ortholite fusion insoles [giveaway]

My feet stink.  Literally (ew) + figuratively.

When I was training for the Chicago Marathon a few summers ago, I was training in 80 to 90 degree weather for hours at a time.  And let me just tell you, I sweat profusely.  So much so that the sweat would drip down my legs (from my sopping wet shorts) and into my shoes.  And let me tell you, they STUNK.  Badly.  I remember apologizing to a shoe store worker fitting me for new shoes because my running shoes stunk so bad.

On a daily basis, I deal with foot odor from being in tennis shoes all day long.  While it’s worse in August + September when I spend most of my day outside in the heat, I can’t seem to get away from having smelly feet by the end of the day.  It’s not fun and I’m sure Matt (and MacKenna) don’t really appreciate my smelly feet.

My feet also stink in that I can’t keep them from getting injured.  I come from a terrible line of genetics when it comes to feet.  I have incredibly high arches that causes me to have really bad hammer toes.  Weak toes = weak foot + ankles muscles.  I can always tell when I need to replace my shoes because my feet start to hurt terribly.  In the past, I have had stress fractures, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, black toenails, and neuromas – all in my feet.

Given my podiatric history, I was ecstatic to receive an email from Lindsey at OrthoLite asking if I would be willing to try out a sample of their Fusion Insoles.  OrthoLite Fusion insoles are a little different than your average insole:

  • They are designed to fit pretty much any shoe, athletic or not
  • They are made with an open-cell foam, that helps keep air circulating, meaning your feet stay cooler and drier
  • They also wick away any moisture from your feet (SCORE!)
  • They have a unique spring-back technology so they don’t lose their cushion over time
  • Their patented anti-microbial formulation keeps them free of bacteria, fungus, and shoe odor (DOUBLE SCORE!)
  • They are lightweight and fully washable

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

The added bonus of these insoles:  for every pair of $20 insoles sold, they donate $1 to the Level Field Fund, offering support to athletes who might not be able to pursue their sport financially.  There are some amazing athletes who received grants from Level Field Fund and I think it’s awesome that OrthoLite gives part of their proceeds to help these athletes out.

I have to admit, upon first opening my package of OrthoLite insoles, they weren’t exactly what I had pictured.  I had visions of arch support and mounds of cushioning, but these were different.  These insoles are just that – insoles. They are not orthotics, like I had expected them to be.  So, instead of sticking them in my running shoes (I need a little more support for my arches given my background), I stuck them in the tennis shoes I wear to school every day.

photo 3 (5)

I absolutely loved how light they were, and I have to admit, I definitely noticed a difference on how dry and odor free my feet were at the end of a long day of teaching.  While they’re not exactly cushioned, I never dealt with sweaty feet, even on days when I ran around with my kids.  My shoes smell incredible (well, incredible for shoes) – if you didn’t look at the outside, you would swear they were never warn with how great they smell (again, for shoes).

photo 4 (3)

And today just happens to be your lucky day!  OrthoLite has offered to giveaway a pair of their insoles to three (3) of my lucky readers!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me whether you were blessed with good feet or bad feet.  Easy enough right?!  I will choose 3 random winners to be announced Monday morning. 

(Entries must be submitted by Sunday, February 26 at 10:00 PM Central Time.  Giveaway open to readers in the United States only – sorry Canada!)

[Full Disclosure:  OrthoLite provided me with the information, samples, and giveaway in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own.]

  • Nicole

    Bad but not as bad as you. They stink and hurt when I run but no serious injuries.

  • Michelle

    Oh my atlanta, I cannot even begin to explain how bad my feet are! I have super wide, flatter than a piece of paper (exagerration of course) feet. My shoes wear out crazy fast near my pinkie toe and I too am cursed with the mark of horrid, rancid feet stench. I deal with arch and metatarsal so regularly that it almost doesn’t phase me anymore. Though I’m blessed to bw able to run, I sure have some ugly, bad feet!

