off my rocker

I’m starting to think that I am starting to go a little bit crazy here.  Not like “crazy busy”.  I’m talking full blown, “off her rocker” insane.  And I think with the following examples you might begin to agree with me:



I have always wanted a rubber ducky bathroom.  I’m pretty sure I even tried to convince my college roommate to do this when we moved into our apartment.  I don’t really have a reason for wanting to do it besides the fact that I think it’s really cute.

When Matt + I got married 4 years ago, we weren’t exactly thinking about kids at the time, and since we only have one “guest” bathroom (we have never had guests at our house since all our friends + family live in town), we wanted it to be a little more modern.

Now, throw a baby into the picture and all I can think about is making her bathroom (the only guest bathroom) into the duck bathroom.  Well, whatdoyaknow… ALL the duck bathroom accessories were on clearance last week at Target and I just couldn’t resist.


First words out of Matt’s mouth were, “You’re crazy.”  Yeah, probably… but I LOVE it!  Especially with all Baby M’s cute duck towels and bath toys and the cute duck toothbrush holder!  LOVE!





Yes, the jogging stroller.  But, what you don’t know is that the jogging stroller was just returned to it’s cozy place in the nursery from being outside on a little “wog”.  It was just such a beautiful day and I have really been wanting to take it out for a test “run”.

And boy, I’m glad I did.  A few notes-to-self:  Put the brakes back on before going to close the front door so the stroller doesn’t roll off the porch and start rolling down the sidewalk.  Also, put the baby carrier in AFTER getting the stroller outside, just in case it does roll away.  Oh, and pushing a stroller is much harder than I ever expected – and mine was EMPTY!

Like my choir teacher said in high school, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Yes, I will be practicing with the jogging stroller again, even if my neighbors think I’m a little crazy.



OK, so this one might not be as crazy, but I have been diligently working on my birth plan.  I might seem easy going on the blog, but I am definitely not in real life.  I pretend like I am, but I am a perfectionist and want things to go exactly the way I expect them to.

Now, I realize that my birth will most likely not go as perfectly as I hope.  But, I at least want to have my wishes for my birth to be written down and seen/read/heard by the medical staff caring for me.  That way we are all on the same page and I can get as close to what I want my birth to be like as I can.


After a looooong conversation with my mom yesterday about money + work after baby, I started getting some crazy ideas in my head.  I have a job doing something I really enjoy.  However, I don’t make enough money to really live as comfortably as Matt + I would like to.  Yes, I can look for other jobs, and I have in the past, but teaching jobs, especially in Physical Education, are hard to come by.  So, I started thinking about other things I could be doing in addition to my current job to help support our family a little more.

I might not be thinking straight right now, but I am thinking about looking for opportunities to teach some group exercise classes at local gyms or private studios, just to make a little extra cash on the side that won’t keep me away from my baby more than I want.  In addition to my degrees in Physical Education + Exercise Science, I hold an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) certification and NSCA Strength + Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification.  Those aren’t exactly group exercise instructor certifications, but I think I am more than qualified with my background in teaching, personal training, and some group experience to actually do this as a side job.

Sure, I will be limited to teaching class within my range of expertise and not to specialized classes, such as Zumba or Body Pump, but at least I have that potential.  Plus, it would help me get an extra workout in and possibly provide me with a free gym membership.  I’m kind of excited about the potential here for a little extra money on the side, but I also think that I might be a bit crazy too.

I might not be completely off my rocker, but I think I’m getting close.  At least one normal think I have done recently was actually put a rocker in the nursery!



Hopefully, I won’t go totally crazy in the next 5 weeks…

Have you done anything crazy lately?

  • Jen

    I love the duck bathroom and your gorgeous nursery! It’s OK to go a little bit crazy 😉 You’d make an excellent group exercise instructor. I say go for it!
    Jen recently posted..Week 26 pregnancy update

    • Kristen

      Thanks Jen! You’re too sweet! I love getting your comments!

  • Debbie

    Hey Kristen- Found you! Definitely adding you to my blogroll. Can’t wait to swap recipes at school! It’s been such a challenge the past few weeks walking past all the unhealthy goodies in the teacher’s lounge…don’t want to gain the freshman 15! So glad there are other health-nuts on staff to keep me on track! Debbie, the new Spanish teacher 🙂

    • Kristen

      I’m glad you found my blog too! The unhealthy goodies have been killing me! I did really well last year, but pregnancy is a different story! It is definitely nice to have another health nut on staff!