baby boy: 8 months

I swear, month 7 flew by and I’ve been on 8 months for awhile!  Ha!  I can’t believe my little buddy is 8 months old now!  We had quite the exciting month as well.  Lots of new milestones and developments.  But, overall, Miles is a very good, happy little baby!  We are so very lucky to have him in our lives!

Miles - 8 months


Miles will eat anything AND everything.  So far, he really has not shown any signs of picky-ness whatsoever.  He wasn’t a big fan of blueberries, but he has recently decided he likes them, although they’re still not his favorite.  I’ve seen a few food stages he’s gone through – like loving avocado, to not wanting it, to wanting it again.  But, for the most part, if you put it in front of him, he will eat it.

He is picking everything up with his fingers now and is not having any difficulty shoving food into his mouth, handfuls at a time.  He gags every once in awhile, but this mama is doing much better at letting him figure out chewing and swallowing on his own.  We feed him a few things with the spoon – applesauce, yogurt, refried beans – and doesn’t mind it at all.  Again, he just wants to eat.  And will SCREAM when you walk away while he’s eating.  Silly boy.

He’s nursing 4-5 times a day, but is getting bottles at the sitter now.  He drinks about a 5-6 ounce bottle 2-3 times a day at the sitter.  I nurse him in the morning and again before bed.  I can tell that he is drinking less and eating more because I’m only pumping about 8 ounces a day.  But, I’m OK with that.  He’s still exclusively breastfed and I have so much milk stored up that I’m almost positive we will make it a year.  If we don’t, well, we’ve made it 8 months so far, which is twice as long as MacKenna was exclusively breastfed, so I’ll take it!  (We had to supplement at 4 months with her.)  I will admit, though, that I cannot WAIT to be done with the pump.  Maybe forever…?

Edited to add: Pumping this morning, I barely got an ounce out of both sides. Frustrating. Hopefully I’ll see my supply go back up, otherwise there is a good chance we will call it quits at 8 months. :(

Miles - 31 weeks


Besides our one rough night earlier this week, Miles is a great sleeper.  I am feeling really bad for him though because I am waking him up an hour and a half earlier than I did in the summer.  Instead of his 7 AM wakeup, I’m now getting him up at 5:30 AM to nurse him and get him ready for the day.  And it’s obvious that he is tired.  Last week, he was falling asleep on the way home from the babysitter every day, and most nights, he falls asleep when I nurse him before bed.  He fusses during the night, but usually never has an issue getting himself back to sleep.  Teeth, however, have been the biggest issue with his sleep.

Miles - 32 weeks


This boy is into EVERYTHING.  He is so curious and loves to explore.  He does not stay still for more than a minute or two, and has figured out how to easily go from sitting to crawling to get to where he wants to go.  I love how curious he is and I hope he never outgrows that.  I think he will be another bright little kiddo (Kenna is very smart), but I also think he athleticism will overpower his smarts.  (In other words, I think he will be smart, but not as smart as MacKenna.  I think Miles will be more like me and want to constantly be active.  Kenna is more like her daddy – outgoing and smart.)

He’s pretty content with things, but will let you know when he is frustrated.  He is ALWAYS happy.  This kid is smiling constantly and I LOVE it!  Sure, he fusses and cries when he is mad or tired or scared, like any kid does, but seriously.  There is no joking around that he is the happiest baby on the block!

Miles - 33 weeks

Big Sister

Miles still adores MacKenna, but Kenna is starting to realize that Miles wants anything that she has.  She also is starting to get interested in all his new toys that we are getting out.  For example, we just got a standing toy for Miles and MacKenna has been wanting to play with it while Miles is.  She keeps say, “But, I’m sharing!”, while she proceeds to try to play with exactly what he wants to play with.  I think it’s starting to get frustrating for her, so we are trying to remind her that he is little and to be patient with him.  Thank goodness Season 2 of Daniel Tiger is on Netflix now and we can play all the baby sister episodes.

Other than that, she follows me around every morning before I take her to school and gives him kisses goodbye.  I think it’s weird for her not to be going with him to the babysitter, but I also think she likes that she is the big kid in the family and gets to do something special that he doesn’t get to do.

