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There’s a little “project” going around the blogosphere called My 7 Links (you can read more about the rules here).  I honestly didn’t think I would get nominated at all, so I was surprised and honored when Kelly at Beneath It Allnominated me to share my links!  Kelly writes one of my favorite blogs – she’s cute, a marathoner (she also ran Chicago last year), planning a wedding, and is currently training for a Half Ironman.  She’s a stud to say the least!  Go check out her blog!

But, before you do that, here are my 7 links:

Most beautiful post: In My Brother’s Shoes

My brother and I might not always get along, but I am still his biggest fan.  It was one of the coolest experiences of my life to get to wear his shoes for about 3 minutes.  My brother is extremely talented in music and I just wish I was as talented (and smart) as he is!

Most popular post: The Best Homemade Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard


I was actually really surprised to see this as one of my most viewed posts.  But, it is also one of my favorite posts and it is definitely a recipe worthy of being recognized!

Most controversial post: The Ear Piercing Debate

I’ve had a lot of different opinions on this topic and it’s nice to hear other people’s opinions on ear piercing their daughters when they are young.  I know my husband was thrilled about this post, but I know there are many people who side with him on this.  I know how I feel on it still, but that view might change.

Most helpful post: Running Through Pregnancy

There are not many people who can say they were able to run as long during their pregnancy as I have/did (ugh, more on that later this week).  Although it is definitely humbling, hard, and uncomfortable, it is definitely possible and, luckily for me, encouraged by my doctor.  I hope this can continue to help women realize that it is safe to run through pregnancy, just make sure you know your limits.

A post whose success surprised you: My Pregnancy Secret

Ultrasound Pictures001

Not because it had a ton of pageviews (it didn’t), but because I know announcing my pregnancy on the blog attracted a lot of new readers to my blog!  I’ve absolutely LOVE sharing my pregnancy journey on the blog (those posts are my most viewed) and I hope many of you will stick around after my baby comes!  I promise, she’ll be the cutest thing ever! ;o)

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Schlafly VIP Tour


My husband, Matt, actually was my first guest poster on my blog and I think he wrote a great review of Schlafly.  I think Matt would be a much more interesting and better blogger than I am, so I just feel he should get the credit I think he definitely deserves.

Most proud of: Embracing the Changes



As my pregnancy has progressed, I’ve definitely changed my view of healthy eating along with the way I view my changing body.  Pregnancy has humbled me and made me see myself as the beautiful person I truly am – even if I can’t run fast anymore or am not as thin as I used to be.  The changes my body is going through is definitely worth the outcome in October!

The 5 people I nominate are(and of course, I think you should go check out their blogs because I think they are awesome):

Kristy at Breath of Sunshine

Sam at My Feet in Motion

Abby at Abby Normally

Jess at Jess Runs

Sarah at Sarah Learns

  • I am one of those new readers that you gained since becoming pregnant. I love your blog and am so happy that my sister, Meghann, showed it to me. Can’t wait to read the posts that you linked to that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. 🙂

    • Kristen

      Thanks Kelly! I still can’t believe you and your sister know my blog – you are 2 of my favorite bloggers!

  • Jen

    Love this! I’m one of your new readers that came about from pregnancy. Though I’ll continue to stick around once your little girl is here, because we have a lot in common 😉

    I just went back and read your piercing post. Even though our baby isn’t a girl anymore, I side with you!

  • Katie

    Thanks for posting these! I have missed a few along the way when I was on vacation and whatnot, so it was nice to go back.

    Your blog is awesome! Keep up the good work/

  • FUN! I just went back and read all your posts! I can’t wait to watch you bounce back into running after your little lady arrives! (I’ve got a full marathon “penciled” on my calander for 6 1/2 months after my due date – Utah Valley Marathon.) Hoping I bounce back quickly too! If not, fall marathons are calling name.

    • Kristen

      I already have a half picked out for April, so I’m hoping I’ll be back by then! I’m soooooo ready to figure out a body-after-baby plan!

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