i’m a #motherrunner: smitha arons (aka running with sd mom!)

I’m so excited about this month’s Mother Runner!  Smitha is a fellow Rock ‘n’ Blogger and is quite accomplished for the short time she has been running!  I absolutely love her parenting advice and am so impressed for how she is able to fit in running into her very busy schedule!

The Concrete Runner - I am a Mother Runner

Name:  Smitha Arons

Age: 38

Hometown:  San Diego 

Social Media Links:

  • Blog: www.RunningwithSDMom.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/RunningwithSD

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/RunningwithSD

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sdmomof2

    Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/RunningwithSD

Number of years running:  3IMG_4561

Names + Ages of Kids:  Drew – almost 9; Serena – 6.5

Favorite Distance to Run: 10 miles. It is the perfect starting and ending point for Half Marathon training.

Favorite or Most Memorable Race:  I would have to say the LA Marathon. Even though it was my slowest marathon to date, it was so exciting to run thru Hollywood and Beverly Hills and end at the Santa Monica Pier.

Best Running Accomplishment:  That I have only been running since I was 35 but I have already done 14 Half Marathons and 3 Fulls.

Best Parenting Accomplishment:  Hearing people tell me what good kids I have. Must be doing something right!

Advice for how you fit running into your busy schedule:  I am a full time attorney and I fundraise heavily for the Epilepsy Foundation. So with limited time, I have to schedule runs like appointments and mostly fit them in during my lunch hour.

Best parenting advice you’ve gotten:  Pay attention. To their friends. Their words. Their expressions. Their hearts. Their moods. Just always pay attention.

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