#rnrchi training 2016: week 7

Well, I’m down from my training high.  This past week was physically and mentally exhausting.  Lots of stuff going on that left me feeling completely defeated and just plain emotional.  Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of that rolled over into my training and left me not training at my very best.  I mean, I still had several good training days, but my long run was definitely tough this past weekend.

But, it’s a new week and I’m hoping it’s a much better one.  I have several tough runs planned and I’m hoping this mental + emotional exhaustion can be tamed so that it doesn’t cross over into my training.  We’re at the point where race day is getting closer, so I at least need a few more good runs between now and then!

The Concrete Runner - RNRCHI Training

Monday:  6 x 1000m w/ 2:30 rest + WU/CD to track (6.74 miles @ 7:32/mile)

EMOM for 10 minutes:
Pushups 10x
Shoulder Press 10x

Tuesday:  AMRAP in 15 minutes:
Run 200m
Pushups 20x
Situps 20x
(1.56 miles total w/ WU)

Wednesday:  40 minutes @ 85% 10K pace (4.96 miles @ 8:03/mile)

Thursday:  Tabata Sprints (2.39 miles @ 8:22/mile)

Squats 3×10
Deadlifts 3×10

Friday:  Tabata Sprints (2.42 miles @ 8:17/mile)

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Push Press 12x
Thrusters 12x

Saturday:  10 mile time trial (10 miles @ 8:08/mile)

Sunday:  OFF

Total Miles:  28.07 miles

And for those of you who LIKE my Facebook page, I gave you a little tease as to something I have planned for next month.  I am happy to announce that I will be hosting my first ever Time-Crunched Training Bootcamp starting July 11!  This bootcamp is for anyone who struggles to find time to fit in strength training that complements their current training program and their busy, everyday schedule.  I know this is something I have struggled with in the past, especially working full time, coaching, and being a mom – believe me, it’s hard to find time to actually get stronger in order to help me become a better runner.

The Concrete Runner - Time-Crunched Training Bootcamp

My 3-week Time-Crunched Training Bootcamp will involve workouts that can be done from home with little to no equipment that will last 30 minutes or less.  Most of the workouts will actually take less than 20 minutes.  The goal is to help you become a stronger, faster runner with strength training that you can fit into your current training plan and busy schedule.  I will also be providing 3 different levels of workouts, so if you are just starting out or have never done any strength training before, you will be able to find a level that fits your needs!

Registration will open next week, but if you want to be the first to register, I will be sending out an email with the registration info before the link goes live on the blog!  You can sign up below to get on the mailing list!  I cannot WAIT to work with you all!

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    stitch fix review // june 2016

    **Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.**

    The Concrete Runner - Stitch Fix Review June 2016

    After my last fix, I decided to schedule my next fix for a month earlier in order to get some new clothes for summer and before the several trips we have planned this summer.  I’m really glad I did, but I had no intention of really keeping everything.  I’ve actually been doing pretty good on clothes so far this summer (as in, I haven’t felt like I have nothing to wear), and I really don’t “dress up” too often since we don’t do much except for on the weekends.  And by “dress up”, I mean that I wear shorts and a nice top, instead of athletic clothes.  I pretty much live in my running clothes all summer, so having a few essentials is necessary, but mostly just for vacations when we actually go out and do things that require nicer things.

    Really, what I was looking for was a new pair of shorts (most of the ones in my closet are pre-kids) and maybe a cute top or two.  Well, my stylist certainly knows me well, because it was definitely another successful fix – except that I didn’t describe the shorts I was looking for very well.  I said “longer” shorts, meaning I didn’t want my booty hanging out of them.  That’s not quite what she sent me, but that’s partially my fault…

    And shame on me, because as I write this, I totally forgot to keep my style sheet and it’s already been taken out in the recycling, so I have NO idea what most of these brands/styles are, so sorry if you really like one of them.  I suggest pinning them if you like them – the stylists DO look at your Pinterest boards for inspiration and sometimes actually send you the things you pin!


    White Bermuda Shorts

    Like I said, I totally bombed on describing what I was actually looking for.  While these were cute, I felt really frumpy and too “mom” in them.  I know, I am one, but I felt like they looked like Mom Jeans on me.  So, yeah, that was a definite no, which I knew before even pulling them out of the box.  Again, if you are wanting non-booty shorts, make sure you pin something specific.  Otherwise you might end up with Mom Jeans… RETURN.

    Blue/White Open Back Top

    I knew when I pulled this one out of the box that it was definitely a keeper!  It is totally my style and I love that I will be able to wear it year round with leggings!  Plus, the back detail is adorable!  I definitely have a thing for cute backs on tops!  Oh, and long and loose are definitely my go-to’s!  KEEPER!


    Teal Lace Tank Top

    I really love lace as well as cute backs (I never thought I would love anything with lace until I started trying on wedding dresses – I still ended up getting one without any lace).  Plus, the color on this is gorgeous.  But, I have a very similar top in my closet already, so I knew that I definitely did not NEED this top.  RETURN.


    Navy + White Striped Hoodie

    Again, definitely my style but I wasn’t a huge fan of it.  I love things that are sporty, like I could wear it with my workout pants, but I can also dress them up with jeans or shorts on the weekend.  But, Lord knows I don’t need another sweatshirt or hoodie, especially since I just bought an “I Run This Body” hoodie earlier in the week.  RETURN.


