I am SO excited to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE runners ever!  I’ve been following Kristin for awhile on Instagram, but we finally were able to meet in person at the We Run Social meet-up before Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis this past year.  We quickly connected on Facebook + in the Badass Running Buddies Community, and when she asked me to take her place on her KT82 Team, we started messaging more + more.  Not long after, she joined the Elite Running Academy and I saw her running + her confidence skyrocket!

I’ve been SO blessed to have the opportunity to get to coach her for the Chicago Marathon this coming fall!  We’ve been working HARD on getting her time down and she recently just took 4 MINUTES off of her 5K time!  #ProudCoach

Kristin shares her favorite races, why she decided to join the Elite Running Academy + begin working with a running coach, and offers some GREAT advice for runners who are just getting started or lacking in motivation!

Name:  Kristin Werner 

Age: 33

Hometown: St. Louis  

Instagram:  stlrunnergirl
Twitter:  stlrunnergirl
Facebook:  kristinmwerner

Number of years running: 8

Favorite Distance to Run: 13.1

Favorite or Most Memorable Race: 2016 Disney World Marathon  

Biggest/Best Running Accomplishment:  2016 Dopey Challenge (5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2 in 4 days!)

Why did you join the Elite Running Academy?

I lost the motivation to run after I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2016.  My training was interrupted with an injury and I fell apart during the marathon. I didn’t feel like running a lot after the marathon and actually told myself that I was taking off the rest of the year and would start again in 2017.  Well, 2017 rolled around and I still found it hard to get motivated.  I found the Elite Running Academy through the Badass Running Buddies Facebook group and decided to try it on a whim, know that I had signed myself up for another marathon (what was I thinking?!)…after three short weeks of awesome workouts and motivation from Kristen and the group, my motivation to run was back and I decided to work with Kristen one on one to help with my training for the Chicago Marathon.

What have you gained from working with a running coach?

I have gained the dedication to stick to my training plan for once in my life.  Knowing that someone is there for accountability has helped with my training tremendously.  I’ve never in my life successfully made it through a training plan the way that I have made it through this one so far.  Before working with Kristen, I would just run whatever my schedule said at whatever pace felt comfortable.  I never had incorporated speed workouts or knew what paces I should be running, but now I know so much more about all of that and more.

Advice to someone who is just starting to run:

Have fun and don’t give up!  Start out slow or use the run/walk method to build up your endurance – yes, there are times where I still have to take a break to walk a little bit, but my endurance this training cycle has gotten a lot better! Just keep running! 🙂

Are you finding it hard to get motivated to run after your spring marathon?  Having trouble sticking to your training plan?  Need some accountability to get through the long summer training season for your fall half or full marathon?

The Elite Running Academy is EXACTLY what YOU need to gain motivation + accountability, and start running FASTER than ever!  Don’t believe me?!  Kristin is living proof that this program WORKS and will get you feeling CONFIDENT in your running again!