hail, food, + frozen custard

Last night was a fun night.  I say that both sarcastically and literally.  My BFF (best fitness friend) Elena + I had plans to finish up our Living Social deal for our Pilates for Life classes before she leaves for Kenya next week.  (She is going as part of her nursing program and gets to be in a very hands-on setting.  Coolest.thing.EVER.)  However, God + Mother Nature had different plans.

100_4072  100_4074

We had a hail storm when I was in high school, but I’m pretty sure I was in my basement freaking about the sirens going off.  So, this was my first real hail storm and I just had to take some pictures.


A little smaller than golf ball sized, but could still do some serious damage.  In fact, some places in the metro area got softball sized hail.  Oh, thank you Lord for not letting us get that with both of our cars in the driveway.

Elena + I played it by ear on whether or not to go to Pilates, but when 6:30 rolled around and it was still hailing outside (or as Matt put it, “It’s like Fruity Pebbles falling from the sky), we decided to forgo our Pilates plans and wait until 7 and just meet up for dinner.

I had been looking forward to this dinner for weeks!  El Maguey, one of my absolute favorites!  It just doesn’t get better than chips + salsa, along with some nachos smothered in delicious refried beans + white cheese sauce.  The chips get just a little soggy, but that makes them even better.  And even though there is no picture, I assure you they were absolutely divine and I practically picked up my plate and started licking it.  The waitress even commented on my clean plate and how she doesn’t understand how “you little ones can eat like that”.  Apparently my baby bump wasn’t showing enough for her to understand why I practically licked my plate clean.

I was stuffed, but when Elena suggested Fritz’s for dessert, I just couldn’t pass it up.  Especially after seeing this on my way home from work yesterday.


Delicious white chocolate.  Now, the concrete I got at Andy’s was really good with the white chocolate, but I am telling you, this is probably my favorite flavor at Fritz’s now.  It almost tasted coconutty, but chocolatey at the same time.  I decided it would be perfect with Oreos and caramel.



And of course, I was right!  I know I said I would try not to repeat desserts at Fritz’s since I go so often, but I figured this was a little different since I got it with white chocolate custard instead of vanilla.  Next time, I will go for what Elena had – caramel + cookie dough pieces.  Yum.

I went home stuffed and promptly fell asleep on the couch, but Baby Bug and my tummy were definitely happy, despite missing our Pilates class.

I have posted a picture from our recent trip to Andy’s Frozen Custard in Branson on their Facebook page.  If I get the most “Likes” by the end of the week, I win free Andy’s (even though I will still go regardless if I win or not).  So, help me out and “Like” my picture of Andy’s on their Facebook page!

  • crazy weather! hopefully all that stuff stays away this weekend for brad’s graduation!

    and yum x2 for el maguey AND fritz’s! jealous.
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