#gostl half marathon training: week 14

The last 14 weeks of training all came to fruition yesterday as I finished my 10th half marathon.  While I didn’t PR, I am pretty gosh darn happy with how it turned out.  But, you’ll have to wait for the recap on Wednesday…

Taper week went pretty well, if I do say so myself.  I had some really great runs and I actually got a few easy lifts in.  By Saturday, my body felt the best it has in a long time.  I toed the starting line feeling confident in my training and better than I ever could imagine after 14 weeks of training.  It’s a different story right now as I lay on the couch writing this though.  I’m tired and sore, but I still feel like a million bucks after that race.

So, here’s what taper week looked like:

The Concrete Runner - Training Week 14

Monday:  30 minute easy run (3.58 miles @ 8:23/mile)

5 rounds:
Pushups 5x
Squats 10x
Situps 15x
Lunges 20x


Tuesday:  6 x 400 w/ 200 easy recovery (3.35 miles @ 8:16/mile)

Situps 50x
Twists 50x
Flutters 50x
Supermans 50x
Bicycles 50x
Toe Touches 50x


Wednesday:  30 minute easy run (3.68 miles @ 8:09/mile)

5 rounds:
KB Swings 8x, 25 lbs
Box Jumps 10x
Burpees 12x


Thursday:  3 x 5 reps of stairs (up + down)

Front Squats 3 x 8, 45 lbs
Shoulder Press 3 x 8, 45 lbs

Friday:  30 minute tempo – 10 minute warmup, 15 minutes @ 7:00-7:18/mile, 5 minute cool down (3.79 miles @ 7:55/mile)


Saturday:  OFF

Sunday:  GO! St. Louis Half Marathon (13.18 miles @ 7:32/mile)


Total:  27.58 miles

While I’m totally looking forward to some time off and some super easy runs, I can’t wait to start training again for my next big race!