munchkin meals: 14 months

Man, has it been awhile since I’ve done one of these!  So much has changed since I last updated you guys on this back in, what, June?!  Crazy!

munchkin meals

Our little munchkin’s meals started out pretty rough.  MacKenna really had no interest in solid foods whatsoever until around 8 months.  That’s TWO WHOLE MONTHS of struggling to get her to eat something 3 times a day.  It was not fun.  But, thankfully, we have moved past all of that and have a pretty decent eater on our hands.  Compared to other kids her age (14 months), it looks like she hardly eats a thing.  But, you have to keep in mind, we have a runt.  MacKenna only weighs 17 pounds, so what little she does eat seems to be enough for her little body.  She’s growing and healthy (for the most part), just petite.


We have almost completely weaned MacKenna off the bottle in the past 2 weeks.  We had no issues transitioning her to whole moo milk, but taking the bottle away proved difficult.  While most people told us it is harder on us than on her, I disagree.  I’ve been ready to get rid of the dang bottle for awhile, but she begs for it.  “Ba ba, ba ba” – gets me every time.  So, I finally said enough and just stopped giving it to her.  She still gets an 8-ounce bottle of milk before bed (which we hope to transition her to a sippy cup soon), but that’s the only bottle she gets now.

As for her meals, Kenna eats 3 meals a day and 2 snacks (in place of her bottles she would get during the day).


Breakfast usually consists of 1/2 a pumpkin waffle and 1/2 a banana with some milk in the sippy cup, and maybe some yogurt if she’s still hungry.

Lunches and dinners have been a bit more difficult.  MacKenna is pretty picky.  She would eat cheese (“sheeeeeeese”) and crackers for every meal of every day if I let her.  It is a struggle to get her to eat fruits and vegetables.  She does fine if we give her what we eat for dinner, but lunch is a different story.  I’ve taken Ashley’s advice and am trying out the Dr. Sears Nibble Tray.  So far, it’s helping me introduce more variety in her diet, which seems to have helped a little.  I notice her reaching for more fruits (after her cheese is gone), but she still is pretty picky about what she does eat.


However, she absolutely LOVES pizza night!  Luckily, we make veggie pizza once a week and she can’t get enough of it.  (We’re starting to sacrifice our portions to feed her.  It’s almost time to start making bigger pizzas!)  So, I’ve figured out that in order to get her to regularly eat vegetables, I need to start sneaking them in. Pizza is one way we do it, but I also am starting to make these banana muffins for her to eat as well.  They taste just like banana bread, but have squash and carrots hidden in them.  She can’t get enough of them!

photo (19)

So, even after starting off slow with solids, we’re still trying to find a happy balance of eating.  I so wish this were easier.  I wish she was content with whatever I put on her plate.  I plan on continuing to introduce new (and old) foods and hopefully, one day, she’ll choose fruits and veggies over crackers and cheese.

Is your child a picky eater?  How do you get your toddler to eat fruits and vegetables?

  • M is so petite next to giant Emmie! SO CUTE haha. I feel really lucky in that Em does not have a picky palate. Girl eats everything. Pizza is a particular fav though 😉
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted..Munchkin Meals: 15 Months

    • Kristen

      The pic you had of her licking her plate was hilarious! Can’t wait til M does that!

  • We are lucky and do not have a picky eater; however, I have found giving her veggies before anything else really helps. Also, she loves green smoothies. I put in 1/2 banana, coconut milk, spinach, and some frozen mango.
    Laura recently posted..Cooking With Kids: Apple Hand Pies

    • Kristen

      I drink a green smoothie every day – I need to start sharing it with her!

  • We hit a picky stage around 2, and have struggled more since then as she loves asserting her independence in this way. As long as I don’t make a big deal out of eating veggies, she’ll usually go for them. The nibble tray is a great trick, and I definitely “sneak” extra veggies wherever I can as well: smoothies, muffins, pancakes, pasta sauce, etc. Looks like she’s doing great!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..New Year’s WIAW + Avocado Tuna Salad

    • Kristen

      Love the idea of sneaking it in pasta sauce!

  • Chet is tiny too. He is right around 16 pounds.

    1 – Love that Tray. Does it attach to her high chair? Or can she toss it? Right now Chet’s eating routine is a bite for him, 3 for the dog, a bite for him, a bite for mom. I just put everything on his tray because plates would end up on the floor.

    2 – Chet is a cheese and cracker baby too. and yogurt. and bananas. (and weirdly brocolli). I’m going to have to steal your banana muffin recipe.

    3 – Milk! While I still plan to nurse right now, we are getting ready to introduce milk. Are you giving her cow milk in her bottle before bed. I’m done pumping TOMORROW! and worry about my lack of frozen breast milk (5 bags). If Christian needs to put Chet to bed, I need an option.
    Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine recently posted..Resolve to Shine

    • Kristen

      The tray doesn’t attach unfortunately. We give her a few pieces as a time, or will hold it for her so she can choose what she wants. She does get cow’s milk in the bottle before bed. She LOVES her baba!

