frozen custard friday: oberweis

First things first, I think I need a different name for “Frozen Custard Friday” since out of the past 3 weeks, we have only had actual frozen custard once.  Oops.  Any suggestions?

Now, on to the ice cream!  We sat at the dinner table tonight trying to decide where we wanted to get ice cream/frozen custard, know that we didn’t want to have to drive too far and knowing that we needed to go somewhere other than Fritz’s every week.  After finding out that it was National Oatmeal Cookie Day, I really wanted something with oatmeal cookies in it.

Unfortunately, the only place I could find in the St. Louis area was Ted Drewes’, which is about 45 minutes away from our house – a bit too far for a Friday night.  (And I am saving Ted Drewes’ for after we go to a new-to-us restaurant 60 seconds away from there.) 

So, our choices came down to Sheridan’s Frozen Custard, Fro Yo, Yo My Goodness, or Oberweis.  Matt decided on Oberweis simply for the fact that he hadn’t been there since he moved out of his parents house 5-ish years ago.
Although I think Oberweis has excellent ice cream, their mix-in choices are few and far between, which is obviously what I like.  When your choices are Heath bar, M&M’s, Oreos, and Reese’s, I’m not too impressed.  Sure, they have several flavors of ice cream to choose from, but I like my ice cream a little melty.  (I actually put my ice cream from a carton in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds to soften it up a bit.)

So, to get my ice cream the way I like it, I went with a shake, which fortunate enough for me, I could get in any flavor of ice cream I wanted.  Something about the Brownie Fudge Twirl that just sounded fabulous.


Although the flavor was delicious, nice and fudgy + creamy, I was really hoping to have some brownie chunks to chew.  But, again, still yummy and really hit the spot.  Plus, the Pirouette was a nice touch.  I only ate a few bites of the whipped cream – just not a fan in general.

Matt has a slight obsession with root beer.  Just like I am on a mission to find the world’s best frozen custard (or any type of ice cream dessert), Matt’s goal in life is to find the world’s best root beer.  So, when he saw they had a root beer he had never had before, he had to get a root beer float.


The root beer was nice, not my favorite (of course all root beer tastes the same to me), and the ice cream got a little crystallized, which always makes for a nice float.  Their vanilla ice cream is also delicious, but I shouldn’t be too surprised because they have some of the best milk I’ve ever tasted!  And their chocolate milk is to.die.for.


I am really loving our Friday night ice cream runs.  We’re sort of homebodies (aka an old married couple), so it’s nice to get out for an hour and fill our bellies with some delicious dairy.  Because you know a full belly is a happy belly… especially when it’s full of ice cream/frozen custard!