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MacKenna started preschool a few weeks ago and I have been faced with a new dilemma:  packing lunches for her 3 days a week.  Let’s just say, I am thankful that it’s only 3 days a week because I think I would fall into such a rut trying to figure out what to put in her lunchbox.

MacKenna - First day of Preschool

What makes it even harder is that Kenna, well, she isn’t exactly the best eater in the world.  (Ha, like ya’ll didn’t already know that.)  She tends to eat the same things over and over, and it’s tough getting healthy foods in her skinny little body.  So, I’ve made it my goal this school year to try to pack healthy lunches in hopes that maybe she’ll start eating a little bit better.

I’d say, so far, so good.  While she’s still not the greatest eater, not only is she eating better at home (and being more adventurous – thanks to her daddy), but for the most part, her lunch box is coming back empty.

My method of packing her lunch goes something like this:

  1. Something that I know she will eat always go in
  2. Some sort of fruit or vegetable that she likes
  3. Some sort of protein

So, this is what her lunches have looked like for the past week:


Salami, blueberries, and crackers


Yogurt (she immediately told me she didn’t like this), blueberries, and PB+J


Cheese, crackers, and applesauce


Crackers, string cheese, salami, and blueberries

So, you can sort of see the rut that I’m in.  I try to change it up as much as possible, but in order to get her to eat, I’ve got to stay with my tried-and-true favorites.  Like I said, she claims that she is eating all her lunch and it’s coming back empty, so I don’t want to change it too much.

The good news is she asked if she could have an Oreo in her lunch because one of her friends at school had Oreos one day.  I am doing my best to keep desserts out of her lunchbox because I know that is all she will eat if it’s in there.  So, at least I’m doing something right.