It’s my favorite time of the month again!  Time to celebrate and get to know one of my favorite Badass Running Buddies!  This month I have the privilege of introducing you to a local running buddy of mine.  Amazingly, even though Christie and I have recently discovered we went to the same high school – we still have never met (soon though!), and we have really gotten to know each other these last few months through the Badass Running Buddies Community!  I have absolutely LOVED her motivation on her runs, and the fact that she is also motivating young runners as a cross country coach for one of the high schools out here!  Christie is also now going through this month’s Elite Running Academy and I can’t wait to help her work toward her goals, getting her ready for her fall races!

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Name:  Christie Blecher

Age: 26

Hometown:  St. Charles, MO

Occupation: Teacher/Photographer

Twitter: @ChristieBlecher
Facebook:  Christie Blecher

Number of years running:  13 years

Favorite Distance to Run:  Steeple Chase!

Favorite or Most Memorable Race: This is very hard! GAC’s for Cross Country my Junior year. The whole year I battled for the number 7 spot on the team so I could run varsity. This other girl and myself would switch off back and forth gaining and losing this spot. At GAC’s I was in the top JV spot so my dad told me I had to win the race. The race was at McNair, my home course, and they decided that year to have both JV girls and boys race together. At the start line I already had my eye on the prize and took off. I remember thinking that no girl could pass me. I passed boy after boy and then the unthinkable happened, a person with a long ponytail passed me. I continued the race pushing forward, feeling slightly defeated until I saw each split; I was running fast on that course than I had ever run before. Finally the finish line was ahead so I have it all I got. I finished feeling slightly disappointed, but then my dad told me the news; that the person who passed me wasn’t a girl. I had won not only the race but my spot back on varsity!

Best Running Accomplishment:  Winning Lindenwood’s Homecoming race 5k my senior year of college!

Advice to someone who is just starting to run: To get better you just have to do the work and keep pushing forward towards your goals!