baby bump #2: 24 weeks

24 weeks marks 6 months, right?  Whoa.  Crazy.


Pregnancy - 24 weeks

Wow, it’s amazing what 3 years difference looks like.  I look like a baby with MacKenna.  At least I feel like I’ve aged well…

No big changes this week.  Still feeling rather large, although my bump looks about the same size as it did with MacKenna.  I had a student tell me the other day that I was still so skinny.  She’s my new favorite student!  Ha!  I did take advantage of actually looking pregnant the other day by parking in the “new and expectant mother” parking spot at the grocery store.  It was more out of convenience since I had MacKenna with me and I was only going in to pick up my prescription.  I always feel bad parking there though since I know that I am perfectly capable to holding a child and walking into a store without the convenience of parking close.  But, I’ll take advantage of it while I can, especially once Moose arrives in a few months.


Besides my constant exhaustion, I’ve had a few new symptoms pop up this week.  One of them being heartburn – as I am sitting here writing this with massive indigestion.  Yuck.  I hated that part with MacKenna.  Looks like I’ll be investing in some Tums for the next few months.

The other one:  massive calf cramps in the middle of the night.  I can feel them through my hamstring with severe pain in my calf and into my foot.  They only last for about a minute, but I shoot up out of bed, writhing in pain until it relaxes.  I actually wake up sore in the morning, that’s how bad they get.  My chiropractor worked on some of my trigger points this weekend, so I’m hoping they become less frequent.  Four times in one week is more than enough.  Thankfully, I can usually go right back to sleep after.


I felt pretty good this week running.  Ankle pain is pretty much gone, and besides one morning with a really sloshy stomach from dehydration (that’s what I get for forgetting to fill up my water before a late volleyball game this week) that caused me to walk more than usual, my runs went good.  I skipped my PiYo workout one morning because sleep seemed a little more mandatory at the time.  Oops…

Monday:  4 mile easy run
Tuesday:  3 mile treadmill run + PiYo strength intervals
Wednesday:  PiYo sweat
Thursday:  4 mile easy run
Friday:  2.5 mile treadmill run
Saturday:  rest day (due to rain and Matt having a track meet)
Sunday:  5 mile long run
Total:  18.5 miles


Baby Stuff

Today is our final walkthrough at the new house!  And we close a week from today!  Which means time to start thinking about his nursery!  For awhile, I was going for a gender neutral room, but decided to go with something he can grow into a little bit more.  So, I am planning an gray, orange, and navy themed nursery.  My mom actually found the PERFECT nursery bedding set on Etsy, with a bunch of different patterns.  I LOVE it and can’t wait to get all settled in to the new house and get his nursery ready.  But, Kenna’s big girl room is the first priority, since she will actually be the one living there first.

Have I mentioned that we also have a name (we think)?!  But, until he is born, he will be known as Moose, although I do have to catch myself time to time from saying his actual name aloud.  It’s driving my mom crazy that we won’t tell anyone, but we want to leave something a surprise!  He’s also gotten 2 more outfits from Gigi (my mom) and an adorable pair of Under Armor shoes (size 4, so Kenna could actually wear them right now) from one of my assistant coaches.  I love little baby shoes!  Too cute!

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tales of our (almost) 3 year old

Sorry I’m not sorry for all the kiddo talk this week.  In honor of Munchkin Meals this week, I thought I would not only update you on MacKenna’s eating habits, but also how all things toddler have been going.  Let’s just say, this child will do everything in her own time…


Thankfully, this is the thing that is going well.  I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or if we’re just learning how to feed her better, but MacKenna has been eating great!  Does she (we) always make the best choices?  Um, no.  She’s still as picky as ever.  But, she is eating much better than she had been just a few months ago.

Breakfasts are usually something that she can eat on the couch while watching Mickey Mouse or Bubble Guppies.  Lately, we’ve been loving strawberry Nutrigrain bars and Special K strawberry pastries.  She also is just like her mama and loves dry cereal as well.  Many days she will also drink part of a smoothie with either me or Matt (usually Matt, since he’s the one who takes her in the morning, at least for the next couple weeks until we move to the new house).

The babysitter claims that all Kenna does all day is eat, which I totally believe since she tends to be a snacker.  While at the sitter, she eats anything from hamburger to pizza to salami sandwiches – things we can only beg her to eat for us.  Our weekend lunches tend to be more mix-and-match:  lots of salami, cheese, fruit, avocado, and yogurt.  She will sit there for a good 45 minutes eating too.  I’ll take it though!


We’re getting better at dinner, but they are still a struggle most days.  We try to get her to eat what we are eating (who am I kidding, Matt and I have barely had a meal together in the past 2 weeks), but it’s usually slightly different.  We usually end up putting a few different food items on her tray and tell her that she has to eat everything on her tray before she can get down.  It works most days, even if we don’t give her more incentive than that, like dessert or a sucker.


Thankfully, MacKenna’s sleeping has improved, but it’s still far from what it used to be before we went on vacation.  For awhile, we could only get her to sleep on the floor, but we were totally OK with that, as long as she was sleeping.  However, after returning to the babysitter, she is back to sleeping in her bed.  Woohoo!  Love our sitter!

Video Monitor

But, even with that, there is usually at least one night a week where she wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming to let her out of her room because she wants to cuddle.  This is where our sleep training is coming in the most.  We let her cry for 5 minutes (sorry Mom + Dad) and then go back in and put her back in bed.  Usually after that, she falls back asleep, but sometimes it takes another 10 minutes of letting her cry and tucking her back in before she settles down.  When you’re only getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep in the first place, middle of the night wakeups are not my favorite.

