#gostl half marathon training: week 5

#gostl half marathon training: week 5

One GREAT week, followed by one not-so-great week.  This past week was a fairly busy one for us.  Dentist appointments on Monday, MacKenna’s eye doctor on Tuesday, and trying to get sub plans ready on Friday for today since we are out a babysitter today.  It made getting in my planned runs a little difficult this week.

OK, that’s partially a lie.  This was the first week where I didn’t have to feed Miles in the morning, giving me 30 extra minutes in my morning.  And instead of waking up at the same time I had been to go run, I decided to sleep in those extra 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, I’m still exhausted AND I didn’t get my planned workouts in… #fail


But, a lot of that is all in the mindset.  I could get discouraged and feel like this is a huge setback to my training, which is definitely something I used to do.  Instead, I’m just going to cut my losses and be happy with the fact that I still got some decent workouts in, regardless of the lower mileage I put in this week.

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Monday:  No run today, so ended up with a running WOD instead.  (2.23 miles @ 7:08/mile)

Run 600m
Sit-ups 50x
Run 1000m
Sit-ups 30x
Run 2000m
Sit-ups 20x

Tuesday:  Another no-run day, but I was able to get in a short WOD with some of my students.

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
Push-ups 5x
Sit-ups 15x
Squats 30x

Wednesday:  40 minute treadmill run (4.72 miles @ 8:04/mile) – I ended up running longer than I had planned because I was reading while I ran and got sucked in.  I’ll do a book review once I finish it.

3 rounds:
Run 600m (1.05 miles)
Bridges 21x
Sit-ups 21x
Lunges 21x


Thursday:  30 minute treadmill run (3.69 miles @ 8:08/mile) – This was supposed to be a hill interval run, but again, I was reading and didn’t feel like messing with the controls, so instead, I did a Tabata hill workout after.

8 x 20s w/ 10s recovery (0.41 miles)

5 rounds:
Deadlifts 10x, 85 lbs
Push-ups 15x
Situps 20x


Friday:  I had planned on getting in a 30 minute run – or at least a 2 mile run – but I ended up losing my iPad after my workout on Thursday and spent a good 30 minutes looking for it.  I still don’t know where it is, but luckily there are cameras to the fitness center so I can see (1) if I left it there or (2) who took it.  I’m bummed and pissed at myself for losing it.  Ugh.  Thank goodness I was able to get a WOD in…

2 rounds:
Run 1000m (1.17 miles)
DB Thrusters 50x, 10 lbs
Inverted Rows 30x

Saturday:  80 minute long run (9.69 miles @ 8:15/mile) – Thankfully this was a redeeming run for a crappy week of running.  I was so lost in my thoughts that the miles just flew by.  I love runs like that!


Sunday:  OFF

Total:  22.96 miles

In other running related news, I am officially a Rock ‘n’ Blogger for 2016!


This is my second year on the Rock ‘n’ Blog team and I’m so excited to be running some awesome Rock ‘n’ Roll races again!  I have not officially decided which races I will be doing again this year, but I am thinking the Chicago Remix again for sure (5K on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday), possibly St. Louis but Matt suggested Denver which is the same weekend in October.  That makes it a little tougher to pull off, but we shall see.  If I can find some cheap airfare somewhere, I might try another destination race!