munchkin meals: 16 months

I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I have a picky eater on my hands.  This month has been full of ups and downs with MacKenna’s eating, but lately, more down than up.  (Last night was especially a fun night… *sarcasm*)

Munchkin Meals 16 months-food-001

At 16 months now, I’m still struggling to get MacKenna to eat anything besides crackers.  Her favorites are those cheddar Flip Sides and she’s now starting to point at the pantry and say “cracker” – although it sounds more like “cwa cah”.  If we can’t get her to eat anything at dinner, that’s what we give her.  I’ve had to stop packing them in her lunch because I know that’s all she’ll eat if she has that option.

Munchkin Meals 16 months-crying

How most of our meals have been ending lately.

But, besides crackers, MacKenna has a list of about 5 foods she’ll willingly eat right now:  waffles, bananas, yogurt, pizza, and cheese.  Although any of these she will decide that she doesn’t want to eat at that moment.  Right now, we’re struggling to get her to eat more than just a few bites of her dinner.  After that, it’s crackers, and also lately fig newton’s because we have them in the house.  I hate giving her basically a dessert for her dinner, but she’s so little as it is (17 pounds – not even in the 1st percentile) that I just want to make sure she is getting something.

Munchkin Meals 16 months-bite

Just about the only bite of food she had last night.

After all your wonderful comments last month, I finally gave MacKenna some almond butter.  I still haven’t given her peanut butter, but I am thinking I will over my spring break, when I have plenty of days and time to watch her like a hawk!  She eats almond butter on her waffles most mornings and I’ve been fixing her some almond butter and banana sandwiches lately, which she will eat most of the time.

Munchkin Meals 16 months-eating

I am also happy to announce that I think we are finally officially weaned from the bottle.  We started giving her half milk/half water bottles at night, then cut it down to 25% milk/75% water, and she still was wanting and asking for it every night.  So, I knew it was no longer about the milk – it was about the bottle.

Tuesday night, I sat down with Kenna and told her how she was a big girl now and that she no longer needed the bottle for bed.  She could drink milk out of the sippy cup, but no more bottle.  I have no idea if she even understood what I was saying, but we sat on the couch together and cuddled while she drank a few sips out of her sippy cup.  We then went and sat in the rocking chair with her gloworm, said our prayers, and I put her to bed.  I totally expected to have to go back into her room after 10 minutes because she would be screaming, but she didn’t even cry for a minute.  She fussed right when I walked out, but then she must have laid down and went right to sleep!  And I actually enjoyed rocking with her more than giving her the bottle since I was enjoying being with her instead of reading or looking at my phone while she drank her bottle.  I think that’s a fair trade off!

Munchkin Meals 16 months-milk

Now, I’m writing this after just being puked on, smelling like spoiled milk.  Hopefully it was just a fluke (we were giving her Tylenol for a fever she was running and we think she might have choked on it) and I won’t have to continue to clean up throw up today.  I think that was my initiation into being a “real” parent…

Munchkin Meals 16 months-smiling

Is your child a picky eater?  Do you ever “give in” just to make sure your child eats something?

  • Brooklyns favorite right now is egg with broccoli sauteed ( we just do one egg yolk and steamed broccoli) She gobbles it up! She loves her crackers too 🙂 We do the whole wheat ritz
    Nelly recently posted..Diet on the GO….winner announced!

    • Kristen

      I wish we had more time to fix her eggs in the morning, but both of us are usually rushed to get out the door! Might have to try it for dinner!

  • Awww, look at that face. 🙂 It stinks she’s so picky, but to be honest, I kinda’ wish I could eat only pizza, waffles, and bananas too. At least she has good taste. haha
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted..Working It Off + Putting It On

    • Kristen

      Haha! I think that all the time! Her waffles smell amazing every morning and it’s hard for me not to steal them from her!

  • Jen

    Ok W and M are exactly alike. They’re going to get married one day and have super-tiny, picky eater babies.

    And omg the milk puke is horrible! I’ve been vomited on a TON of times but it’s usually breastmilk and not that bad. But he puked the other day after drinking just an ounce of cow’s milk and it was the grossest thing ever!
    Jen recently posted..A picky eater’s munchkin meals at 15 months

    • Kristen

      Ha, and BALD babies!

  • Jessie

    I’m sorry you have to deal with a picky eater, I know it’s hard. There is a book called “How To Get Your Kid To Eat…But Not Too Much” by Ellyn Satter and it is the picky eater BIBLE. Honestly, hand down, the best book on eating practices I’ve ever read. It covers a child’s life from infancy to adolescence and wow, I learned SO MUCH. Highly recommend!

    Pickiness aside, she is PERFECT. So darn cute.

    • Kristen

      OMG, I am sooooo going to be downloading that book! (That sounds so weird, but I LOVE my Kindle!)

  • Yea mine is picky. Its greek yogurt, a plum organic pouch, and cheerios for bfast, gross microwaveable cheeseburger and plum pouch for lunch, and Shells and cheese for dinner. And of course pizza about once a week. So much processed food
    Sarah recently posted..I’m not jealous! I’M WEIRD!

    • Kristen

      The processed food kills me. Wish she would just watch what we eat and eat that, but she doesn’t do so well with that!

  • I was SUCH a picky eater when I was growing up (my poor mother). She accommodated me within reason. If she made stirfry she’d leave the rice and meat separate before she added all the veggies, spices, etc. BUT she never made something out of completely different ingredients.

    I feel bad now because I LOVE stirfry.
    Cori Py recently posted..If It’s Important, You’ll Find A Way

    • Kristen

      Haha, too funny! I remember going through a phase where I hated cheese. What was I thinking?!

  • Erika

    Our son (18 months) is a picky eater at home. He’ll eat anything and everything at daycare but at home for supper I can’t get him to eat much… expect for yogurt, crackers and cheese. Some nights that is all he gets but I offer him other things first. He is slowly getting better and of course every night is different. For the longest time I felt like I was doing something wrong but I’ve given up on that feeling to know that it’s just him (even if it is frustrating sometimes).

    • Kristen

      It’s so frustrating! I do offer her other things first and try to hold out on giving her crackers for as long as I can!

  • Angela

    My babies are 15 and 11. My daughter was and is a terrific eater. She choses to eat healthy now-healthier than I now. She loved sweet potato and black bean quesadilla as a toddler but she would eat pretty much anything we offered. And I love it. She is my sushi partner, my Thai buddy you name it she is up for it.

    My son, who I raised and ordered the exact same foods is a horrendously picky eater and always has been. He is slowly getting better but to this day it is a struggle to get him to try new things.

    • Kristen

      I’m praying that she’s not going to be picky forever. That will kill me!

  • I’ve always thought that I would be more stubborn than my child and not give in, but reality is much different! I think I would give in even more often if we weren’t meeting weight milestones! My biggest rule is that he throws food, I take it away. I think you have to figure out what works for you and go with it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kristen

      I take away food if she’s messing with it. She’s getting better at letting us know when she’s done by pushing her plate/cup onto the table. Too funny!

  • Lindsey Stu

    Have you a tried a bite-for-bite program with her to get her to like new foods? The concept is pretty simple, you pair foods she doesn’t like with foods she does. So if you want her to eat an apple, give her crackers when she successfully eats an apple. If she is adamant about not eating new things, start with just touching the item, bringing it to her lips and kiss it, licking it, taking a tiny bite, etc. I’ve seen it work for lots of kids! Anytime she makes a move towards a new food, reward her with things she already likes so she’ll learn to like new things. Good luck! 😉

    • Kristen

      What a great idea! I don’t know how well she’ll buy into it, but it’s worth trying! Thanks!