gulf coast ice cream

You know I couldn’t go someplace “new” without finding some place to have frozen custard.  I had found 2 places online before we headed down to Gulf Shores, and I was more than excited to hit them up!

Unfortunately, Shake’s Frozen Custard was located in Foley, Alabama, which is a little farther than we wanted to go since our condo is 20+ minutes outside of Gulf Shores in the first place.  So, we decided to head towards the public beaches for Studebaker’s Frozen Custard after we went on our amazing dolphin cruise.

Total #fail.  What once was Studebaker’s Frozen Custard is now a live bait + tackle shop… NOT “good eats.”  Instead, we went to the nearest mom + pop ice cream shop, Scoops.  Not exactly what we were looking for since it was Edy’s in tubs or soft serve, but it hit the spot on a hot + humid beach day.



Although they didn’t have concretes, they did have flurries, which are basically the same thing as a concrete or blizzard.  I decided to go for the white chocolate + macadamia soft serve mixed with Cap’n Crunch cereal.


The white chocolate was overpowering, and not creamy whatsoever.  It totally overpowered the taste of the cereal, but the texture of the cereal mixed with ice cream was perfect.  It would be great to put into a concrete if you didn’t want the crunch to overwhelm the flavor of the other toppings or ice cream.

Matt went for the hard packed “good stuff” – a scoop of Dulce de Leche and a scoop of Caramel Praline.  Yum!


I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t end up going to Shake’s Frozen Custard while we were there since it’s a place I’ve never tried before, but we will definitely make up for our lack of frozen custard in the next few weeks.  It is nice to know that we have that option for next year!