life before kids

During my pregnancy, many experienced parents have told me that they don’t remember what life was like before they had kids.  Seeing as this will probably be our last weekend before we have a child to take over our time, I wanted to be able to look back and remember some of the things we did before we had kids.

Trips to Branson and Andy’s Frozen Custard (or any frozen custard for that matter)


Acting like goofballs in public places, which I really hope never changes.  I think it keeps us young.



Weekend trips to Chicago with friends will never be the same since we will both have kids by the next time we visit.  (So excited that one of my best friends is having a little girl too in January!)


Hiking four 14,000-foot mountains in one day.  The next time we do this, we will probably have a baby strapped to our backs.

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 Being able to go out spontaneously without having to find a babysitter at the last second.  (Thank goodness we have wonderful parents + siblings who would be happy to watch our little one… right?!)


And our darling furbaby, Lucy, who I am afraid will be back to “cat status” after being our “baby” for the past 4 years.  We are praying she handles the change well…



The past 4 years of married life and almost 10 years together have been amazing.  I have loved spending every second with my soul mate and there is no doubt in my mind that becoming parents will top everything we have done together the past 10 years.

  • Lee

    I don’t have kids nor am I pregnant, but I really worry about how my dog is going to take not being the center of attention when we do. It seems so silly, but I’m glad that other people worry about things like that too!
    Lee recently posted..A Difficult Workout and a Good Dinner

  • Jen

    This was so cute! And you look gorgeous in the Christmas photo! I am so paranoid about how my furball is going to deal w/ the baby. I hope my babies get along!
    Jen recently posted..How I’m still running in the third trimester