mackenna’s birthday interview

Last week, I was thinking how few sick + personal days I’ve used so far this year.  I only had to make it 3 more weeks and then I’d have all of the winter + spring to worry about the rest of them.  Well, I spoke too soon and spent yesterday at home with a sick little girl.

She woke up Monday morning complaining about her throat hurting.  I took her temperature, but it was only at 99, so I didn’t think too much about it.  Then, at 10:45, we got a phone call saying that she had a fever over 101.5 and needed to be picked up at school.  If you’ve ever spent time around MacKenna, you know that you can barely get a word in.  She LOVES to talk (I promise, she does NOT get that from me…).  You know she’s pretty miserable when she only says about 5 words all night.  Poor thing.

I stayed home with her yesterday, cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix all day.  I actually ended up getting quite a bit done, like finishing up almost all of my Christmas shopping!  I think all I have left are teacher gifts for Kenna’s preschool teachers and a gift exchange gift for our family gift exchange.  Our theme this year is Food + Drink, so I doubt I’ll have any issues finding something.


Anyway, it’s back to work tomorrow.  But, thankfully, there’s only 8 more days of school left until Christmas break.  I’m ready for 2 weeks off of school…


I meant to do this on MacKenna’s actual birthday – you know, back in OCTOBER.  But, well, quite honestly, I just totally forgot.  Then, last week, Matt brought up something I we decided to interview her during dinner.


I am quite impressed with her responses.  You can see a little of everything in her.  She has such a sweet and caring heart.  I can’t wait to see how her answers change throughout the years!

  • carla birnberg

    Time flies so quickly and I remember thinking at four when she was little all the fun would be over (?).
    It definitely is not <3

  • Christine

    I enjoy your blog, you and your family are so cute. I am also a St. Louis runner, mom, teacher but older than you, at a different stage of parenting and running. Merry Christmas to you!