‘no fibber’ bib stickers review + giveaway

In 2012, I ran more races than I had in the past several years combined.  I was just shy of running one per month, with a total of 9 races under my belt in 2012, most of which I was able to place either overall or in my age group.  Before last year, I maybe ran 1 or 2 a year.  Mostly because I just didn’t feel like shelling out the money to run them.

I really fell in love with racing this past year!  It’s helped me work hard and given me a ton of confidence in my running ability.  However, it has also left me with a huge problem…

What the heck am I supposed to do with all these race bibs?!

I have saved every race bib from every single race I have ever run (well, at least I don’t think I’ve lost or thrown away any of them).  The medals were easy.  I finally was able to get a race medal holder for Christmas (thanks Brian + Sara!) and now have all my race bling on display for the world (or just Matt + myself) to see.  But, the bibs on the other hand, I have absolutely no idea how to make them into a keepsake.

Bib Sticker 1

The other issue I have with all these race bibs:  I don’t remember how I did on all these races shortly after I’ve finished them.  Thankfully, the “No Fibber” Bib Stickers have helped me take care of that problem!

Such a simple idea.  A sticker that you stick on the back of your race bib that contains all the information you could ever imagine about your race:  date, time, distance, place, weather, etc.  I was sent one just after my last race back in December and loved being able to recall all the information from the race for future reference.

Bib Sticker 2

Now, I just need to find someway that’s just as simple to keepsake my race bibs!

Want to try some “No Fibber” Bib Stickers for yourself?  How about FIVE (5) of them?!  All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me (a) whether or not you save your race bibs and (b) how you keepsake them (I need some ideas!). 

For an extra entry, you can tweet about the giveaway and leave a separate comment telling me you did…

 I want to win some Bib Stickers from @concrete_runner! http://theconcreterunner.com/no-fibber-bib-stickers-review-giveaway

The giveaway will run until Thursday night at 8 PM central time.  Good luck and Happy Running!

(Disclaimer:  I received a “No Fibber” Bib Sticker in exchange for a blog post.  I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.)

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  • Erin O

    My bibs live on a small shelf in the closet. These stickers would definitely help me remember the races!

  • I keep all my bibs in plastic sheet protectors organized by year in a binder. I always write my time, date, and who I ran with on the back. I think it’s fun. Running a race is always an accomplishment.

  • I keep all of my bibs and medals and I am thinking about making this to display them: http://pinterest.com/pin/229613280971224207/. I plan to add hooks at the bottom to hang my medals. I love this bib sticker idea. I always wish I would have written my finish times on the back of my bibs so I can see how I’ve improved!

  • Enjoyed reading the review! Thanks so much! …aaaaaaaaannd CONGRATULATIONS on that sub 21 December 5k!!!
    Check Our Site in April as we have a fantastic product that should be ready to be introduced then that will help you organize all of those (now well-documented with your Bib Stickers) race bibs! 🙂
    Until then…happy pacing!

  • In the past I have not saved my bibs, but I love the idea of using these bib stickers and would love to try them out. I keep my race times on my website, but I need to look up most of my 2012 races, since I didn’t do a good job of documenting them this year. I’ve seen the idea of putting them in sleeve protectors and maybe I will display them on my new medal hanger rack that my running partner made me for Christmas. This is an awesome “bibfolio”! http://www.goneforarun.com/Courage_to_Start_Tattoo_BibFOLIO_p/tr-11308.htm

  • I do not keep bibs. I am not sentimental. I have seen people who string them up and make them into banners that you can hang on a wall. Or stitch them together (if they are the waxy kind) and make a little quilt like hanging.
    Sarah recently posted..We’re not big on hospitality

  • I keep all my race bibs in a portfolio right now.
    Lisa G recently posted..10.32K Run

  • I have a race box where I put stuff–I usually write on the back of each bib the date, distance, name of race if needed and my time…I’d love these!
    hannahviolin recently posted..Miscellaneous Mondays Again

  • Christie

    Hey Kristen!! I got this cool thing for Christmas last year and I keep all my bibs in it. Check it out: http://www.goneforarun.com/Gone_For_A_Run_BibFOLIO_p/tr-01006.htm. Mine is the plain one and has my name on it, but they have tons of designs!

  • Dani

    I keep my bibs in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. Opposite each bib is a page with info about the race and any photos I might have. These stickers would be great for the binder.

  • Dani
  • Meaghan Kuczarski

    I keep ALL my racebibs. I like to take them out ocassionally and look through them. I dont know why, but it makes me happy to see how many races I have trained for and completed. I would love the stickers because I always write on the back of mine, but its hard to write on the bib material!
    Right now all my bibs are in a file cabinet because I have not found the perfect way to display them!

  • Kristen

    Yes i save race bibs!

  • Marla

    I save all my race bibs and hang them on a cute board I made to display my bibs and medals. I love it!

  • Karrie Middaugh

    I tweeted!

  • Nadia

    I don’t keep my bibs usually, because they are pretty generic white with black numbers around here, and not much else is on there to distinguish them. I did, however, keep my race bib from the 10th anniversary of 9/11 Tunnel to Towers run here, since my number coincidentally was 911.

  • Hajni

    I save all my bibs and always keep my current favourite on the wall in a picture frame

  • Kathleen

    I started saving my race bibs after I watched “Spirit of the Marathon” and saw how the one couple had saved all of their bibs, medals and memorabilia over the years. I’m relatively new to racing, but I hope to have a room full of wonderful memories like their’s some day. I just write in my time and whether or not it was pr on the back, so these no fibber stickers would be a big improvement to my little system!

  • I’ve saved all of my race bibs and they’re sitting in a stack by my living room tv (so I can see them). I don’t like that they’re unorganized!
    Caroline recently posted..Maple Glazed Parsnip, Carrot, and Sweet Potato