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My mom called a few nights ago to see if I wanted to go to Kohl’s with her.  She had a 30% off coupon that she wanted to use, and I felt like spending money, so of course I agreed to go with her. 

We are completely opposite shoppers.  She loves to take her time and browse, looking at pretty much anything and everything.  Where I pretty much only go shopping when I need something or have something in mind that I want to buy.  I’m in, find, purchase, and out usually in 30 minutes or less.  I don’t know, I’m just not that much of a shopper, but my mom has great taste and I love spending time with her.

I ended up doing pretty good – scoring 4 cute cushions for my patio chairs, an adorable purse, and a “happy spring” yard flag, all for under $60!  I <3 Kohl’s!  And 30% off coupons!

Mom came over to pick me up right after she got off work, making it so that neither of us had a chance to eat dinner.  So, after we finished shopping, we decided Fritz’s sounded like a pretty awesome dinner for the both of us.

I went with my absolute favorite combination:  a mini caramel and chocolate chunk/morsel concrete.  I swear, they have some of the best caramel, and their chocolate morsels are the best I’ve ever had!

100_4006 Of course, custard on the carpet.

Ugh, it was so good!  A perfect dinner for a weeknight during Spring Break!  Have a wonderful weekend!