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One of my besties posted a picture of a cat struggling to keep her eyes open, saying that this is how she feels when she wakes up in the morning.  She then asked me how she can go from “half dead” when she wakes up to “get up and run”?

Believe me, I struggle with motivation as well.  Just the other morning, I literally got out of bed, checked the weather, and decided that it was too cold and my run could wait until tomorrow.  My bed was just too dang warm and cozy for me to be motivated to go out in the cold and actually run.  And, let’s face it, I was exhausted and really wanted the extra 45 minutes of sleep… But, I also know that I wasn’t just going to skip my run again the next day.  I knew it was going to be warmer and I knew I could switch my workouts around in my schedule and still get the same workout in that I had planned.  To me, it was not big deal and I knew I would NOT miss that run, even though it is my least favorite workout (5 x 1000m repeats).

So, how did I get like this?  How do you get into that mindset to start acting a certain way, to be motivated to run everyday and stay consistent with your training when your bed just seems like a much better option?

This past weekend, we decided to go to a different church than normal to watch one of our best friends play guitar in the praise band.  While I’ve been a member of my church for as long as I can remember and actually went to school there from Kindergarten through 8th grade, I do like to hear the messages at other churches.  You never know how a different pastor will resonate with you.

Well, the pastor at our friends’ church had the EXACT message I needed to hear.  Really, his message was about how we tend to hide behind our true selves on social media.  While I try to be as transparent as possible, I can see his point in saying that.

However, my biggest takeaway from his sermon was if you want to be like someone else, you need to act like you are that person.  What would that person do if they were faced with that situation?  How would they react?  How would the feel?  What would they do in the face of adversity?

So, I’ve decided to shift my thought process.  When I’m faced with a decision, I try to ask myself, “What would so + so do in this situation?”  For me, my biggest confidence struggle lately has been in my business.  I am still learning and growing my business, but I have big dreams that I am determined to accomplish.  So, every day when I wake up in the morning, I ask myself, “What would Jasmin do in this situation?”  I look up to her so much and she has been an amazing mentor and source of inspiration to me since I started working with her last June.  It has completely changed the way I have run my business this past week and it has helped me feel SO much more confident in the process.

If you are struggling with motivation or are ready to start training like someone you admire on Facebook or Instagram, start asking yourself, “What would so + so do?”  Would they get up the first time their alarm goes off in the morning, or would they hit snooze 10 times and miss their workout?  Would they put off their run to another day and then still not get it in when it is rescheduled?  Would they eat a certain way, do a certain workout to help them, wear something different?

For example, I’ve always struggled with confidence in my racing.  I always start near the front and completely feel like a poser because I just don’t LOOK fast.  So, I bought myself a pair of spandex shorts and have started racing in them.  As soon as I put them on, I felt like I FINALLY looked like a competitive runner.  Like I could actually WIN races – and big ones at that.  Just that one little shift in my mindset, to start thinking like I can train + race like an Elite runner, has improved my performance because I’ve stopped DOUBTING myself.


I want you to start thinking and training like an Elite Runner – like you CAN and WILL get FASTER, because it is absolutely possible.  When you can shift your mindset, you actually start BELIEVING that you ARE a certain way.

And if you are ready to take your training to the next level, if you’re ready to get stronger + FASTER, if you are ready to change your mindset and start believing in yourself, make the decision to join my Elite Running Academy!  You will not only get the motivation + structure you need to achieve BIG things, you will start to BELIEVE in yourself and that you can achieve those goals!  I know most of my runners who have gone through this program have seen HUGE increases in not only their speed, but their confidence as well!

Registration runs through March 12th, with prep-week beginning on March 6th (you’ll receive your program guide, baseline workout, and any help you might need leading up to the first day of the program)!  I would LOVE to help you BELIEVE that you are capable of ANYTHING!

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