    Floral + Navy Tank Top

    Long and loose – and floral!  I absolutely LOVE patterns and mixing patterns in my clothes.  Plus, it’s a tank top that’s not black or grey!  This one was a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe, and quite honestly, I think it completed my summer style!  KEEPER!

    I am in the process of really weeding out my clothing.  I’m starting to realize that I really don’t wear half of what I own.  I really don’t need a lot of things for work:  t-shirts, a few jackets, some sweatshirts, some pants + shorts.  So, if I don’t need that much for work which is 180 days each year, I figure I probably don’t need a lot for the weekends when I actually try to look nice.  I’m thinking about (1) creating myself a capsule wardrobe just for my weekend clothes, and (2) writing a post about my wardrobe if ya’ll would be interested.

    But otherwise, another successful Stitch Fix!  I’m looking forward to my next box in September already!  Woohoo for fall clothes!

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    day in the life // june 2016

    So, I made a fatal error yesterday morning.  We’re used to MacKenna getting up in the middle of the night and having to walk her back to her room (oh how I miss her room being right across from our bedroom at our old hour…), so the fact that she was up in the middle of the night was pretty normal.  We don’t let her in our bed unless it is light outside – it doesn’t matter the circumstances, that’s just the rule.

    So, Kenna comes into our room at 4:45AM yesterday morning.  I’m thinking, it’s almost sunrise, I don’t feel like getting out of bed, come on in, kiddo!  So, she ended up sleeping in our bed until after I got up to go workout.  Guess who asked me why I let her in our bed?  Yup.  Ugh.

    Anyway, my alarm finally went off around 5:45 AM and I hit snooze several times before deciding to get up.  I knew I only had a 15 minute workout, so I could afford to sleep in a little.  I checked Facebook for a few minutes before rolling out of bed and driving to the track.  I did a 2 lap warm-up and follow by:

    As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
    Run 200m
    Push-ups 20x
    Sit-ups 20x

    I did 7 rounds, plus an extra 200 jog back to the start so I could leave.  1.56 miles for a Tuesday morning that included my strength training isn’t too bad.

    I came home to 2 happy kiddos who were ready to begin the day.  I fed both kids – and the fur baby – before making myself a smoothie and some coffee.

    MacKenna has VBS this week, so after Matt left around 7:45 for cross country practice, I got the kiddos ready to go and played for a little bit before taking MacKenna to VBS at 9.  Came home, put Miles down for a nap, and hopped in the shower.  I was able to get some house work done before it was time to get Miles up, and Matt was home by that point.  He has a DC trip coming up soon, so we decided to go ahead and get some stuff from Target (my eyelash curler also broke – so that definitely needed to be replaced) before going to pick Kenna up from VBS at noon.  Matt dropped Miles + me off at home to go get Kenna, and I proceeded to get lunch ready for Miles and myself.  Definitely a whirlwind of a morning!

    After lunch, we watched Walk Off the Earth videos on You Tube while playing with cars + trucks and flubber that MacKenna made at VBS.  We’ve been struggling with Kenna A LOT the last few days.  She’s been throwing huge fits and being a complete brat, including hitting, pinching, and biting us.  Yesterday was a huge improvement, thank goodness.  I think just too much time with mom + dad has not been great for her.  But, it was nice to have my sweet little girl back yesterday!

    I put Miles down for a nap around 2, and Matt took MacKenna to run some more errands, which meant I had a good 2 hours of peace + quiet to work.  I felt like I got a TON of work done and even had some extra time to sit and read before Kenna and Matt got home around 4.

    It has been super hot + humid to really do much lately except play either inside or with water or in a pool outside.  We’ve been spending most of our morning or afternoons playing in the sprinkler or water table outside.  Both kids LOVE the water, so it’s been fun to let them be kids and play outside even though it’s outrageously hot out.  We played outside for about 45 minutes before heading in to take baths before dinner.

    It’s Taco Tuesday, so while I give the kiddos baths, Matt is busy at work making our weekly fish tacos with homemade slaw.  It’s starting to become one of my favorite meals of the week.  It doesn’t hurt that we usually split a few beers to enjoy.  I mean, it is summer, right?!

    More playing happens after dinner, including playing some Just Dance Kids 2 on the Wii so that mommy can get a few more steps in before bed.  Kenna earned the iPad back today (after being grounded from it for 2 days) due to good behavior, so Matt + I hang out in the living room watching Red Hot Chili Peppers on Car Pool Karaoke.  We brush teeth, read a few books, and then spend 30 minutes trying to get Kenna to go to sleep.  Can you tell she’s been our problem child lately?!

    Once the kids are in bed, I fold laundry, grab some chocolate covered raisins and S’mores M&Ms, and start working on this post while watching Fixer Upper and House Hunters.  I know, we are the most exciting family in the world, right?  We’ve had so many other adventures in the last few weeks that honestly, for me at least, it’s been kind of nice to stay close to home and relax.  I mean, that’s what summer is for, right?! ;)

    And if you’re not following me yet, you can follow our daily adventures EVERYDAY over on Snapchat!  My screen name is concrete_runner.

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