just dropping in

Hey guys!  I had a few minutes in my day, so I thought I’d drop in to say hello.  I’m feeling a little uninspired lately, so instead of forcing myself to come up with something stupid to write about, I figured I’d spend my time doing other things at home, like relaxing and preparing for the end of the school year.  I do have a few things planned in the next few weeks that will hopefully help inspire and motivate you to get moving (more on that next week).

So, please pardon my absence the next few weeks.  I’m certainly hoping I’ll have a bit more time to blog once these 10 1/2 days are over.  (Have I mentioned that I can’t WAIT for summer?!)

Maybe you guys can help me with my writer’s block right now.  What are you interested in seeing/reading here @ The Concrete Runner?



Day in the life?

Running/races/fitness?  (I actually attended a fitness conference this weekend and got some AWESOME information, especially about barefoot running, if anyone’s interested.)

Seriously, I write for you guys and want to come up with things that interest and inspire you.  I can do day in the life posts, but seriously, I think they’re pretty darn boring!  Ha!

Thanks guys! <3  And because I can’t leave you without some cuteness…


  • alex

    More day in the lives and posts similar to WIAW. Food prep, grocery shopping, budgeting, etc. I always find it so helpful to see how other mamas do things!

    • Kristen

      I’m so glad to hear someone enjoys reading those things! I know how busy my schedule is and I know there are people out there with more things on their plate than I have!

      • Dani

        i would like to see more day-to-day stuff, like what you guys did over the weekend, etc etc. I also like the WIAW-type posts too.

        • Kristen

          Thanks! I so feel like my day-to-day stuff is boring, but I’m glad to hear that someone likes it! I will hopefully be doing more day in the life posts with summer coming up!