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You know we can’t go to Branson without stopping at my absolute favorite frozen custard place of all time, Andy’s.  It only took us all of 3 hours in town before I was itching to get myself the creamiest, richest, best tasting frozen custard around.

I seriously can’t say enough good things about Andy’s.  My only problem with them is that they aren’t in St. Louis!  I keep posting on their Facebook and Twitter that I think they could give Ted Drewes’ and Fritz’s a run for their money, but alas, I am still stuck with only having Andy’s when I am in Branson.  Maybe one day Matt + I will have enough money to open our own franchise, but as teachers, it’ll be a looooooong time before that happens.

I really try to get something new every time I come here, and the great thing about that is the are always featuring new seasonal concretes + sundaes!  The Andy’s in Branson (the Las Vegas of the Midwest for those of you who aren’t familiar) sits right in front of The Track, a large go-cart track with several different tracks to choose from.  The Track just build a ginormous highrise steel track called the Heavy Metal Highrise.  So, of course, Andy’s took advantage of this new development and created a new concrete named after the go-cart track.




Their delicious vanilla frozen custard blended with strawberries, Heath bar, and almonds.  Are you amazed that I got something not only with fruit but with nuts in it too?!  I know, it’s a very strange combination, but it worked and it was perfect on a hot July night.




Can you believe also that Matt and I actually decided on the same thing?!  We have almost polar opposite tastes when it comes to ice cream, but we both really enjoyed this one.  He is a better order-er anyway, so I need to just listen to him more often, but don’t tell him I said that!


Hmmm, how can I stand out more?  Let’s see… big pregnant belly and a pirate hat and eye patch.  Yup, that’ll do it…

I had planned on hitting up the Andy’s in Branson a few times while we were there, but after a filling dinner on our anniversary and 2 very jam-packed, exhausting days, we never made it back.  So, instead, we stopped by the Andy’s on Sunshine in Springfield on our way back.  Springfield is only 45 minutes from Branson and right on the way home, so we actually stop here pretty frequently.

Matt has been practically begging me to get a Cream Soda Float, since he’s pretty much addicted to their Root Beer Floats.  I am not much of a soda drinker, but I will have one occasionally – especially now that I’m pregnant and everyone else is drinking around me, I will usually grab a few bottles of Sprecher’s Cream Soda to quench my thirst.  It is by far the best cream soda, and possibly the best soda, I have ever tasted!  Now, you pair that with the world’s best vanilla custard, and you have a match made in heaven!




Holy yum!  I might have to switch the name of my blog to the “Cream Soda Float Runner” instead of the “Concrete Runner” because I’m not sure I ever want custard without this again.  It was absolutely heavenly.  I am really tempted to go buy a 4 pack of Sprecher’s Cream Soda and a quart of Fritz’s vanilla just to hold me over until the next time we go down to Branson, which might not be until after the baby comes!  Oooh, that’s a scary thought…

Until next time, Andy’s… hopefully sooner than later!