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**Disclosure:  I was contacted by Running on the Wall to review one of their products in exchange for a blog post.  All opinions are my own.**

After August feeling like the LONGEST month ever, September has FLOWN by!  Which is good, because I’m beyond ready for the best month of the year (October)!  And the fact that cross country ends in 2 weeks – not that I haven’t enjoyed coaching.  I’ve just missed these 2 little faces…

// littles //


Oh, this little boy!  He has certainly stolen my heart!  Miles is becoming more and more active and vocal every single day.  With how talkative the rest of our family of 4 is, I will never get a word in!  I am definitely the quietest in the group, but Miles is also much more independent than his sister, which is more my personality.  He is OBSESSED with trains and cars and will spend hours at the train table or on the floor playing by himself.  He’s pretty much still the happiest little guy ever, but he will let you know if he’s not happy with something.  He’s definitely gotten a lot pickier over the past few months, which has been tough for us, but thankfully, Big Sister has made up for his pickiness.  I am beginning to start thinking about his 2nd birthday and it breaks my heart to think I will no longer officially have a “baby” anymore.  I’ve gotten the baby itch a lot more recently, but we still think that Miles is the perfect way to finish our family.


And this little gal will be FIVE in a few short weeks!  It is so crazy that she is that old already!  She has become the sweetest little girl lately.  Of course, she still has her moments – especially when she’s with both mommy + daddy at home – but for the most part, she is always trying to please us and make us laugh.  Lately, she’s started telling us good night and sweet dreams, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but hearing her say it because she knows how important it is to her and us makes all the difference.  She loves school and we are enjoying watching her develop and learn new things!  We really do feel like we are 2 of the luckiest people on the planet to have 2 wonderful kiddos!

// loves //

the-concrete-runner-running-on-the-wall-medal-holderOne of my teaching partners moved to Texas this summer (I miss you Kay!), which meant that I got an entire locker room office to myself this year!  I have had a blast decorating and finally having a place to display all my racing bibs and medals.  I had a medal holder in the past, but some time during our move 2 years ago, I’ve misplaced the box with it (and all my old medals).

Thankfully, the kind folks at Running on the Wall wanted to send me one to display on my wall!  I was able to completely customize my wood medal display, from the size to the color to even what it said on it.  And what was more fitting than “Mother Runner” to put on my beautiful PURPLE medal holder!  I love having my students come in my office and ask me about my medals, and I have even gotten a lot of adults commenting on how cute it is!  Plus, it totally matches my teal and purple theme in my office (my 2 favorite colors)!

I totally expect to fill each and every one of those pegs and more in the next year or 2!  Those are only my medals from this year so far – I can’t wait to (1) find my old ones, and (2) earn a bunch more to display!  They have tons of different sizes, quotes, colors, and even bib displays that you can choose from!  And they were super nice to work with and willing to accommodate my custom requests – and had it shipped out in just a few days!  I DEFINITELY recommend them – and plan on putting in a couple orders in the future for some of my running buddies!

Other things I’m loving this month:


Last year, Matt decided to take a picture of all the pumpkin things I bought throughout the season without me knowing.  Well, he’s at it again this year.  And I can tell you, the obsession is getting out of control.  We currently have 4 different boxes of pumpkin cereal sitting in the pantry right now.  And more things pumpkin flavored.  Although, I’m a little disappointed that M&M’s decided not to do the pumpkin M&M’s this year (or at least I haven’t found them yet) because the Boo-terscotch ones just aren’t as good.

What pumpkin-flavored things are you enjoying?  And WHERE can I get some?!