frozen custard friday: fritsche’s creamery

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On to the foooooooooooooooood….


OK, not so much frozen custard, but ice cream nonetheless.  And absolutely wonderful ice cream…

Meet the Fritsche’s.  They are living my dream. 


Mike Fritsche started this cute little mom + pop ice cream shop a few years ago.  In all honesty, his shop has been around for 2 or 3 years now, and we didn’t even know it existed.  You can drive down Spencer Road in St. Peters and never even realize the shop is there.  However, this is a place you need to be.



Mike uses all local ingredients, no added sugars or preservatives, and keeping things as real as possible.  The way ice cream SHOULD taste.


And boy, does it taste amazing!  From sweet cream to strawberry to cheesecake to birthday cake to dark chocolate, each flavor tastes exactly like it should, without anything extra added to it.  Sweet cream tastes like the best homemade ice cream you’ve ever had.  The strawberry is made with actual strawberries (fresh in the summer) and strawberry puree with absolutely NO added sugars.  Cheesecake tastes like you’re eating cheesecake, but in ice cream form.  We were able taste any flavor we wanted to, and I was blown away by how great each flavor tasted.

Mike mixes flavors and toppings together on a slab (think Cold Stone or Marble Slab) making it fun to mix and match different ice cream flavors with different toppings.


I decided to do just that – birthday cake + chocolate peanut butter (made with Reese’s Natural Peanut Butter) mixed together with Oreos.  It was like eating an ice cream birthday cake that tasted like peanut butter cups with some nice crunchy + creamy Oreos dipped in.  Oh so delicious.


Matt went with classic with a twist – a Turtle sundae with birthday cake and dark chocolate ice cream.  I can’t even explain to you in words how absolutely delicious this dark chocolate is.  Did I mention that Mike makes his own chocolate paste to blend into the ice cream to make the dark chocolate?  Yes, everything is made by Mike himself in the store – only the base is sent to him.  He makes all the flavors himself with the best, freshest ingredients possible.  How does it get better than that?


After chatting with Mike a bit, he actually invited us into the back to check out what happens behind the scenes.  Flashbacks of Fritz’s came rushing back to both of us, but I am much more interested in Mike’s local, fresh ingredient take on ice cream.  Because honestly, it IS the way ice cream should be.

If you are ever in St. Charles County, you NEED to check this place out!  It is very family friendly and definitely some of the best tasting ice cream I have ever had.  Support local – GO TO FRITSCHE’S CREAMERY!

  • eeeek! my fiance’s clinic is out in st. pete’s! totally dragging him to fritsche’s soon!!

    • Kristen

      You need to before you’re never in St. Louis anymore! They’re only open Wed-Sun from 4-9 PM, so definitely go!

      • WE ARE NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!

        • Kristen

          We can’t wait to go back!