  • Jessie

    What a cutie! As long as she’s growing & thriving it sounds like she’s just a nibbler. I was that way as a kiddo, my parents always said I ate like a bird. 🙂 Lyric is 15.5 months and pretty much changes her eating style daily. Some mornings she’ll eat an entire adult portion of food while as I type this she’s just picking at a couple pomegranate arils and maybe a Cheerio or two. One thing I have changed is how often she eats. I was doing 3 meals & 2 snacks but she was starting to get really picky. Now, I realize that she wasn’t hungry yet. So we’re doing 4 meals instead – she eats at 8am, 11:30am, 2:30pm and 6pm. I offer milk with all meals but nothing but water in between so that she’s definitely hungry when she eats again.

    • Kristen

      That’s a good idea. We usually only feed her if she’s starting to get fussy. She takes after her mama and gets hAngry!

  • Erika

    We have a very picky eater (16 months)! I almost dread supper time because I know he isn’t going to eat anything I put infront of him. It’s probably my own fault and I usually give in and make him a pb sandwich but I can’t let me not eat! The most frustrating thing is that he eats great for daycare and when I make the same things at home he won’t eat them. I feel like I am doing something wrong but I’ve tried everything. I will admit that I get kinda annoyed reading about other people’s “great eaters” and make it sound so easy.

    • Kristen

      Kenna ways better at the sitter too. So frustrating!

  • R aud

    Her eye is looking so much better!!! It might be the dough that she enjoys in the pizza. My 11 months old can’t get enough of any pastry ( made with dough) she loves spinach pies ( we mix spinach with onions a bit of sumac and lemon) and meat pies. We even tried thyme and minced chicken. I use the same dough as the pizza.

    • Kristen

      She LOVES bread so I know that is definitely one reason why she loved it!

  • Hi! We have a 13 month old – and we’re down to one 80z before bed bottle too. Our doctor suggested we start thinking about cutting that out soon’ish. Can you let us know how your transition to a sippy cup before bed works out, when you plan to start this, etc. Thanks!

    • Kristen

      I will! I am hoping to have her completely weaned by 18 months, so we have awhile…

  • My 16 month old won’t eat any fruits or veggies so I give her the Plum squeezey packs and she loves them. She also pretty much only eats pizza, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets WITH bbq sauce. Also loves greek yogurt.
    It took her a couple of weeks to adjust to not having a bottle. Now she seems to hate milk so I have to mix in some chocolate or strawberry milk to get her to drink any .
    Interesting to see how other kids are eating!
    Sarah recently posted..Quartz, Parchment, Shears

    • Kristen

      We used to but organic ketchup with puréed chicken just to get her to eat it! We use plum purées every once in awhile.

  • I’m so glad she has been eating better for you. It is still a struggle as they continue to grow older and their tastes change. Another one of the fun adventures in parenting!
    Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer recently posted..GEARing Up for 2013 – Sweaty Bands

    • Kristen

      Haha! You are so right!

  • Yay! Go, Kenna, go! Joey was a very picky toddler… in fact, he didn’t get very much variety until he was five years old! Now he will try just about anything I put in front of him, and he loves a pretty good (and healthy) variety, including his fruits and veggies! 🙂 It’s natural, dating back to prehistoric times when it was a survival thing! Babies got picky with what they would put in their mouths around one year old (the time when they became mobile!) to keep them from eating things that were dangerous/poisonous! I like finding the science behind these kinds of things. Makes me feel a little better about it knowing that there was once a purpose to it. Sneaking it in and setting a good example (which I know you do!) are the key when they’re too young to understand what their body needs. Good thinking!!
    Laura @ Close Families recently posted..Munchkin Meals: 7 months old

    • Kristen

      Well that makes me feel better!

  • My daughter goes through stages of pickiness. Right now, at 17 months, she’s always starving and will eat almost anything! Love the idea of a nibble tray.
    Jill recently posted..Passport Artwork

    • Kristen

      Glad it’s comes and goes in stages. The past few days, she’ll only eat crackers and juice or milk. I had the stomach flu, so I’m hoping this is just her way of fighting it off…

  • Jan

    I used to use ice cube trays for my kids as nibble trays, funny. I would often put yogurt in one as a “dip”. My kids loved dipping foods. Have your read the book Super Baby Food? It’s mostly about making your own baby food (which I did) but there are great toddler recipes in the back.
    Jan recently posted..Game #1: Farkle

    • Kristen

      I haven’t read that book. I have a Cooking Light baby food book. I probably need to look into that one again. Her nibble tray comes with an attachment for dips. I don’t think she’s figured that out yet. I’ll have try it though!