more every day with how to handle MacKenna and what to say to her to help her respond the way I want her to.  Adding another baby is going to add a whole other level of responsibility and new things I’m going to have to try to figure out (believe me, MacKenna was an EASY baby – this one, I have a feeling, will be much more of a handful as an infant).

So, yeah, I’m nervous about the changes that are ahead, but I keep telling myself that if I was able to figure it out with MacKenna, I can figure it out with another baby as well.  It might mean less sleep and a little more sacrifice (I have a feeling my coaching days are numbered and that a job closer to home will be much more ideal), but I know that somehow I will get by and things will be OK.  Right?!

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