national ice cream weekend

This weekend was all about ice cream.  And good thing it was because Sunday was National Ice Cream Day!  Matt + I celebrated last year by having some of the worst frozen custard I’ve ever had – it was a total disappointment.  So, this year I made it for it by having ice cream/frozen custard every day this weekend!

Friday evening, I received a phone call from one of my BFF’s Kristin saying she was heading out to my neck of the woods to see our friend Nichole and that we should all meet up at Fritz’s.  How could I possibly say no to that?  (Of course, Matt + I were already planning on going, so he was a little disappointed when I told him that I was going to ditch him to hang out with my friends.)

I was really excited because the flavor of the day was Key Lime, which I have grown to love thanks to Andy’s.  I really wanted to compare the 2 different concretes, even though they are completely different concepts.  Andy’s is a piece of Key Lime pie blended in with their vanilla custard, while Fritz’s is a flavor of their frozen custard – no real pie is involved in the process.  But, I had to try it.


I decided to get pretzel pieces blended in with the Key Lime frozen custard, and I definitely think it was the right choice!  The saltiness of the pretzels really balanced out the sweet + tart flavor of the Key Lime custard.  However, it left me sooooo thirsty!  Fritz’s seems to do that to me frequently, leaving me completely parched after I finish a dessert, but this was more than usual.  Sometimes their custard is just TOO rich!


Definitely not as good as Andy’s, but it was still pretty good.  I’m not sure I would get that again, but I know Matt probably will.

Saturday, I had a Living Social deal that expires next week that we needed to use.  With an almost completely open schedule for the day, Saturday was the perfect day to head all the way out to Clayton to visit Jennifer’s Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe.


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we went.  I knew that not only did they sell food, but they were also a full service pharmacy and store.  The diner part was tucked in the middle of the store with about 10 stools for patrons and a table in the middle for the overflow of people waiting for food and a spot to sit at the counter.


The menu was small, but had plenty to choose from.  We had $15 to spend, so we decided to get lunch + a dessert so we could use up all our coupon.  I decided to go with the grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread and Matt went for a Chicago-style hot dog (he has a slight obsession with hot dogs).



Matt said his hot dog was just alright (it’s hard to find a good Chicago dog after you’ve eaten one in Chicago), but my grilled cheese was PERfect!  The wheat bread was delicious and the combination of American + Swiss cheeses blended flawlessly.  It was a perfect lunch portion too – not too big, but definitely filling enough.

I had my eye on a shake when I first looked at their menu online.  They offer a Pie Shake made with half a slice of their Pie of the Day.  Luckily for me, peach pie was one of the pies of the day!  I’m not a huge pie person, but if you offer my peach or apple pie, I will take it!


The shake was massive but absolutely delicious!  The chewiness of the crust was a great texture contrast to the soft vanilla ice cream.  After one bite, I knew that I was going to finish the whole thing, whether or not Matt helped me or not.  My goal now this week is to make my own version of the amazing shake, so look forward to that!

And since Sunday was officially National Ice Cream Day, I just had to get ice cream!  Since I had Fritz’s on Friday, I decided to go for classic ice cream and hit up the Dairy Queen drive-thru.  I was really craving a classic cookie dough blizzard, but I also thought their Triple Chocoholic (wow, that’s actually a word, according to spell check) blizzard also sounded yummy.  When I saw they had a Double Fudge Cookie Dough blizzard, I was sold!


Mmmm… bliss in a cup!  It definitely made up for our melty (not a word, apparently) flop from last year!