Miles - 34 weeks

Other Stuff

Weight:  We are guessing he is close to 15 pounds now, given how much he eats!  He goes back to the doctor next month.

Diapers:  Cloth diapers have been even better the 2nd time around!  He is still in 2s for disposables, but he very rarely is ever wearing them.

Clothes:  I just got a box full of 6-9 month clothes to switch out, but probably won’t for another week or two.  Some of his onesies are getting too tight/short, but otherwise, he is fitting in 6 month clothes just fine.  He’s short like his mama and dada.

Likes:  Putting EVERYTHING into his mouth, playing with his toys, crawling on mommy and daddy, the cat, the dogs at the babysitter’s, FOOD

Dislikes:  The car seat still (HATES it) and we’ve recently found out that he HATES the vacuum.  He will crawl over to me and grab onto my leg and scream while I vacuum, but he is fine if I’m holding him while I do it.

Firsts:  Pincer grasp, eating puffs, pulling up on short things (he can’t reach the tall things quite yet), first TWO teeth!

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day in the life: back to school

I meant to do a “day in the life” post at some point this summer, but never got around to it.  So, how about a “day in the life” post the first week of school…

1:44 AM – Miles is fussing.  Poor buddy is teething right now.  I’m hoping he’ll just fuss himself back to sleep, but no such luck.  I head into his room to help him get back to sleep by rocking him for a little bit.

2:06 AM – Matt comes into Miles room and takes over baby duty.  He has the magic touch – and I go back to bed.

2:16 AM – Matt got Miles to sleep and gets back into bed.

2:20 AM – Miles is crying again.  Matt heads back in.

2:22 AM – Kenna is up because she heard something (probably her brother screaming).  I walk her back to bed and tuck her in.  I go back to bed.

2:30-ish AM – Matt is back in bed, but not for long…

2:40 AM – Miles is fussing.  I again hope he just fusses himself back to sleep, but after a few minutes, he is actively crying.

2:44 AM – I hold and rock Miles for a little while, with several failed attempts at getting him back into his crib.  I try to think of ways I can hold him and sleep at the same time.

3:08 AM – I finally get him to sleep and head back to bed.

3:10 AM – And Miles is up.  Again.  Matt’s turn.  I fall back asleep (thank goodness) and don’t remember Matt getting back into bed.

4:15 AM – My alarm goes off.  I check my email and browse Facebook for 5 minutes before resorting to the fact that I actually have to get out of bed.  I’m in the shower by 4:23 and proceed to shower, pump, and put on makeup.

5:30 AM – Poor tired little baby must get up so I have time to feed him.  He’s amazingly cheerful.  I change him before taking him to the couch with me to nurse him and catch up on some blog reading.

5:55 AM – Miles and I go wake up Kenna and get her ready for the day.

6:05 AM – Run around getting breakfast ready for me and Kenna.

6:31 AM – Kisses all around and I’m out the door for work.  Breakfast and COFFEE are consumed in the car.


7:08 AM – Arrive at work and get a few housekeeping things done and prepare for the day.

7:35 AM – The bell rings and I have 60 eighth graders I have to make sure don’t kill each other.  Two 8th grade classes, followed by a 7th grade health class for my morning.  I spend a lot of time talking and going over expectations.

10:30 AM – My plan period begins and I have plenty of copies and powerpoints to make for the rest of the week.

11:30 AM – I sit down for lunch and pump while getting a few more things done.  I have a salad and some Greek yogurt with almonds.


11:56 AM – I clean up my desk from lunch and the bell rings for my afternoon classes to begin.

12:51 PM – It’s pouring down rain and I need to head across the parking lot back to the gym.  I end up getting completely soaked in the process and spend the rest of the afternoon in wet shoes and socks.  Ugh.

2:41 PM – Woohoo!  I survived Day #4!  Only 178 to go.  (Yes, I am counting!)  I snack while talking to a few of the volleyball girls trying out for the middle school team.


2:55 PM – I pump and catch up on emails.

