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Our babysitter needed to take the day off today (her son + daughter-in-law are having a baby!), so guess who gets to stay home with the baby?!  This girl!  I’m enjoying an extra day with my little girl since my weekend was busy and I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I normally do.

Luckily, even with a busy weekend I was able to fit in some great runs!  I’m so excited with how my training is going so far.  Running is starting to feel natural again and my speed is starting to get back to even pre-marathon pace!  But, it definitely hasn’t been without some hard work.

Saturday morning, I got to try out our new-to-us treadmill!  My parents bought a new treadmill and gave us their old one (emphasis on the old).  While I don’t plan on running on it regularly, it will definitely come in handy when I can’t make it to the gym due to weather, time conflicts (my gym doesn’t open until 7 AM on the weekends), or baby stuff.


Saturday was the perfect opportunity to use it – I had a floor hockey tournament to coach and needed to be in the shower before the gym opened.  Plus, it was too dark + icy for me to run outside.  The built-in incline definitely challenged me, making it difficult to run faster than a 9-minute mile, but I think a slower easy run was just what my body needed.

My Sunday long run was one of my best runs ever!  One of my goals with long runs this training cycle is to run the last third of the run at or faster than my half marathon pace (8:00/mile) and run the first mile the slowest since I tend to start out too fast.

It was cold and windy and definitely not an easy run.  My lungs were burning toward the end and my legs were screaming for me to stop, but I didn’t have to stop once and achieved both of my goals.

Mile 1 = 8:56
Mile 2 = 8:15
Mile 3 = 7:58
Mile 4 = 7:57
Mile 5 = 8:00
Mile 6 = 7:30
Mile 7 = 7:22
Total time = 55:51 (average pace 8:00/mile)

photo (2)

I definitely think my training is right on track to run a 1:45 half marathon in April.  That’s a tentative goal – something to push me to get my speed back but not something that will kill me (my PR is 1:37 – I definitely can’t run that yet).

I took advantage of the beautiful weather we’re having today and my day off to take MacKenna out in the jogging stroller for an easy run.  Well, “easy” as in not speedwork.  Pushing a stroller is far from easy.  My triceps kill when I’m finish and I definitely feel it in my abs the next day.  Talk about a full body workout!  MacKenna took advantage of being in the stroller by taking a nap.


With the highs in the upper 60s today (!), I’m hoping we get another chance to take a walk with the stroller this afternoon.

How has your training/working out been going so far this year?  Anyone have a race coming up soon?

  • Amanda

    MacKenna sleeps with a smile on her face! What a little dollie!!

    • Kristen

      We think she dreams of boobies! 😉

  • Hope your day off was great. I work from home with both my little ones (2.5 and almost 9mths), and sometimes I need to remember how lucky I am to be able to be at home, even when they drive me crazy!

    I have a 5k this weekend (hoping to PR and break 22min) and a half next weekend. I’ve just started halfs the last few months. I’ve always been a 5/10k runner but running has been redefined for me post baby 2. I love it now!

    November 5 was my first half…I loved it and ran much faster than I thought I could (1:49). That was exactly 6mths (to the day!) post baby #2. Feb 12 I’m running RNR St Pete and hoping for a 1:45. It seems like a lofty goal to hold right at 8min pace, but training has been going great. I usually run on the tradmill during the week (my husband travels) and a long run outside each weekend.

    Your runs definitely motivate me…you’re going to have your best year yet judging by how quickly you’ve bounced back!

    • Kristen

      I’m totally a 5/10K runner – I’m much faster at those distances but I like the challenge of running long distances. I definitely think you can run a 1:45! I think treadmill running is just as good as road running when that’s all you have!

      • I just noticed your 5k pr…that is amazing you are sub 20…wow!

        Have a great weekend!
        Brooke recently posted..Dance Party 2

  • Are you doing the GO! Half? I’m training for that also with Team Living Water. I’m a newbie runner who has been less than active during most of my life… Running a 1:45 would be awesome for me, i’m trying for under 2:30. Good luck and enjoy time with that precious baby of yours! They are so fun!

    • Kristen

      I have a friend who is also training for Team Living Water, I believe! Do you have to raise money for it? How are you getting donations if you are? I’m very far from my goal for GOTR.

  • Quick question – what app do you use to track your workouts? And do you have an armband for your iPhone? MacKenna is soo cute!

    • Kristen

      I use Run Keeper Pro – I got it when it was free for a short period of time. I know they do it occasionally, but I think it usually costs a few dollars. I love it though. I figure if I’m going to carry my phone on my run, I might as well just use an app as a GPS.

  • Jen

    Woah speedy! So glad you’re feeling like yourself again. Super inspiring! 🙂
    Jen recently posted..In good times and in bad