  • Michelle

    Typo, opps! *arch and metatarsal pain

  • Julie

    I have bad feet- they are really wide! But thankfully no injuries (although I do not run marathons ;))

  • I have pretty good feet, no problems thus far! Those do look like awesome inserts!
    Beth recently posted..Outings with Mom

  • Jennifer

    I have good feet – not the prettiest, but I dont seem to get problems from running. 🙂

  • Kristen’s Mom and M’s Gigi

    Well, as you know, you inherited my horrible feet — yours aren’t as ugly as mine, however! I don’t run, but my feet hurt every single day. Looks like you need a new pair of work tennis shoes or maybe just sometime in the washing machine!

    • Jen

      Hahahaha…gotta love our Moms! 🙂

  • Alex

    Very stinky feet lol. I usually have to put paper towels in my dress shoes to soak up sweat. So gross!

  • Tiffany

    Bad bad feet. Right now I’m suffering from Metatarsalgia (pain in the bed of my foot). I’m sidelined from running which stinks…but hopefully these insoles could help! 🙂

  • my feet are okay–though they have NO arches—but my legs in general seem to be injury prone! (mostly because of weak hips! boo!)
    natalie (the sweets life) recently posted..Reese’s Fudge Pie

  • Super high arches for me as well! Also I have very narrow feet so only certain brands really fit me well. I almost always have to put insoles in my sneakers.

  • Haley

    Definitely bad feet—super flat feet, almost zero arch

  • My feet aren’t too bad but they do smell. My husband (also a PE teacher!) has pretty bad feet and is on them all day. I’m sure he could use the Ortholites!

  • Amy Q

    Well, they don’t smell— but they do have plantars warts and nasty, bruised and falling off toenails from marathon training! Head up my legs and things get worse….weak hips and a knee that has been redone due to a bad blowout on a trampoline—But the feet and legs are GOOD because they take me everywhere I want to go, and I am grateful for them! YAY, feet!

  • i just FINALLY had my gait analyzed on wednesday. apparently i have ok feet. i over-pronate and need stability shoes for running, but otherwise, all is good!
    sarah @ sarah learns recently posted..sick day

  • Sara

    I have “ok” feet. I have yet to find a pair of shoes that I LOVE, every pair I own is at least a little uncomfortable, although I deal. I have never had an injury, knock on wood!!

  • I uesd to have good feet… 18 years of running and soccer have made them interesting looking to say the least.

  • Angela Lawson

    I have good feet. I over pronate and need stability. I do however have stinky feet. So other people may think they are bad

  • Lisa Durer

    Skeeter you know how bad my feet are. Two surgeries and still pain. I just don’t think anything can help these feet. I think Grandma started it and all of us girls are going to have the bad feet. Even Emilee is starting have the foot thing. 🙁 Hopefully MacKenna will get passed.

  • Megan

    Oh my, my feet are awful! I have neuromas, ankles that give in, and aches for no reason at all. I do use insoles though, and sure could use another pair!

  • Meghan

    So far, no problems with my feet! My poor husband, however, has one foot a whole size bigger than the other and has to call shoe companies and beg them to send him two different sizes!!

  • Laurel C

    I thought I was blessed/born with great feet…….I even thought I should be a foot model when I was little! But because of all of the running and activity I do I’ve started to develop heel pain and plantar fascitis issues 🙁 i need stability in my shoes, and now I can’t even wear regular shoes without my insoles!

  • Brian

    It must be a genetic thing for the females on our side, I fortunately do not have problems with the feet in pain or bad toes. I do have a problem with my feet sweating and stinky shoes and socks. This I blame on dad because I inherited his ability to sweat like a PIG!

  • Kristen

    I was blessed with awful feet. I have hammer toes and all! Lucky me 😉

  • Wendy

    I have OK feet – a few blisters but I know where to tape up before a long run! My problem is my achilles…

  • Lisa

    my mom has the worst, ugliest, feet on the planet and i seem to have inherited them! ugh!

  • Kimberly

    Bad. I have high arches and LOTS of dry, calloused skin that just won’t go away. No injuries though!