miles: 15 months

I wasn’t really planning on doing a kiddo update until Miles turned 18 months, but it was such a big month this past month that I simply just did not want to forget how much he has grown and developed.  It’s crazy to think that in the past 3 months he went from being a sweet little baby to starting to become more and more of a toddler.  In some ways, that makes me so happy because he is at such a fun age.  But, I also can’t stand it because it is just going by way too quickly and soon I will no longer have a baby ever again.  Waaaahhhhh…

Miles - 15 months


I won’t go in to this too much since I just talked about his eating habits a couple of weeks ago, but the boy certainly likes his food!  He’s still not a huge fan of veggies anymore, but I’m hoping he just takes after his mama and prefers veggies in the spring and summer and not so much in the winter.  He’s handling all foods really well now and manages to get even the largest of bites (the one that cause me a slight freak out) chewed up and swallowed without a problem.  His favorites lately are Corn Chex, apples (biting off of ours), and grapes.  I guess I should be thankful that he still eats relatively healthy, because I’m sure that will be short lived as we progress closer to 2 years old.

We stopped nursing right before he turned 14 months after I spent a weekend at the USATF certification course.  While I’m sad to be done, it is also such a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I am so happy we were able to make it almost 14 months.  We went flat out cold turkey too – no bottles or anything.  All he gets is milk or water in a sippy cup throughout the day and once dinner is over, he’s done eating for the day (give or take some sips of water or milk before bed).  But, it is nice to not have to worry about feeding him or pumping every day.



He is definitely my good little sleeper still.  He goes to sleep without a fuss usually.  Unless we are in Branson and hoping for some child-free quiet time, then he refuses to sleep and keeps his sissy awake.  He sleeps with at least one blankie every night, sucking his thumb with a tag in his hand to fall asleep.  I think it is totally adorable!  He’s still at 2 naps a day and will easily sleep 12 hours if we let him.  He almost always wins the sleeping award in our house as we rarely hear a peep out of him after he goes to bed.  Best. Baby. Ever.


Miles’ personality is really starting to show and I absolutely love it.  He is such a silly little guy but is so sweet as well.  He is very independent and will play by himself for hours if we let him.  He is also our little explorer, trying to get into everything.  Miles is determined to get what he wants when he wants it and will let you know if he’s unhappy with you for stopping him by throwing his body backwards in your arms or throwing himself on the ground.  He is becoming quite the little talker too and loves to mimic everything we do or say.  So stinking sweet!


Big Sister

I think MacKenna is enjoying Miles more now than ever before.  She doesn’t quite understand that he’s still a baby and if he takes something or accidentally hurts her, that he doesn’t know any better.  But, she is starting to play with him more and more.  They seem to really love each other right now and I absolutely love that!


Other Stuff

Weight:  He had his 15 month checkup yesterday and weighed in at 18 lbs 14 oz, up 2 pounds from his 1 year checkup.  He’s in the 5th percentile but following his own curve perfectly.


Diapers:  We are still doing cloth 95% of the time, but he tends to be a big pee-er, so wets through his cloth diapers at least once a day, typically the first diaper of the morning.  I think we are in an in between phase for size and switching buttons with him, but I’m hoping to get it figured out soon.  Otherwise, he’s in size 3.

Clothes:  I’d say he’s right around a 9 month size but is still wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes.  We are going to be switching out to 12 month in the next week or two!

Teeth:  8 right now but he has several coming in right now, including his molars!

Likes:  Cars + trucks, any animal, books, babbling, Elmo, Bubble Guppies, picking out books and bringing them to Mama + Dada to read

Dislikes:  Diaper changes are the worst thing in the world for him.  He also hates when you take something away from him.

Firsts:  WALKING!  First ride at Silver Dollar City (he did not love it…)


Words:  Dada, Sissy, Hi, Bubble Guppies, Elmo, Abby, Moo, Baa, Ruff (most of the animal sounds from “Moo Baa La La La”), Lucy, That, All Done

I just cannot believe how much he has changed in these last 3 months!  I also don’t think I could possible love him anymore…

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