#gostl half marathon training: week 2

Hope everyone had a great weekend, even though I know it is already halfway through the week now. We had off for MLK Day, so I chose to also take Monday off from blogging in exchange for some extra time with family and friends.

It’s definitely been a busy couple of days, just getting stuff done around the house and dealing with two kiddos with snotty noses. I honestly just got out of Miles’ room – it’s hard to suck your thumb when you can’t breathe out of your nose… I’m hoping for a peaceful night of sleep, but only time will tell…

Thankfully, busy-ness and lack of sleep has not interfered with running too much. Snow is currently messing with my running schedule, but that’ll have to wait until next week. I had a really great week of running last week, concluding with my first race of 2016! I’m planning on recapping the race in a separate post, so stay tuned for that on Friday.

Monday: 45 minute easy run (5.45 miles @ 8:16/mile)

5 rounds:
Burpees 10x
Pushups 10x
Jumping Jacks 10x
Situps 10x 

 Tuesday: 10 x 20 seconds with 1 minute recovery (2.46 miles @ 8:07/mile)

3 rounds:
Run 400m
Situps 25x
Bridges 25x 

 Wednesday: 25 minute easy run (3.08 miles @ 8:08/mile) 

Thursday: 30 minute tempo run – 10 minute easy // 10 minutes hard // 10 minutes easy (3.84 miles 7:49/mile)

2 rounds:
Run 800m
Pushups 30x
Front Squats 30x
Situps 30x 

 Friday: 5 minute barefoot run (0.6 miles @ 8:34/mile)

3 rounds:
Lunges 50x
Plank 1 minute
Tuck Jumps 50x

Saturday: 6K race – race recap coming Friday! 

 Sunday: OFF

Total: 20.86 miles

Pretty good week, especially with some crazy ranges in temperatures – 20-degrees one day, 60-degrees just 2 days later. I’m on a mission to run as many miles as I can outside, but if you looked out my window right now, you’d see 3+ inches of snow. Snow makes things a little more difficult, but I’ll find a way to get at least some mileage in until the snow melts. I might be searching out how to attach some screws to the bottom of my shoes for some traction. I see some snow/ice running gadgets on my list next Christmas…

  • Christine Suter

    Snow always makes running hard! Even though I love it, aesthetically, I really loathe it during a training cycle. Looks like you had a great week!
    Christine @ Two Runners Travel