munchkin meals: easy to please

I really want to add a question mark to the end of that title because really, my child is far from easy to please.  But, what more would you expect from a picky eater, right?

MacKenna is actually eating really well lately.  Yes, she’s picky but I’m getting over that.  OK, maybe not getting over it, but I’m getting used to it and we are starting to figure out exactly what makes her happy in the food world.  Because I’m done fighting with her.  I’m done with the tears because it only makes me angry at her and I don’t like who I am when I get like that.  So, I’m going to do what I can to make her happy, and if that means eating the same thing over and over again, then that’s what she’s going to eat.




No more forcing her into the high chair first thing in the morning.  Instead, she spends the morning watching Ella the Elephant while eating Chocolate Toast Crunch.  Our mornings go much more smoothly now because I am not listening to her whine and scream and yell from her high chair.  Now, she sits pleasantly and watches TV and eats her cereal and there’s no tears.  No. Freaking. Tears.  Amazing.


Since MacKenna spends most days at the babysitter, I really have no idea what she eats again until I pick her up around 4:30, but I do know that there is another breakfast with Daddy after I leave for work, another breakfast when she gets to the babysitter, and a pretty hearty lunch, which she apparently gobbles up.  She really is a pretty good eater.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to see her during those times.

Instead, I have the child who eats 2 bites of dinner and that’s it.  I usually ask her what she wants – lately, it’s been a quesadilla, sometimes with cheese, sometimes with peanut butter and jelly.  I have been adding some sort of fruit or veggie to her dinner as well, hoping that she’ll eat it.  Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t.  I usually try to bribe her to eat more.  “One more bite of apple and then you can go take a bath.” Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t.  But, I just need to keep in mind that she is usually not very hungry for dinner because of the massive amount of food she eats during the day.


And we always end the night cuddling on the couch, eating M&M’s.  She is a sweetie and always shares a few with me too.  Or force feeds it to me when I tell her I don’t want it because I gave up chocolate for Lent.  Awww…


Less tears = happy mama.  If only I had figured that out sooner…

**The winner of the Adventure to Fitness giveaway is Sarah Carlin!  Thank you to those of you who entered!  And thank you for all your kind words on my stress.  Things have actually been much better the last few days and I can’t wait to share more details with you guys soon!**

  • Jenn

    It’s refreshing that I’m not the only one that deals with an extremely picky eater. My girl (24 months) just doesn’t want to eat most of the time. I’m trying to be more mellow about it, but it is so stressful at times. Dinner this week has been ritz crackers and an apple…every night. Which honestly is a million times better than the chocolate she usually requests.

    • Kristen

      MacKenna asks for “cake” a lot too – which is just vanilla yogurt with chocolate ovaltine mixed in and sprinkles on top. I am usually begging her to eat one more bite of her food. I’m getting better at actually holding off at giving it to her if she doesn’t eat enough.

  • Amy

    It sounds like she just isn’t hungry at dinner time — I deal with the same thing when I let my 2 year old snack too late in the afternoon. What time is her afternoon snack at the sitter’s?

    I wouldn’t worry if she doesn’t eat a big dinner if she’s eating all day long at daycare. To be honest, she sounds like a very normal toddler! I think it’s much more unusual for a toddler to eat anything and everything, so try not to think too much of it or take it personally if her diet is limited right now. She’s only 2. Far better than making every mealtime into a battle.

    • Kristen

      Snacking is part of the issue. I pick her up around 4:30 and she usually has just finished a snack and then will ask for another snack when we get home. She is totally a creature of habit, so if we did it once, she expects it every time. But yes, I agree – she’s definitely a toddler!

      • Amy

        Oh yeah, I think if she has a 4:30 snack and then a snack when she gets home it’s likely she’s simply not hungry. Try cutting out the post-daycare snack and see if it helps!

  • Sarah

    Mine doesn’t eat much at dinner either. I couldn’t get her to eat dinner for three days straight and then I realized she had like three more teeth coming in. I felt bad for getting stressed out at her after that.

    • Kristen

      Kenna’s fingers have been in her mouth a lot more lately, so I’m hoping it’s not more teeth!