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I have been loving all the entries so far sharing your #motherrunner stories and accomplishments!  I can’t say enough about how amazing the running community is and how supportive we are of each other!  I would still LOVE to hear all about you as a Mother Runner!  Make sure you go fill out the form at the top (or the link here will take you directly to the page) and I will share in the coming months!

The Concrete Runner - I am a Mother Runner

Name:  Sarah

Age:  33

Hometown:  Iowa

Years you’ve been running:  19

Names + Ages of kiddos:  “Red”- 4 “E”- 18 months

Favorite Distance to Run:  5-7 miles

Favorite or Most Memorable Race/Run:

I ran Boston in 2014 when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it but I am happy I did. The crowds were crazy, it was a 26 mile party.

Mother Runner - Sarah

Best Running Accomplishment:

I don’t run many races anymore, but I do run Bix 7 every year and earned my 15 yr anniversary pin.

Best Parenting Accomplishment:

We recently completed the 1000 books before Kindergarten challenge with my 4 yr old. The youngest one is at 400. They both love books and we love to listen to audiobooks in the car and we are even reading chapter books and graphic novels now.

Advice for other running moms on how to fit running into a busy schedule:

I work full time so to spend as much time with them as possible, I run when the kids are sleeping. Usually early morning before they get up at 7, but if I need to sleep in, I run after bedtime. My long runs during marathon training are done at night, so I start around 9 and end around midnight.

Best parenting advice you’ve ever received:

Create a routine and stick to it. This is helpful in the morning when getting ready for school/daycare and at night before bed. Bath, TV show, Books, and Bed.


Let me tell you, after reading about Sarah’s accomplishments, she is one BADASS Mother Runner!  I cannot imagine having the energy to do my long runs after bed time!  It’s hard enough to get me off the couch once the kiddos go to bed!  Thanks for sharing Sarah!