my year in frozen custard

The last Wednesday of the year and I wanted to do something special for What I Ate Wednesday.  Instead of doing what I ate yesterday or what I ate on Christmas, I decided to make a collage of all the frozen custard I have eaten over the past year.


Some of these have gone un-posted, but all of them been documented with my camera.  48 delicious treats in all, mostly frozen custard, some ice cream, a handful of frozen yogurt, and one trip for Sno cones.  All delicious!

frozen custard 2011 has been a fantastic year!  Here’s hoping 2012 is just as amazing!

  • OMG! I absolutely LOVE this! My husband and I have a tradition that on every trip we take, we have to find (at least) one local ice cream shop to try the ‘local flavor’! I have to remember this!

    Happy New Year!