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Another 2 hour session of sitting in a very uncomfortable chair in a freezing room and practicing breathing for labor meant another dessert reward for this mama!

My friend Melissa asked me a week or so ago whether or not I had tried the new frozen yogurt place that opened up very close to our house.  I have to admit, I’m not a huge fro-yo fan.  Being born + raised on Fritz’s and Ted Drewes’ creamy silky custard, fro-yo just doesn’t do the same thing for me.  Sure, it’s still yummy and satisfies my need for a sweet, cold dessert, but it just doesn’t compare to frozen custard.  Plus, I’m not really a fan of the tart flavor some of them have.  It’s just very off-putting to me.


But, since it was close and new, I knew I had to give Orange Leaf a try.  It’s your typical frozen yogurt joint:  self-serve fro-yo with a billion toppings to choose from.  And, of course, pay by the ounce, so the more you fill your huge cup, the more it’s going to cost you.


I was pretty impressed by the flavors they had to offer.  I decided to go for peanut butter, snickerdoodle, brownie batter, and wedding cake frozen yogurts.  I was also very impressed by some unique toppings they had to offer – hello, brown sugar + cinnamon Pop Tarts!  In addition to my Pop Tarts, I went for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and granola to top it off – a breakfast blend, if you will.


Matt + I were really excited to see snickerdoodle fro-yo since we both happen to love the cookies.  However, we were extremely disappointed with the flavor.  It was, in fact, very tart.  Blech.

Fortunately, every other flavor I chose was superb!  I was actually surprised to find that their fro-yo was extremely creamy – closer to ice cream than your typical frozen yogurt, but not quite frozen custard.  We decided the brownie batter was definitely the best, but I also really enjoyed the peanut butter (not fake tasting at all) and the wedding cake, because you know I love cake flavored ice cream!

And of course, the toppings were the perfect addition (as long as you didn’t count the nastiness that was snickerdoodle fro-yo with brown sugar Pop Tarts – did not work well)!


OK, are these not the coolest spoons ever?!  We stole a few to use at home with frozen custard/ice cream since plastic is the best for eating frozen treats.  Your ice cream lesson for the day…

We will definitely be going back when the urge for fro-yo strikes!  There are a bunch of other toppings I want to try – like Sour Patch Kids and Pretzel M&M’s.  It’s definitely no frozen custard, but definitely the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had!