3:15 PM – Head up to the weight room to lift weights.  I’m sore from my lift yesterday, but it feels SO good to lift again!

3:34 PM – I check the radar and decide to play it safe and get my run done on the treadmill.  15 x 20 second leg speed sprints with 1 minute recoveries.  It ended up being a really great run!


4:10 PM – Hop in the car and drive home.

4:40 PM – Pick up the kiddos at the babysitters and head home.

5:oo PM – HOME FINALLY!  Kenna goes to play, I set Miles on the floor, and chat with Matt while putting my stuff away.


5:30 PM – Matt has to go to school for open house.  I call and order take out from the Chinese place up the street since some of the sales go to MacKenna’s school.

5:50 PM – Load the kids in the car and go pick up our food.

6:05 PM – Back home.  Get dinner ready for both kids before sitting down to my tofu, veggies, rices, and crab rangoon.


6:30 PM – Miles is ready to be done, so I get his bath ready while Kenna is finishing up dinner.

6:45 PM – Dry and lotion Miles up while Kenna takes a bath.

7:00 PM – Kenna is still playing, so I feed Miles on our bed to keep an eye on her.

7:10 PM – Get done feeding Miles on one side, get Kenna out of the tub, dried, and PJ-ed, and sit on the couch to finish feeding Miles while Kenna plays on the iPad.

7:30 PM – Miles is sound asleep, so I put him down before doing the bedtime routine with Kenna-girl.

7:57 PM – Kenna is tucked in for the night.  I start making lunches for tomorrow and picking up around the house.  Kenna gets out of bed twice, but is asleep by 8:15 PM.

8:30 PM – Sit down and beginning folding laundry.

8:45 PM – Grab some chocolate covered raisins and sit down with the computer while watching Extreme Weight Loss.  (I’m slightly obsessed with Heidi and Chris Powell…)

9:30 PM – Finish up this post and schedule it for the morning.  Then get up to start getting ready for bed.

9:50 PM – In bed finally.  I read for about 10 minutes (“The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up” – I’m liking it a lot!) before laying down and falling asleep to the TV.  Here’s hoping tonight is much less eventful…

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a week of #wycwyc workouts

I have a love/hate relationship with the beginning of the school year.  I love the fresh start, new students, and fun the beginning of the school year brings.  I hate how busy it is – and the fact that my summer is over.  Only 180 more school days…

This past week was crazy busy.  Monday and Wednesday were full of all day meetings, Tuesday was morning meetings and Back to School day/night from 1-7 PM, Thursday was the first day of school, and Friday was spent teaching about our cell phone policy and locker room procedures 30 times (literally).  Plus, trying to get everything ready to actually start teaching this week.  It’s been jam packed all day every day.

Oh, and don’t forget that MacKenna started 3-year old preschool this week too.  So, we had her back to school night on Monday and learning our new routine this week as well.


The weekend has been our attempt to recover, but it was busy too, with the Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens with my family on Saturday, and church and cross country practice on Sunday.



I quickly deemed last week a “What I Can, When I Can” week (you can follow the hashtag #wycwyc to see other’s “what you can, when you can” posts).  My goal was just to fit in workouts when I could and now worry so much about my training plan.  I would try to get the important workouts in, but otherwise, if I needed some extra rest days due to no time, that was OK too.  I threw strength training out the window but cannot WAIT to hit the weight room this week.  No more excuses for this girl.

Overall, it ended up being a pretty successful week of workouts.

Monday:  2 mile easy run (7:21/mile)

Tuesday:  OFF

Wednesday:  3 mile easy run (7:46/mile)

Thursday:  8 x hill sprints (7:41/mile)


Friday:  OFF

Saturday:  6 mile long run (8:29/mile)


Sunday:  5.5 mile easy run (7:59/mile)

Total:  21 miles

Apparently, I need to be an afternoon runner.  I cannot even tell you how awful I feel running in the morning.  Comfortable is so much slower in the morning than in the afternoon.  I need that time to warmup – or maybe I should actually start warming up in the morning instead of running cold.  Hmmmm…

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