#gostl half marathon training: week 7

Well, week 7 certainly didn’t go as I had planned.  Not that I didn’t get all my workouts in.  I surely did.  But, not without one major setback…

The Concrete Runner - Training Week 7

When I ran the Run for a Hug 5K last Saturday, I ended up forgoing my warm-up because it was so dang cold outside.  Big. Fat. Huge. Mistake.  I felt perfectly fine during the race, but the fact that the course was fairly hilly got the best of my hamstring.  It was tight the rest of the day on Saturday.  Then pretty sore on Sunday.  And on Monday.  I did a short 1-mile run on Monday on our new-to-us treadmill and don’t remember it feeling bad, but Tuesday, it was done.

Since then, my runs have started slow, almost limping – like a 400m runner who has a hamstring cramp on the back stretch – and then eventually it loosens up in order for me to finish my run.  But, it’s changing my gait, and while it feels OK after a run, it only takes a few hours (especially when I sit a lot) for it to be annoyingly sore/painful.

Like any other runner, I am incredibly stubborn and even though I knew I shouldn’t be running, I still did.  Because, well, I still could.  But, if I look back to just 5 months ago, I was able to get back to regular training after just 2 weeks off from running while dealing with plantar fasciitis.  I’m stubborn, but I know just how important rest is for my body.  (I also spent my weekend getting my Level I certification for track and field, so that helped me realize how much rest I needed too.)

So, I’m taking this week off.  I’ll be doing some cross training – hopefully on the elliptical if my hammy can handle it – but also doing some major hamstring rehab.  I’ve been dealing with hip issues on my left leg for almost a year now.  I spent some time in August trying to strengthen my lower body, only to end up with PF on my right foot (totally unrelated to training).  Looks like I need to be doing the same thing again, but focusing A LOT more on core work and stabilizing my leg/hip muscles.  After this week is over, I’ll reassess how my hamstring has been feeling, and then decide if I need another week of rest.

Luckily, I’m right in the middle of my training for the half, so it’s probably the best time for me to take a week or 2 off.  I have an 80 minute run under my belt, plus a few tune-up races, so I feel confident that I can easily pick up my training where I left off.  The goal is to get to the starting line HEALTHY.  If I don’t PR, oh well.  There will be other races.  I want to run for another 30+ years, so I need to make sure my body is in tip-top shape.  I’ll of course share what I ended up doing week by week…

So, here’s what last week ended up looking like:

Monday:  1 mile easy treadmill run (8:01)

SKILL:  Deadlifts 3 x 10, 65 lbs

3 rounds:
Deadlifts 10x, 65 lbs
V-Ups 12x


Tuesday:  40 minutes @ 85% 5K race pace (5.15 miles @ 7:46/mile)

AMRAP in 7 minutes:
Pushups 10x
KB Swings 15x, 25 lbs


Wednesday:  6-8 x 400m w/ 200m recoveries (5.31 miles @ 7:58/mile)

Thursday:  AMRAP in 20 minutes:
Run 400m (1.5 miles)
Situps 15x
Squats 25x

Friday:  2 x 5K @ 85% 5K pace
AM:  3.14 miles on treadmill @ 7:44/mile
PM:  3.10 miles @ 7:50/mile

Saturday:  5K @ 85% 5K pace (3.10 miles @ 8:00/mile)

Sunday:  OFF

Total:  22.3 miles

So, you can see, it definitely wasn’t a BAD week.  But, it definitely was an UNCOMFORTABLE week.  7 weeks until race day.  7 weeks to get there in one piece.  I think I can.  I think I can…