miles’ munchkin meals: 7 months

Wow.  It’s amazing how much more fun feeding a baby is when they actually enjoy EATING!  Miles is doing absolutely awesome with solid foods, and, dare I say, I am actually enjoying it a little bit.  Sure, I am still an anxious mess any time he eats, but I am surprised with everything he is able to get down.

This is what his typical day looks like:

Breakfast:  Yogurt and banana


Lunch:  Applesauce, cheese, and sweet potato


Dinner:  Avocado, cheese, and Little Yums


I have been doing a combination of baby-led weaning and spoon feeding.  Mostly because spoon feeding him yogurt is less messy than mixing it with oatmeal and letting him eat it with his hands…


But, also because he choked.  Like choked enough that I had to do back blows.  And it freaked me out (although I was surprisingly calm when I had to do it).  It was a spur of the moment, nothing else to eat, hand him a hot dog bun thing and it just got balled up too much and went down the wrong tube.  So, I had to take a step back for my sanity.

However, I am getting more adventurous with what I am giving him to eat and have been surprised with what he is able to eat and actually get down without even gagging (he very rarely gags).  He choked a little last night when we were out to dinner and I gave him some potato that was a bit too hard, but otherwise, everything seems to be gnawed and sucked until it gets down.


And boy, does this little guy like to eat!  There are very few things he doesn’t enjoy.  And he’s getting to the point where he refuses the mesh feeder because he loves picking things up with his hands so much.  He gets frustrated when he can’t shovel it into his mouth fast enough, or when we run out of food for him.

The next step for me is actually starting to feed him the same things we are eating.  I don’t think he’s quite ready for that yet, but we are getting close.  Most of the food we eat is just too hard for him and without any teeth, he has to be able to suck it down, literally.  But, I’m incredibly happy with how easy – and how much fun! – it is to feed him!  It should come as no surprise that he is eating more than big sister…

  • jessie

    My twin girls just turned 7 months on the first. I really appreciate you sharing the foods your little guy is able to eat. I’ll have to try cheese. Never thought of that one. I’d love to know what other combinations you put together.

  • he’s so stinkin cute! i am definitely going to do baby led weaning with my next little one!