legally blonde at the muny

Last night, I got to tag along with my brother Brian + his wife Sara to see one of my favorite musicals ever, Legally Blonde!  I am lucky that Sara is also a huge fan of the movie-turned-musical and it didn’t take much to talk them in to going to see it with me.  (Matt’s not much of a musical fan, but luckily my family LOVES musicals and never mind if I come along as a third wheel.)


But, before heading out to the Muny, we made a little pit stop at Fritz’s for some delicious frozen custard before we sweated it out at the outdoor theater.

I have actually never been to the Florissant Fritz’s before, except for picking up some things at the store when I was working at the Fritz’s in St. Peters.  The Florissant store is much (much) smaller than the other stores, but as the flagship store, it’s charm certainly wins you over.  The menu seems much smaller as they don’t have as much room to display a giant menu, but I promise, they carry everything that the other stores do.


I decided to try something a little different while still playing it safe – vanilla custard blended with Oreos and peanut butter (which is apparently called a Parent Trap – I’ve learned something new!).  The Oreos were exceptionally crunchy and really gave a good texture contrast to the creamy custard.  And the peanut butter was the perfect combination to go with it.


Then we headed out to the Muny.  The Muny is an outdoor theater offering 7 shows in the summer, each running for about a week back-to-back.  One of my favorite aspects about the theater is that they utilize local actors and musicians who perform in almost every show during the season.  That takes some serious talent to learn several shows (music, choreography, blocking, etc.) and perform every night in the St. Louis heat + humidity with no breaks between shows.


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This year’s line up of shows is awesome, and I knew when I saw it that I had to go to at least one.  Since Legally Blonde is one of my favorite shows of all time, I just had to go.  But, I would gladly go back and see Kiss Me Kate (we sang Cole Porter in high school + I have loved his musicals ever since), The Little Mermaid (one of my favorite Disney movies), Singin’ in the Rain (a classic I’ve never seen), or Bye Bye Birdie (another classic I’ve seen and loved).

We went the night after the season opener, so they were still working out a few kinks with the sound and the lighting.  (We sat right below the light box and the guy running the light was apparently new and didn’t realize that we could hear every single thing he was saying, like who he was supposed to have lights on, when to turn the lights on, etc.  It was really distracting.)  However, the music and actors definitely made up for that.  This is the second time I have seen the same actress play Elle Woods and she is incredible! 

I think what I love most about this musical is that it makes you feel so good when it’s done.  You laugh throughout the show and you leave singing the songs in your head.  If you’re looking for something fun to do this week, go see Legally Blonde.  I promise, you won’t regret it!

  • Karen S.

    I love the Muny. I am going to see at least 2 shows this summer.

  • custard and musicals? basically 2 of my favorite things–you lived my perfect evening 🙂 I hope I get to see some shows at the Muny this summer!
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