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I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Taryn this month!  Taryn is another awesome Mother Runner, who loves running the half marathon and just broke 2 hours in the half marathon this past year!  I absolutely love her tips for how to fit in training as a busy mom, and she has an incredible memorable race – not every mom can say their husband supports them enough to help them finish a marathon!


Name:  TarynMother Runner - Taryn

Age: 36

Hometown:  Flemington, NJ


Number of years running: 16 years

Names + Ages of Kids:  Graham, 4 1/2; Reagan, 2 1/2

Favorite Distance to Run: Half Marathon

Favorite or Most Memorable Race:  Running my first (and only) full marathon with my husband on our one-year anniversary. We ran the first half in 2:10. Right around the halfway point I pulled something in my foot, and wound up having to basically walk/hobble through the second half (completing that in 3:50 – finishing just under 6 hours!) There were so many times I wanted to quit, I was just in so much pain. But my husband was there by my side, encouraging me, never allowing me to quit. I like to think this set the tone for a very supportive marriage!

Best Running Accomplishment:  After trying for at least 4 years, I finally broke the 2 hour mark in the half marathon distance at the Philadelphia Half Marathon last November. I put my heart and sole into training for that race, and crossing the finish line at 1:59:45 was such an emotional experience!

Best Parenting Accomplishment:  This is a tough one, but I would say hearing my kids say “I love you, Mommy!” makes me feel pretty darn awesome (especially when you worry you are doing everything wrong)!

Advice for how you fit running into your busy schedule:  I would say to just make it a priority and try to fit it in when you can. I would also say having a very supportive husband helps a lot! He knows I need that time to be a good mom. I have also done countless runs with the kids in the double stroller, or early morning before the sun comes up. If it’s important to you, you will find a way to make it happen!

Best parenting advice you’ve gotten:  If you worry that you’re not being a good mom, that means you are. If you care enough to question every decision, that means you’re doing the best you can. We’re all just trying to do what we think is best for our kids!


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