munchkin meals: 18 months

MacKenna had her 18 month check-up on Monday.  She is now 17 lbs 11 oz, 28 1/2 inches tall, and is ahead developmentally despite her small size.  The doctor kept commenting on how funny Kenna is, which is so true!  Kenna just kept on asking, “All done?”  Her least favorite place to be in the world is the doctor’s office (especially the eye doctor) and she was done by the time we walked in.  But, she did great and is growing right along her curve.

Munchkin Meals-18 months-finger

The pediatrician always asks about her eating habits.  Of course, I had to tell her about how picky MacKenna is and how she would rather eat crackers than anything else.  The doctor’s response?  “Well, don’t give her crackers!”  Easier said then done!  Unfortunately, she can communicate everything she wants (and also is a girl who knows exactly what she wants), so all we hear is “cracker” and “cookie” (fig newtons or graham crackers) all the time.  However, in the year since we’ve started solids, she’s come a long way and I’m pretty pleased with how she’s been eating lately.

Munchkin Meals-18 months-crying

Someone didn’t get Dada’s snack and was really ticked off about it.

Munchkin Meals-18 months-big cup

MacKenna is at the point where she would much rather be eating what we’re eating.  We’ve been trying more and more to give her what we’re eating for dinner instead of making her her own thing.  For the most part, she does pretty well with what we’re eating.  Her favorite is still pizza, but she absolutely LOVES quinoa and I am usually able to sneak some broccoli or tomatoes in there for some added nutrition.  We were also really surprised when she loved our frittata we made that was stuffed full of veggies.  She won’t eat them on their own, but she’s more than happy to gobble them up in other foods!

Munchkin Meals-18 months-reach

Munchkin Meals-18 months-bite 2

We’ve made a few discoveries lately.  One is that Kenna absolutely LOVES bananas and raisins!  Um, happy mama right here!  She can have all the bananas and raisins she wants!  We also figured out that she is definitely NOT allergic to peanuts, thank goodness!  We buy a trail mix that has a ton of nuts and peanuts in it.  While I was eating it one day, she kept asking begging for some, so I picked out some of the raisins (no nuts of course since she’s still too young) and gave them to her with no reaction (also how I realized she loved raisins).  She also had a peanut butter dessert this past weekend and LOVED it.  Bring on the PB&J’s!

Munchkin Meals-18 months-yogurt

My absolute favorite thing she’s been doing lately is eating snacks with me.  As soon as we get home, she runs over to the fridge, asks for milk and a snack, and we cuddle up on the couch and eat our snacks together.  It is one of my favorite parts of my day!  It’s probably not the best habit to get in to and my couch has definitely seen better days now (thanks to her milk exploding all over the microfiber cushions), but I’m not going to deny her or myself of that time together.

Munchkin Meals-18 months-bite 3

While MacKenna is still picky, she really has been doing great lately and has been open to trying new foods.  I’m so thankful that she will at least choose some healthy items over non-healthy ones.  I just wish she knew how to say “broccoli” instead of “cookie”, “cracker”, and “pizza”.

Munchkin Meals-18 months-cracker

Does your child ask for healthy foods or do they only want those “sometimes” foods?

  • Garrett is VERY picky. Thankfully, he’s FINALLY growing out of it some. He’ll eat cucumbers, romaine with vinegrette dressing, and occasionally I can get him to eat broccoli. The way I got him to try it was we were having apple for “dessert” after lunch one day and he couldn’t have anymore apple until he ate a (teeny, tiny) piece of broccoli. Now that’s he’s tried it, he’ll usually eat a couple pieces. They have to be by themselves though, not mixed into stuff. This summer I want to try more fresh veggies with hummus or ranch, to see if they’ll try/like anything new. Avery is pretty adventurous when it comes to eating. She’ll protest for a little bit but if you leave something new on her tray, she usually ends up trying it. VERY thankful! 😉 Dips seem to help a lot with my kids, they both love cucumber and hummus for lunch. Sometimes cutting it up different, changes their attitude about it also. Garrett would rather not have skin on his apple or cucumber. Sometimes big pieces are more exciting for them to try than smaller ones. Hang in there!
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  • Haha, I love that pic of her upset over the snack– we’ve definitely been there! Great job expanding her foods beyond crackers. I’ve noticed phases of more or less pickiness, and just because my daughter refuses a food one day, doesn’t mean she won’t eat it the next. Usually the healthy food requests are fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal. She loves eggs, too… and pancakes… she could live on breakfast foods. 🙂
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  • Alma knows how to get into the snack cupboard, and she’ll often grab the freeze dried fruit & veggie bags over the box of graham crackers. She is a light eater, so even though she can be “picky”, it’s not because she is holding out for crackers or other carbs. She just only seems to want a few bites of any one food (except yogurt – she can pound that!).

    When I was a toddler teacher, there was a little guy in my class that would only eat carbs and a little bit of cheese and fruit. He almost literally ate no other food groups the entire year. I do think that limiting him to serving size at each sitting would have been wise.

    I think you’re doing great – offering veggies mixed into as much as you can. Keep at it with offering veggies on their own, too. Alma refused broccoli for a couple months, but I kept offering it a couple times a week. Then she just started eating it one day!
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