mackenna: 4 years

How is it possible that we will have a 4 year old this weekend?!  While I certainly feel that there is no possible way 4 years have gone by since the time I gave birth to my sweet little girl, I also feel like she has been a part of our lives for so much longer than that.  I seriously cannot imagine life without our darling MacKenna and we feel so blessed to get to call her ours.


You have had quite an exciting year, Kenna girl.  Not long after your 3rd birthday, you became a big sister!  While there was certainly an adjustment period for all of us and you truly wanted nothing to do with your brother the first few weeks of his life, you finally realized that he was going to be staying around for awhile and grew to love him.  I have certainly enjoyed watching you become a big sister.  You are so sweet and caring to your little brother, and he absolutely adores you.  I can tell you have been watching and listening to how I act with your brother because I see you do and say the same things with your baby dolls.  You always want to make sure he is OK, especially when he is crying, and will do anything to make him laugh.  You give him kisses in the morning before going to preschool and you are always concerned when he isn’t spending time with the rest of us.  I adore how caring you are and I hope you are always sweet and caring with Miles.



You also started 3-year old preschool this year.  We struggle to get anything out of you about your day, but I love the random things that just come out.  Anytime we ask you what you did, you say you don’t know.  We’ve learned to get more specific with you by asking about who had jobs, who you played with, and what the weather was like.  We love listening to you sing the weather song and act out the motions.  Your teacher has told us how well you are doing and we have seen how much you have learned this year already.  I can’t wait to see where school takes you!

As much as it pains me to say it, you are such a Daddy’s Girl.  You have your daddy tied around your little finger.  He will absolutely do anything for you.  It probably helps that you are definitely his little Mini Me.  You have your Daddy’s personality – you are smart, outgoing, and extremely creative.  You make up words to random songs and love to pretend.  Daddy has also made you fall in love with Branson and Silver Dollar City, which I guess I can’t mind too much.  You also love to explore and go shopping like your daddy too.  But, you do love your mama just as much.  You always want to spend time with me, and have me hold you and take you everywhere with me.  I’m much less fun than your daddy, but you don’t seem to mind.  I love being able to hold you to say prayers every night and that you ask me to take you to do things and read you stories.  We have a fun relationship and I still love spending time with you.



Currently, you enjoy Barbies, My Little Pony, and Princesses.  You love to dress up and do hair and makeup.  So much so that you love watching makeup and hair videos on You Tube.  You are such a little girlie girl.  You say you want to be a teacher when you grow up, but I think it’s the only job you really know about since that’s what Mama and Daddy do.  However, with as caring as you are, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what you end up doing (although, I’m hopeful that you become a doctor or a nurse).  You also love your friends.  You are constantly wanting to spend time with the neighbor girls and are always trying to hug and hold hands with your buddies.  Such a sweet little girl.



I’m so proud of the little girl you have become.  And I can’t wait to watch you as your turn 4.  I love you baby girl!