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So, I’m a little late with Frozen Custard Friday, but deal.  It was a late, but wonderful night!  Instead of getting frozen custard with my love, my best friends Julie + Kristin went to Fritz’s with me for their first concrete of the season!

I love these girls more than life itself!  They are the 2 friends I have known the longest (Kristin since we were 1 1/2 and Julie since we were probably about 2) and I couldn’t imagine my life without them!  There are not many people who can say they have had the same 2 best friends for 25 years.  Plus, they love Fritz’s just as much as I do, so what’s not to love about them! ;o)

100_3443 Totally not taken last night because we forgot, but I knew I could find a picture of us somewhere.  This is from Christmas.

We have had a quart of Fritz’s chocolate custard sitting in our freezer that I break out about once every 2 weeks to eat a scoop or 2.  They have changed the recipe since Matt + I worked there, and it is seriously amazing!  So extremely rich and chocolatey –

So, I decided to go for something different – the Big Muddy.  Chocolate custard with Oreos (I’m apparently on an Oreo kick right now).  Delicious!

J + K are also terrible influences on me and talked me into getting a small instead of a mini.  Now, Fritz’s small cups are their middle/medium size, but they are the size of most places SMALLEST sizes.  So, it’s not hard for me to throw down on some custard – but dang, that chocolate was just so rich for me that I only finished about 3/4 of it.  But, I guess the good thing is that I have some extra to eat when I get the craving!