munchkin meals: role reversal

I never really thought I would have to ever worry about how Miles eats.  Since the very beginning, Miles has been the champion eater in our family, both with solids and with breastfeeding.  MacKenna was just so tiny (5 lbs 6 oz) when she was born that she had a lot of trouble latching with her tiny little mouth.  Then, when it came to solids, it was a struggle to get her to put anything in her mouth.  I swear she barely ate a bite of solid foods until she was 8 months old.

The Concrete Runner - Munchkin Meals (2)

Miles, however, breastfed like a champ and we even were able to go 14 months before weaning.  Even with solids, he put every single thing into his mouth and never batted an eye.  He absolutely loves food and I swear if I didn’t cut him off sometimes, he would eat until he puked.  And thankfully, he has absolutely loved everything we have given him, with very few exceptions.

However, lately, the roles have reversed a little bit.  The child who once was my awesome eater has now become pickier than ever, and my little picky eater has been trying new things and finishing her entire meal without us having to force her to eat.  While I’m incredibly thankful MacKenna has been eating so well lately (OMG, everyone go knock on wood – FAST!), it is so much harder to have a one year old who is picking and choosing what he wants to eat instead of gobbling up every crumb like he used to.


You would think I’d be used to dealing with a picky baby since I have dealt with MacKenna being picky for 4 years now, but I honestly just don’t remember her being picky like this.  Kenna just never wanted to eat.  But Miles, he wants to eat, just not everything I want him to eat.

Take last night, for example.  His dinner was some turkey, cheese, and a banana.  That banana was gone in less than a minute.  However, he refused to touch his turkey or cheese and begged for a cracker.  While I’m thankful he chose the banana over the other stuff, that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes he refuses to eat anything on his plate, while other times he only eats one or two things off his plate.  Some days he likes blueberries, other days he won’t touch them.  Like I said, you would think this would be easy for me, but to go from awesome to terrible is so incredibly frustrating.


Next step for my picky little guy:  starting to just feed him what we’re eating.  I do feel like that is part of the problem.  Kenna wants nothing to do with what Matt + I eat, so we usually just make them both basically the same meal.  Yet, I think Miles would do much better seeing that he was eating whatever we are eating next to him.  Hopefully that will break some of the pickiness.

Thankfully, we are only having to deal with one picky eater at a time.  MacKenna has been KILLING her meals lately!  She’s eating much more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis (although, we “bribe” her by calling them “roller coaster food” since they will help her grow so she can ride the rides a Silver Dollar City) and we haven’t fought with her about eating her meals in a few weeks.  It is definitely a refreshing change and has made meal times much more pleasant, even with the picky one year old.

Maybe eventually we will have two kids who love to eat everything we love to eat.  I’m not holding my breath, though…

  • Amy

    Take heart, Kristen — I actually think this is really normal toddler behavior. 🙂 Hang in there.