my salty pimp experience

If you know anything about Matt + me as a couple, you know that we watch A LOT of Food Network.  I mean, A LOT.  There is probably at least one show recording on our DVR every night of the week from the Food Network.  One of our absolute favorite shows is The Best Thing I Ever Ate, where celebrity chefs, food writers, etc. dish on where to get some of the best food they’ve ever eaten.  Each week has a different theme, whether it is fried food, sandwiches, or sweets.  This past week just so happened to be the best street food they’ve ever eaten.

I’m sad to say that I still haven’t had the privilege of eating from a food truck.  And unfortunately, there is another Food Truck Friday this evening that I’m not going to make it to, and after our disastrous experience back in June (in which I almost cried over not getting a falafel), I’m not too distraught over missing it.  I would LOVE to be there, of course, but this pregnant lady doesn’t need anymore tears over food.

Instead, I decided to take one of the best street foods from the show and make it my own creation at home!  One of the food trucks featured was the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (Ha ha – I LOVE it!) and their Salty Pimp Ice Cream cone.  (I promise, this is as vulgar as I’ll ever get on my blog.)  The Salty Pimp contains a cake cone with Dulce de Leche drizzled inside and then is filled up with vanilla soft serve.  The vanilla ice cream gets drizzled with more Dulce de Leche, sprinkled with sea salt, and then dipped in their spicy chocolate hard shell.  O. M. G…

As Matt and I were watching this the other night (with drool running down the sides of our mouths), I knew it was something I HAD to recreate at home as I knew I wouldn’t be going to New York City anytime in the near future.  And so I did…


I used Alton Brown’s recipe for homemade Dulce de Leche.  Very easy to make, although time consuming, and extremely tasty!  Plus, we have A TON left!  I will most definitely be dipping apples in this.  The hardshell chocolate recipe was just as easy – I mean, basically melting butter and chocolate together like you would to chocolate cover anything.

I put some of the Dulce de Leche in a bowl first, then took a few scoops of a quart of Fritz’s vanilla that I bought and scooped it on top of the Dulce.  I took a little more caramel and drizzled it on top, sprinkled on some salt, and then added some hardshell.  (It doesn’t look like it’s hardened, but I promise, it is!)


O. M. G.  To say this was amazing would actually be an understatement.  This was beyond incredible!  The salt makes the vanilla custard taste better, and the Dulce de Leche and chocolate were to die for.


Matt + I “mmm”-ed our way through our mini bowls and then went back to the kitchen and got a little bit more.  But, this time, we added pretzels and made our own Elvis Pretzley’s (like Silky’s).  Seriously… best thing I have ever made in my kitchen.  And we had pizza tonight… Matt honestly said he was full but would keep eating because it was THAT good.


Yup, best thing I’ve ever ate…