Naps on the weekend have also been a struggle.  I blame it on her missing us during the week and getting to spend her weekends with us.  She’ll be fine until we walk out of the room, and then she’ll start crying.  Again, we pull out the good ol’ sleep training we’ve been doing, and many times she ends up sleeping on the floor.  I don’t mind this as much except that her naps are not nearly the 2 hours we used to get out of her, which, for me, is frustrating, just because I always have work (homework specifically) to do on the weekends.  I’m hoping that she’s starting to at least get used to us being away so much and that her weekend naps will get better.


Well, we gave up potty training over the summer, but our babysitter (again, she’s awesome) promised she would have her trained by the time Moose arrives, if not by her 3rd birthday next month.  She started training (re-training) her about 2 weeks ago with the other 2 year old there, and Kenna is still holding out.  I think what’s frustrating is that I know she knows what to do.  She’s peed and pooped on the toilet before, she knows when she’s poopy, but she refuses to actually go in the potty.  I don’t know if she’s just scared to do it or if she’s just being the strong-willed child that she is and just trying to make life difficult.

The babysitter asked about pullups, but I told her that she just treats them like a diaper.  So, we are going to start sending underwear this week.  It makes me nervous because she would hold everything until we would put a diaper on her this summer.  I’m not about ready to go through another bout of constipation with her, but I also really, really want to have a month or two without a child in diapers.  (Side note:  if anyone is looking to sell some of their gently used cloth diapers, we are looking to purchase some in the next few months.)


I know she’ll get there and that she won’t go to Kindergarten wearing diapers, but I’m just hoping it’s sooner rather than later.  I know she will do it in her own time – that’s been her life so far, right?  I know all mama’s of strong-willed children can relate…

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baby bump #2: 23 weeks

Happy September!  We are now officially only 4 months away from meeting our little Moose!  Whoa.  This pregnancy is flying by, which believe me, I am thankful for, but mostly for other reasons (ready to move in to our new house, ready to have my life back a little, ready to meet this little fella).  But, I also really want it to slow down so I can continue enjoying this pregnancy.  I LOVE being pregnant, which is part of why I would have another baby in a heartbeat, so I just want to soak up every second I get with all the kicks and wiggles I’m feeling inside.


Pregnancy - 23 weeks

I was reading back on my pregnancy post with MacKenna at 23 weeks and I was complaining about how small my bump was.  They really aren’t too much different in size and this time around, I feel absolutely HUGE!  But, again, I absolutely LOVE it!


Still exhausted more than I care to admit.  This week was a little better, thanks to not having as much work to do in the evenings at home, even though I had 3 games this past week (we are 2-1, so pretty good start to the season).  So, I got a little more sleep.  But, even with the extra sleep this weekend, I would still feel the need to pass out around 3 PM every afternoon after MacKenna would wake up from her nap.  I’d be busy trying to get things done during her nap that as soon as she would wake up, I’d realize just how tired I was.  I won’t lie that I took a few power naps this weekend, thanks to my wonderful hubby who took MacKenna during those times.

I’m also starting to get a bit more uncomfortable.  My skin gets uber sensitive during pregnancy, so I’m particular about how clothes feel when I have them on.  Certain fabrics are particularly uncomfortable if they’re tight, and shorts have to sit a certain way for them to be comfortable.  Moose is also sitting up a little higher (I still carry low though), so my ribs are starting to hurt by the end of the day, as well as my back.  Boo.


Pretty great week in workouts.  I actually felt great all week, even with being tired.  My runs are getting slower and I know my mileage is going to continue to decrease as I get farther into my pregnancy.  But, I’m OK with that.  With as well as my running has been going so far, I’m pretty happy that I’m still running just about 20 miles each week.  My longest runs are topping at 5 miles, but I know that even that is going to start to be cut short since I’m still having pubic symphisis  pain after I finish (only when I go sit in the car).  The next day, I’m perfectly fine though.  So, I don’t know.  We will see.  Just thankful for a chiropractor who truly cares about my running and will tell me when I need to cut back.

Monday:  3 mile treadmill run + PiYo strength intervals
Tuesday:  4 mile easy run
Wednesday:  PiYo Sweat
Thursday:  4 mile easy run
Friday:  3 mile treadmill run
Saturday:  5 mile easy run
Sunday:  rest day


Baby Stuff

Confession:  I am enjoying being pregnant with Moose more than MacKenna.  Yes, first trimester was much worse and losing his twin certainly was not easy either.  But, other than that, he has been so much fun to be pregnant with!  He is soooo much more active than Kenna was.  He is constantly kicking and rolling around, even when I’m up and around doing things.  It’s like he wants to remind me that I’m pregnant, which I admit I sometimes forget with how busy I am lately.  I’m already feeling him roll and push too – something that I didn’t feel until much later with MacKenna.  Maybe it’s because I’ve gone through everything once before, but I’m enjoying it much more this time.

On another note, we know for sure now that Moose is indeed a boy!  I showed my uncle (who is an OB/GYN and does his own ultrasounds and is in the same practice as my OB) pictures of both my 12 week ultrasound and my 20 week ultrasound.  He looked at the 20 week and said, “Oh yeah, definitely a boy.”  I’m getting more and more excited every single day to have a little boy!  It’ll be different for sure, but I know it will be an exciting new adventure to undertake.  I won’t say I’m ready, but I’m excited for something new!


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