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I’ve really enjoyed writing monthly(ish) “things I’m loving” posts, so much so that I decided to do a little round up of my favorite things this year.  Most of these things I have been going back to over and over again, which makes them a favorite.  Others, I just really enjoy and knew they needed to be included.

Please note:  some of the links included in this post are affiliate links, which means if you sign up or buy through the link or person, I will receive compensation.  However, as always, all opinions are my own.


Rodan + Fields Unblemish:  I have several Facebook + blog friends that sell R+F products, but I never really jumped at the chance to try it.  Well, once my hormones got back into check, my icky skin decided to rear its ugly head(s).  I was breaking out like crazy again and my normal skin care routine just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Then, Madeline posted her awesome results from using Unblemish, and I was sold.  I immediately ordered it and gradually started incorporating it (per R+F’s instructions).  Almost 4 months later, and my skin has honestly NEVER looked better!  I though my skin looked great when I was pregnant, but this cleared up all my little red blemishes and some of the scars I had.  But, I’ll let the results do the talking…



Seriously.  If you have been thinking about it, stop thinking and do it.  It’s worth it!  I have my eye on some of the other products as well.  If you’re interested in trying out the products or more information, definitely contact Madeline (

The Small Things Blog:  I absolutely LOVE this blog.  So much so that I have spent Saturday nights sitting on the couch watching her hair tutorials.  Kate has taught me how to curl my hair and has definitely made me more adventurous in trying different products and styles in my hair.  She also has awesome makeup tutorials as well.  I would love to pull off her Bombshell makeover…


Tipsy Elves:  Perfect for the holiday season!  I have really been in the Christmas spirit this year – mostly because we really didn’t get a Christmas last year (even though we got a pretty awesome present).  So, I’ve been going all out this year.  While I haven’t had a chance to wear this out yet, my Tipsy Elves sweater is my go to in the coming weeks for parties and get togethers, including Miles’ birthday party this weekend.  I got the Moose one specifically for that reason (and will be posting pics of me actually WEARING the sweater this weekend – follow #tipsyelves to see more cute ugly sweater pics)!


Stitch Fix:  I have another fix coming this week and I cannot WAIT!  I have been so happy with my fixes the past few times that I am considering changing to monthly orders.  I feel like I have cute clothes for any occasion now, and they are nailing my style.  Even when I have sent things back, it’s usually because I don’t like how it fits or I’m not willing to spend $100 on a pair of jeans, but there is almost always something I love in my box!


The Curious Traveler Brews:  Traveler’s beers have been my go to for several months now.  Every new shandy they come out with has not been disappointing.  I recently had the Winter Shandy and was pleasantly surprised since I am mostly a stout drinker in the winter.  But, my favorite still goes to the grapefruit shady.  It is my new go-to summer beer!


Netflix:  We signed up for Netflix again about this time last year, and it has probably been the best thing we have done since cutting cable.  Favorite kid show still goes to Daniel Tiger, but we also enjoy watching Shrek the Musical and McKenna (the American Girl doll movie) from time to time too.  For adults, I highly recommend The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and lately, Matt + I have been watching 30 Rock and are addicted.  It has been a nightly thing for us that we are very much enjoying.  I think I am Liz Lemon…


CEP Compression Socks:  I received a pair of these socks for being a part of the Rock ‘n’ Blog team this year and wear them on 90% of my runs.  They have helped me with my plantar fasciitis and are super comfortable.  While I like the red, I definitely think I need some more colors so I can match a little more…


SPI Belt:  This has made carrying my phone with my so much easier!  After 5 years of holding my phone in my hand on every single run, the SPI belt has made my runs so much more enjoyable.  While I don’t use RunKeeper anymore (thanks to my awesome Garmin Vivoactive), I still always carry my phone with me for safety reasons.  The SPI belt doesn’t bounce or move – I normally forget I’m even wearing it!

BAMR Bands:  This should come as no surprise.  I LOVE these headbands!  They don’t slip, and they are super duper cute!  I got a new shipment of bands (as part of my ambassadorship) a few weeks ago and have not picked a favorite yet.  I lean more toward the 5/8th bands – I like the thinner ones better, but I love all the patterns so much, it’s just too hard to pick one!


So, I’m not going to make you!  As a thank you to YOU for reading my blog for another year, one of you will win 2 (TWO!) BAMR Bands of YOUR CHOICE!  Unfortunately, I won’t be picking a winner until Saturday, so you probably won’t get your bands before Christmas, but it’ll be a great way to start the new year.  Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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