get ‘er done

I had a great day yesterday!  MacKenna napped great and Matt didn’t bring any work home so I was able to get done pretty much everything on my to-do list!  I LOVE those days!  I felt so accomplished and went to bed with a smile on my face!


I started my day with a (very early) run on the treadmill at the gym.  2.5 miles done in a little over 22 minutes.  Much slower than I’d like to be, but I know I’m still trying to build my speed back up.

I also decided to lift at the gym instead of trying to squeeze in an at-home workout during Mac’s naps.  Totally helped with getting things done during the day!  I didn’t feel time crunched at all!  (Of course, Matt would disagree with me since it was the one morning MacKenna decided to wake up early.  He was a bit sleep deprived at work yesterday…)

I’ve been reading New Rules of Lifting for Women that I got for my birthday back in October and I fell in love with their theory and workouts.  I am starting at the very beginning with eight workouts in Stage 1, and boy, am I glad I did!  I am so much weaker than I was just 8 weeks ago and am definitely feeling the squats + step ups I completed.  I will hopefully have a review of the book in the next week or 2.


I am definitely on a oatmeal kick lately.  It just tastes so good on these cold, almost winter mornings.  This bowl definitely didn’t disappoint.


  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds
  • Fuji apple, chopped + cooked
  • 1/4-ish cup cottage cheese, stirred in at the end (sounds weird, but I promise it’s good)
  • Peanut butter + granola topping



Leftover chili from the big pot I made on Sunday night.  Gotta get my veggies in somehow!  Topped with Fiesta Ranch sour cream (a packet of Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch mix stirred in some sour cream – I could eat it with a spoon it’s so good!) and tortilla chips.


My lunch left me feeling a little unsatisfied, so I doubled up on my snack today.



Blueberry Chobani with 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch and a packet of mint chocolate hot cocoa mix with 1/2 cup marshmallows.  (Yes, I know marshmallows aren’t vegetarian, but gelatin is the one thing I am lenient on with my vegetarian diet.)


I got the night off from cooking!  Loved being able to sit on the couch + snuggle with my darling daughter while the hubby cooked for us!  I made faux-meatballs on Friday night with some spaghetti squash, and Matt decided he wanted to do something different with the leftovers. 


Homemade noodles/dumplings with steamed broccoli, faux-meatballs, and brown gravy.  It was pretty good, although the meatballs were a bit dry.  Nothing a little vegetarian gravy can’t fix!


Since I missed having one last fresh concrete at Fritz’s this past weekend, I broke open my quart of pumpkin frozen custard + topped it with chocolate chips + peanut butter chips.  ‘Twas the perfect ending to my night!


How’s your week going?  Are you getting things done this week or are you completely overwhelmed with the holidays (or a new baby for many of you)?

  • your photos in this post look so nice kristen – i love the tree in the background!
    sarah (sarah learns) recently posted..the day of breakfasts

    • Kristen

      Thanks! Getting there with the photography, but still trying to figure out the camera. I have no idea where all the functions are, ha!

  • Your eats look super yummy!

    I too am getting ‘er done…with 2 kids in tow 🙂 My oldest has been an awesome helper/shopper/gift wrapper and when we are home he is great at entertaining himself when needed. We often plan our outings around when I know my littlest (8 weeks on Friday) needs to have a sleep…so he just snoozes away while me and the big guy do what we need to do.
    I do still have a lot to do before Christmas…but I am feeling pretty positive today…half the fun of Christmas is the getting it all ready…
    BUT I was super annoyed yesterday when someone parked so close to me that I couldn’t get the baby seat back into my car, so I had to put it in through the other side over my 3 year old and then squeeze back around to secure it in, etc…brutal…
    Also, where I live, it has snowed a lot, then gets all gross and dirty and slushy (and alternates back and forth like this till March at least)…gross…car, clothes, and boots are so dirty!
    Jill recently posted..Snow!

    • Kristen

      Oh man, that would make me SO mad! Planning outings around naps is so nice. M passes out in the car – she loves the movement!

  • Jen

    Your photos look amazing, girl! I’m so glad to hear you got everything on your to-do list done yesterday. That gives me hope that I won’t feel so worthless forever. 😉
    Jen recently posted..My biggest postpartum confession

    • Kristen

      The first 3 weeks were the hardest for me. So hopefully you’re over the hump now!

  • I’m eating chili this week as well. I did a Turkey Pumpkin Chili I found on the Whole Foods recipe site. Not that flavorful, so I’ve been adding lots of toppings. Tonight I’m trying it with spaghetti squash, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and some cheese. Keep up the good work on the strength training. Slow and steady wins the race!
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..WIAW…WAHOO!

    • Kristen

      Ooh, that sounds good! Like a healthy version of a chili mac! We made spaghetti squash last week – I might have to top some with chili sometime!

  • I love the marshmallow addition 🙂
    Jessica recently posted..What I Ate…Thursday